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What you need to know

  • Developer Finebits OÜ has an app, Internet Browser, available in the Xbox Store.
  • Microsoft has requested the developer remove a feature of the app or see it be delisted from the store.
  • If you want Internet Browser on your Xbox, now's the time, since it may be in jeopardy after November 21, 2021.

Developer Finebits OÜ's app, Internet Browser, enables you to not only surf the web on your Xbox console, but also download any files you find on said web. However, Microsoft has requested that Finebits OÜ remove the app's file downloading functionality. Should the developer not comply by November 21, 2021, the app may be removed from the store.

As such, the developer is urging those interested in its Internet Browser app to download it locally soon, since the clock is ticking and November 21 is within spitting distance.

You may be familiar with Finebits OÜ if you've used apps such as Torrex Pro, which the developer is behind. It's also responsible for Files&Folders and Metro Commander Pro, among other apps.

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This is far from the first time a developer has run into trouble dealing with the Microsoft Store and Xbox's rules. However, what Microsoft says goes, so all you, the Xbox user, can do is support and download the app if you're interested in it. Remember, Internet Browser will let you download whatever you want from the web onto your Xbox, so think about how you can use that capability and consider grabbing the app before it potentially disappears.

Internet Browser

Internet Browser

If you want to download files from the Internet via your Xbox, this app comes in handy. However, it may not be around for long, so grab it while you still can.

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