Interview with Head of Design at Nokia about Lumia 920, relationship with Microsoft

Mobile Geeks were able to record Marko Ahtisaari, Head of Design at Nokia, when he sat down with bloggers and the like for thirty minutes while they threw across some questions surrounding the company's advanced Windows Phone and its relationship with Microsoft.

The Lumia 920 is Nokia's latest flagship handset running on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform. The device has been in the news for innovation with both the screen and the on-board shooter, as well as wireless charging (Qi standards).

Ahtisaari goes into detail about how Nokia refines user experiences with the likes of Nokia Music, wireless charging, accessories and more. While many believe Nokia to be the old player in the game, the head of Nokia goes into an interesting explanation about how the work comes together from the multiple teams, as well as where inspiration comes from.

Live Tiles is explained to be saviour of user frustration with countless actions being required to find and locate information within apps. Ahtisaari moves onto state that observing people use technology is how Nokia designs the technology. To enable consumers to glance at a Nokia Windows Phone and maintain strong eye-contact with another person should they have company - which is what Microsoft believes the platform helps achieve: to spend less time on a Windows Phone but get more done.

When asked what comment would make him most proud if a consumer were to leave feedback on a Lumia Windows Phone, Ahtisaari replied with the following:

"It fits into my life."

We're to find that Nokia will continue to develop its brand through the use of differentiating designs and colours used to separate the company from competitors. According to the head of design at the company, Nokia has a tighter, smaller and more efficient team who works on hardware, software, design and more to pack the magic into a chassis.

He's also queried on text input, future innovation, as well as design versus functionality. It's well worth checking the video out to hear what Marko Ahtisaari had to say about Lumia and Nokia as a whole, as well as why didn't Nokia include a magenta / pink Lumia 920.

Source: YouTube; thanks, hag_nor, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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