Introducing OneDialer, a Google Voice app

We're still working on our review, but the makers of Google Voice app OneDialer took to our forums to announce the latest version of the app. Currently for Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touchscreen devices) only, here's what you get:

  • SSL encrypted communications.
  • It's fast!
  • SMS and voicemail notifications.
  • Native dialer interception.
  • Use your own contacts for dialing and SMS. NOW VERY FAST!
  • Threaded SMS conversations.
  • Visual Voicemail with transcripts.
  • Audio voicemail streamed directly from Google.
  • Voicemail and SMS management: Archive, delete, mark as read, reply, and callback from the client.
  • Option for silent notifications.
  • Highly configurable.

OneDialer runs $7 for a single license, but there's a 15-day trial so you can get your bearings. Give it a shot at

Phil Nickinson

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  • im confused what would you use this for? why do you need a voice app on a phone?
  • Mmm...i dont think you know what google voice is. look up google voice and the features and it'll be self explanatory
  • ok...i just tried this app again on my fuze and my tilt. UNBELIEVABLY slow. there's no way in hell i'd ever pay 7 bucks for this. and it keeps crashing too.
  • which version are you running?
  • the version that is on their website right now. 1.0.xxxx
  • have you emailed them or looked at the forums?
  • looked that forums yes. emailed i thought it was possibly a problem on my device. but two devices? slim chances on that
  • the developer here. I coded the program on an AT&T stock fuze. it's fast on my phone. got a 3rd party rom flash?
  • ok let me get this straight with this app i can set up my own phone number and give to people then when they call the number it can make my home phone and my cell ring or any other number that i put into it?
    plus since this is all sent through data i wont use minutes?
  • Does anyone know if you can turn on/off the dialer interception? I want to be able to use either my normal number or my GV number on the fly.
  • You can have it both ways. I fire up the app, go to menu --> contacts and my regular contact list shows up. When I select one, OneDialer confirms I want to call them, then it sends a signal (using data) to your GV account. Then your phone rings and you are connect to whoever you selected. If you want to use the native dialer, just go to your contacts first (instead of firing up OneDialer). So far liking this app a lot.
  • yes you can.
  • Just installed it on my Touch Pro, so far so good. Speed seems to a bit of an issue, but I don't think it's a major problem. I am not sure whether to use the RIL or .net, planning to go read some at their website. One thing I would like to see is an option to intercept outgoing SMS and directing thru GV. Texting people from your contact list will reveal your cell number. :(
  • I have .net compact framework 3.5 sp1. I installed OneDialer on my Xperia X1 but it will not load. Says I need 3.5 which I already have. Don't get it.
  • I'm an idiot. Installed .msi file and it's all good. Not too impressed with the application though.
  • Wow. This product really sucks. I can't believe anyone would spend $7 on this thing. Constantly crashes, no call history, voicemail someone left me 30 minutes ago has yet to appear (yes, I tried to fetch it). Complete garbage.