Introducing OneDialer, a Google Voice app

We're still working on our review, but the makers of Google Voice app OneDialer took to our forums to announce the latest version of the app. Currently for Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touchscreen devices) only, here's what you get:

  • SSL encrypted communications.
  • It's fast!
  • SMS and voicemail notifications.
  • Native dialer interception.
  • Use your own contacts for dialing and SMS. NOW VERY FAST!
  • Threaded SMS conversations.
  • Visual Voicemail with transcripts.
  • Audio voicemail streamed directly from Google.
  • Voicemail and SMS management: Archive, delete, mark as read, reply, and callback from the client.
  • Option for silent notifications.
  • Highly configurable.

OneDialer runs $7 for a single license, but there's a 15-day trial so you can get your bearings. Give it a shot at

Phil Nickinson

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