We're not really sure what to make of this, could well be simply an e-commerce site being extremely lazy. On Cellhut we can see they have the Samsung Focus S unlocked and available for pre-order. It's at a discounted price of $799.99, reduced from $999.99. It's running "Windows Mobile for Smartphones" according to the specification sheet but in the images it's clearly pictured to be running Windows 7.

According to the specification read out on the product page there is no SD card slot available (a sign the Samsung is using their super fast NAND memory instead), but little else is present on the list (FF, processor, screen, etc.) to confirm what we've previously reported. Take this how you will, what we know at the moment is the Focus S sports an 8MP camera, 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen and supports 4G connectivity. More information will surely be made available  at a later date.

Source: Cellhut, thanks Trey for the tip!