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iPhone 4S Versus Windows Phone 7: Round One, Fight!

Apple announced the iPhone 4S today, which millions of hipsters and fruit fanatics will be lining up to purchase on October 14. Does the new iPhone threaten to stall Windows Phone’s rise to the smartphone big leagues? In some ways, yes. Whenever the competition rolls out a new product line, that’s always cause for concern. In the following editorial I’ll spell out the different areas that Apple has me worried. Just don’t forget that I absolutely love Windows Phone and I’d sooner give up one of Rich Edmond's kidneys than live without it.

Head past the break to find out in which areas the iPhone 4S may have current Windows Phones beaten.

Strong like ox

The iPhone 4S’s A5 dual-core CPU/GPU combo stands out as Apple’s most significant hardware advantage over Windows Phone. We still haven’t heard of one upcoming Windows Phone that utilizes a dual-core processor. This gives the iPhone a major leg up in both multitasking and processing power, though the clock speed of its CPU is unknown so it’s hard to make real estimates just yet.

Windows Phone can’t do multitasking in the strictest sense just (without a software hack), but it has similar functionality. Fast App Switching, just introduced in the Mango update, allows users to jump back and forth between up to five different apps by pressing and holding the hardware Back button. Apps and games produced prior to the Mango update must be updated to support Fast App Switching. Said updates continue to roll out every day; we expect pretty much all the ones people would actually want to run will become fully Mango-compliant by the end of the year.

Background services are another Mango addition. They allow apps to download data and update themselves in the background. Apps can check for data every 30 minutes while not plugged in or connected to Wi-Fi and every 10 minutes when a USB cable and Wi-Fi are present. Background services could potentially be improved by the move to dual core processors. But because anything running in the background still uses power, don’t expect a dramatic increase in background functionality whenever dual core Windows Phones finally materialize.

Sparkly games

Now, the area where a more powerful CPU and GPU really make themselves felt is graphical performance. Windows Phone has always been behind iPhone in 3D graphics. The best looking 3D Windows Phone games like Hydro Thunder GO really can’t compete with the big-budget iPhone titles such as Infinity Blade, which debuted in 2010. Admittedly, Windows Phone is a newer platform, whereas developers have had years to wrap their heads around making iPhone games. But the beefier hardware of the iPhone 4S is going to widen the graphics gulf even more.

Speaking of Infinity Blade, Epic Games chose today to announce a sequel exclusively for iPhone. Make no mistake; it’s a killer app. We’ve seen some terrific games on Windows Phone, but nothing approaches even the first Infinity Blade as far as looking and feeling like a big-budget console title. The new game will run on all iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS and up.

Now, existing Windows Phone hardware is more than a match for the 3GS, which means an Infinity Blade 1 port wouldn’t be out of the question. We know Microsoft has a good relationship with Epic Games, whose Gears of War series is exclusive to the Xbox 360. The big MS should capitalize on their existing relationship and either get Epic to port Infinity Blade straight away or start a new killer franchise, exclusively for Windows Phone. Why not find a way to adapt Gears of War while they’re at it? The same applies to other iPhone heavy hitters like Gameloft; gamers are impatient for their high-spec games.

Xbox Live versus Game Center

Despite the dearth of killer games (and the multitude of iPhone casual game ports), Windows Phone has an ace up its sleeve with Xbox Live. The platform’s Xbox Live integration attracts console gamers like me, plus it can potentially convert average smartphone users into fans of Microsoft’s gaming platforms. Mango even revamped the Windows Phone Games hub, fully integrating Xbox Live to create a more seamless experience.

Apple has long been playing catch-up to Xbox Live with their iOS Game Center. iOS games may have Game Center Achievements, but those don’t hold the same appeal to console gamers as their Xbox Live counterparts. Today Apple announced some major Game Center improvements, most notably cloud save support (opens in new tab). Users will be able to play a game on their iPhone and then resume it on the iPad, with the save file transferred wirelessly. That’s a big one-up over Windows Phone.

While Microsoft’s mobile platform does support some cloud services, the issue of transferring or backing up game save data has never been addressed in any form at all. Saves can’t be transferred via USB cable or cloud, a major oversight. But there is hope. One of the major features of the upcoming Fall 2011 Xbox 360 dashboard update is cloud support. Sure, that applies to console games, not mobile ones. Still, the feature will likely trickle down to Windows Phone within a year or so.

Small advantages

In most other ways, the iPhone 4S’s hardware advantages don’t amount to much. The 4S sports a nice 8 megapixel camera, and so will the HTC Titan. Yes, Apple’s new phone can shoot 1080P video whereas Windows Phones can’t shoot videos above 720P resolution. But take it from someone who owns a 1080P video camera: 720P is far more practical from a memory standpoint. Unless you’re planning to produce Blu-Rays or something (which I’d still use a dedicated camera for over a phone), 1080P is more than you really need.

While we’re on the subject of resolutions, both the iPhone 4 and 4S boast 960 x 640 screen resolutions, while Windows Phone currently maxes out at 800 x 480. It’s another reason that 3D games can look more detailed – resolution really does matter. But the 4S’s screen size, like other iPhones before it, will be a scant 3.5 inches. The Samsung Focus’s 4 inch screen is noticeably larger to even casual users, and the HTC Titan’s behemoth 4.7 inch screen will positively dwarf Apple’s offerings. Given the choice between a tiny screen with extra pixels per inch or a large one with slightly less, I’ll pick the bigger one.

Finally, Apple demonstrated some impressive iPhone 4S voice recognition via video. Actors casually asked their phones to text loved ones or what the weather is like, only to be politely answered by a nightmarish machine voice. Windows Phone has included some voice frecognition features from the get-go. Time will tell whether Apple's version works much better; we can expect Microsoft to fire back with further improvements down the line if so.


At last we come to Microsoft’s greatest strengths: The Windows Phone OS and Metro UI. Simply put, Metro is more attractive and intuitive to use than iOS. Well-designed Windows Phone apps match the look of the platform, differentiating themselves from software for other smartphones. Metro is so revolutionary, Microsoft is even rolling it out to Xbox 360 this fall and Windows 8 next year. The day will come that people see using Windows Phone as a natural extension of what they already do on PC and other devices.

And how about staying in touch with others? That’s what phones are all about, after all. Windows Phone sports social network integration that surpasses anything iPhone has done. Yeah, we can download an official Facebook or Twitter app for either platform. But with Windows Phone, you don’t even need to do that. Just plug in your credentials and suddenly you can post pictures to your wall or send out a tweet with practically no effort at all. There are so many more great Windows Phone software features, we’d be here all day if we named them all.

Fight the good fight

Clearly, the iPhone 4S possesses several advantages over Windows Phone. It’s got more muscle under the hood, better games, and a sharper screen resolution. Apple also has incredible brand recognition, to the point that people actually do wait in line for their newest products.

Microsoft may be one of the largest companies in the world, but they’re still the scrappy little up-and-comer in the world of smartphones. Still, Windows Phone is really special. With the right management and effort, it can catch up to the iPhone someday.

One way to beat your competitors is by delivering a better product. Microsoft is largely doing just that with the Windows Phone OS, Metro UI, and to an extent, mobile Xbox Live. But the Windows Phone hardware specs should catch up and surpass iPhone specs sooner rather than later. Currently we’re about one year behind Apple in processors and screen resolutions, to say nothing of battery life. I’m sure 2012 will see Windows Phones will dual core processors, but unless they also pack a little extra punch, they’ll just end up behind the next iPhone come the following autumn. And when those powerful processors do come along, they’ll need a higher resolution screen to show off what they can do. Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t allow the 800 x 480 limitation to live beyond next year.

Whether or not the 4S had been announced, the number one area Microsoft needs to work on is brand awareness and advertising. When new Windows Phones like the HTC Radar and Titan quietly slip out to retailers instead of receiving a media blitz, somebody isn’t putting their back into it.

While I’m mentioning retailers, better in-store displays and employee training are very much in order. People shouldn’t be able to walk into a phone store and not be tempted by Windows Phones.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • we need that nokia windows phone, like right now :p
  • Yeah, the iPhone4s does look pretty neat, but I still think WP7 takes the OS cake with its metro UI.
  • "Simply put, Metro is more attractive and intuitive to use than iOS."Isn't that more of an opinion? :PBut srsly, I see WP7 (8?) eventually catching up with iOS in terms of # of users and such. It will just take a while. No one thought Android would catch up either, but look at how it's doing now. One thing that might speed the process up is if there was some actual real advertising for WP7 devices, aside form those goofy AT&T commercials.
  • Practically the whole thing's an opinion. It's an editorial piece.I agree, real advertising is a must!
  • I used to have an iPhone 4, but I started working for Sprint in April. So I made the switch to Sprint for the employee plan. I tried Android and my goodness does that OS just suck. Crashes ALL the time. I tried Blackberry. Hardly any apps and wasn't sold on the design. Then I decided to try out the Arrive with Sprint. Fell in LOVE with the OS. So smooth. Not an abundance of apps, but they are surely growing and way past BB. Keyboard is a nice addition, but I find myself using the touchscreen keyboard more. Overall I am pleased with WP7, but now that Sprint is getting the iPhone 4S I'm definitely going back. I'm really tired of carrying this brick of a phone. I wish Sprint would release a WP7 phone that's just all touch. It seems like all the other carriers have one, but not Sprint. So I'm going back to the iPhone. Plus I have a Mac. It'll make things easier.
  • well you at least wait for a nokia windows phone and get one unlocked if you like the os enough or get a samsung focus s unlocked
  • unlocking a gsm phone won't help on sprint as they are a CDMA carrier.hopefully sprint gets some of the new hardware sooner rather than later, maybe the new omina variant and/or the radar look possible, for some reason or another, the cdma based networks don't seem to be picking up the lager, flagship handsets, which really sucks.give people even half the choice in hardware that android offers and i can see the platform taking off much faster.
  • You must where some pretty tight jeans to feel that tiny bit thicker feel in your jeans. I wear jeans that are semi tight and it is not bulky at all. Plus Nokia is probably going to release some pretty rocking phones in a month or 2.
  • seriously? going to downgrade urself over bulk? the arrive isn't that much bigger than the iPhony.
  • If you don't even find a use for the hardware keyboard, it's kind of dumb to be carrying a device with one. Windows Phone in fact discourages the use of it due to the poor landscape support.All in all, this review is correct at least in one way - Microsoft can boast numbers of apps and whatnot, but at the end of the day they don't have anything killer and they are just falling behind.XBox Live? Microsoft, you are disgracing that name. There are some indie games that far surpass what you offer. Upgrade those devs to XBL for free - that's a move that will benefit everyone. Stop wasting time chasing Laporte.Get good games out on a consistent basis. It's sad that I can scroll through every single XBL title in seconds. It's been a year.
  • Didn't they announce Twitter and FB integration today.
  • Twitter yes, but not Facebook. WP7 is still the only one with integrated Facebook.
  • even though it's integrated, it isn't official, it's just 3rd party, that's why you can't watch some of your facebook posts or photo gallery.... wp7 people hub is just 3rd party
  • as if it'll be that way forever.
  • Actually Mango allows you to view photo galleries from your contacts by swiping over to the pictures pivot when viewing contact information.I think WP7 has all the right parts of Facebook integrated, with the app available on the marketplace to provide any extra functions that are missing from the OS itself.The People Hub might be 3rd party but it still has to use the Facebook API to access your account.
  • I do think the iPhone does have WP beat in overall ecosystem and support... for now.The only reasons I'm an enthusiastic WP supporter is because I love the People First paradigm, the data-centric UI, and I believe that Microsoft's ecosystem will eventually be superior. And I don't want to invest in Apple's ecosystem in the short term when I feel like I will be using Microsoft's in the long term.Though I must say, Apple's use of voice recognition and response has Windows Phone beat for now. I do hope that TellMe gets better integrated and becomes more robust soon.
  • Apple definitely wins in voice recognition, and apps are a HUGE part of an ecosystem. Apple wins by a clear margin there - and with this release, it is increasingly evident that Windows Phone is behind in BOTH quality and quantity.I will be interested to see how many people will use Siri. If anyone can popularise a nerdy technology, it's Apple. However, I think it's very possible that it will hardly be a consideration to anyone who is looking at purchasing a product (as opposed to going with hype).
  • You do know that TellMe is cloud based speech recognition, so as more people use it the better it will get.I believe Siri has no connection to the cloud, someone correct me if i'm wrong, so it doesn't get better until Apple release an update.
  • Who are the other two guys? Android and Rim? Come on Nokia, be our Shoryuken.
  • Samsung Focus owner here and although I don't hate on iOS by any means, I'm becoming a staunch WP7 fanboy. That being said, the last part of the article listing Microsoft's strengths sounded a lot like opinion and cheery rhetoric ... but when dealing with a UI like Metro that's bound to happen; it's difficult to describe.On another note, these kinds of articles are a welcome change here on WPCentral. It's nice to see a comparison/editorial piece as opposed to another review or spin on some PR release.I really enjoyed the read, Paul!
  • Nothing beats Metro. iPhone 4s is nothing to worry about. Wait for Samsung to come with a killer-phone, running quadcore Kal-El processor.
  • By 1jaxstate1 on Tue, 04 Oct 2011 9:17 pm EDT new Score+0Didn't they announce Twitter and FB integration today. twitter integration yes, FB no. Still third party app.
  • they need to advertise the **** out of it. just sayin'
  • I can't believe it. It seems like they are pulling the 2010 launch all over again. I'm really annoyed at the people who are saying "they are waiting until the Nokia". We said the same thing last year - "they are waiting for the US launch". Every single milestone has been done and dusted, and we still see zero marketing?Ballmer, ever wonder why your platform isn't growing as you expected? Because surveys indicate something like 50% of volunteers don't know what the heck Windows Phone is! That number is probably much, much higher considering surveys will probably target fairly well-off and knowledgeable people.And of the people who have heard of it, do they know what it is? Or is all they see a very, VERY controversial home screen and a sales rep telling them the OS lacks features and apps?
  • Is the screen resolution in WP limited to 800 x 480? Is that a fixed limitation of the OS?
  • Yes, it's a fixed limitation.
  • This is a great article. Keeping it real. I hope someone at MS reads this.
  • Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it.
  • We've been saying since practically before WP7 launched that MS needs to advertise it, and they have continually failed to do so. That the Titan can be available and not a word anywhere is astounding. Remember the 1st Samsung Omnia? Samsung had the guts to announce it on an iphone launch day after hyping it up beforehand. Didn't stop the iphone juggernaut but at least it got them noticed. They were obviously let down by the OS at the time but imagine what could be accomplished with such a campaign now with an OS like WP7 w Mango. Just looks like no one is interested in making any kind of effort to promote WP7. Apart from us fans, which is not how it should be.
  • I donno dudes, THIS HIPSTER is staying Windows Phone.'s truly more hipster. Modern typography and design....truly digital...Not this cutesy analog design **** that Apple does that apparently older people must like. Oh! and did I mention it's less popular?!
  • Does it count as indie? 1-2% of sales is fairly indie, no?
  • I'm hoping Tango does more than build out the low end. It'd be a good idea to start widening the range of the chasis spec in either direction. I'm not sold on dual-core yet but I think bumping up the display support to qHD would have the most obvious benefit.
  • **** brand recognition right now, they need to match all their competitors feature for feature and spec for spec, and hopefully start leading in some of those areas too. Love wp's ui, but im probably going to go with the 4s and see if wp is better than ios in another two years. Fingers crossed.
  • What features is WP7 missing that iOS and Android have? Mango has just about everything I need in a smartphone. With the new phones coming out the hardware will match them too.
  • The article sais they dont compare yet, and that what they need to do. A camera as good and fast as iphone, voice commands similar to siri - where we can say almost anything, drving directions that talk you through, picture search like goggles, a full itunes like library available on the device (including more apps of course), ota updates and syncing, match or go beyond available api's to devs, etc. No use advertising to more people if its missing killer features, because consumers want their phone to be able to do anything they might be able to think of. Also, its good to have features built in to the os, but consumers wont necessaroly know its there or where to find it, so they will be looking to see if specific apps they all ready use will be available in the market. If not (pandora for me) then they will not want to make the switch.
  • I actually think this article (that essentially tries to be pro-WP) does as bad of a job as does Microsoft's advertising. Yes, iPhone has superior gaming and resolution. The addition of dual core processor though isn't a "big" deal as this OS hasn't yet found a task that it really needs a dual core for. Furthermore, "big" isn't a very good adjective to describe iOS' ability to save a game in a cloud and resume it later on a different device. How many people really do that? Certainly not WP people since we don't have a comparable device and let's be real, I'm not about to play WP games on my Xbox. Additionally, how do MS Office vs Apple's productivity apps,Skydrive vs iCloud, and Zune vs iTunes (as both syncing systems and players) not get mentioned in a fair comparison? Come on MS, you're like a billionaire politician playing a grassroots campaign strategy. I want to see an explosion of quality ads. You gaining more customers means I get better apps, increases competition, and results in me getting better software and hardware. Step it up!
  • That's cold, Devil White.The article would be twice as long if I compared every little thing. I even mentioned that there are more WP7 pros that I had to leave out for space.Cloud saving isn't only important for transferring saves between devices. There simply needs to be a way to back up data in case you lose it. If WP7 had cloud saves, you could safely uninstall a game and then reinstall it later, redownloading the save and resuming where you left off.This article is mostly written from the perspective of a gamer. Your discounting of processing power/dual cores and cloud saving seems to indicate that games aren't as important to you.
  • Better screen resolution really can't hurt. I think the major thing right now is to match Apple's new voice offerings. It probably won't happen until next year unfortunately, but its something to think about. Also, for some youtube videos on my focus tend to stutter while loading, even though the load bar is far ahead of the play bar.
  • Have you tried the voice recognition in Mango? if not you really need too.Games on a mobile device still have one serious drawback that seems to be overlooked everytime, play a 3D game for an hour and your battery is as good as dead.
  • Battery life also depends on factors like whether Wi-Fi and Cellular are on and the screen brightness setting. Also, some phones have nicer batteries than others. But yeah, obviously it's a good idea to plug the phone in if you're gaming for any serious length of time.
  • Yes this I am aware off, but even trying to play a game on a mobile with it plugged in is cumbersome, the lead always gets in the way. Kinda defeats the purpose of mobile gaming too if you have to sit plugged in too, but I know alot like it.
  • Can't Microsoft do SOMETHING to get us some killer hardware? Why are the Nokia specs so ordinary?Nokia needs to do something insane like 64GB of storage for the same price as the competition's 16GB, or a crazily amazing battery. Put something in there that will last two full days of moderate usage. Why not, it's Nokia's only bet right?Then you've got HTC, a long time partner, and Samsung, who just signed a licensing deal that includes a pledge to support Windows Phone. Get them to do something for the platform. It's not bloated like Android, the landscape isn't oversaturated like Android - WP can be regarded as THE thing for specific aspects."That super fast OS with insane battery life""That super cool OS with awesome phones for cheap"There's no point sticking in it for the long haul if you're going to keep your efforts minimal for the long haul. It almost seems like Microsoft is hoping Oracle obtains an injunction on Android - that seems to be the only way they are ever going to gain marketshare with the current strategy.
  • MS marketing sucks. I'm in the market for a new phone and WP7 is not a player right now. I'm on Verizon (largest US phone carrier by the way) and I have had great experience with them (YMMV) and have no desire to leave. I'm not going to commit to a new 2 year contract for a Trophy - I don't care how smoothly WP7 works on that hardware. I want to know 12-18 months from that my phone will still work great (and maybe 24 months from now so I don't need a new phone in 2 years). 512 MB ram, 16 MB storage (and don't tell me I should void my warranty by putting a 32 GB Micro SD card) in there, a bad 5 MP camera, etc. MS needs to get some outstanding hardware on their platform or it's always going to be 1-2% - don't blame some conspiracy on the carriers. Verizon only wants to support so many OS's and I think WP7 is only there to say it has it - not because it really wants WP7. How is it there are no Second Gen WP7 out NOW - not 6 or 8 months from. How great would WP7 be on Samsung GSII hardware? The Focus is just a Galaxy SI.C'mon guys - get a reality check - I know you love WP7 but so do WebOS guys (look where they are). I know MS is going to support this BUT they need to get some name recognition. I know the man on the street knows about IPhone, probably has heard of Droid/Android but doesn't have a clue about WP7 (all you have to do is watch TV - WP7 is no where to be found). This is starting to look like WebOS or the Zune HD.
  • last year:- MS ads showing/laughing WP was gonna be the only one phone with multitask- 2 weeks later, ios and android put real multitask to their phones- months later MS release WP7 "and it doen't have multitask" WTF?- it didn't even have MSN live messenger2011:- MS ads showing the 'TalkMe technology' where WP talked to you like a friend and you asked your phone questions in a friendly way too, but "TalkMe" is just a 'future far away idea for the phone"- weeks later apple release iphone 4s with 'real Talk Me technology' working on the phone from the first dayso..... what is going on with microsoft? they have just fired 2 WP responsible guys,.... they should fire LOT more asap, and get new I have samsung focus and the sound quality s*cks, I am getting an mp3 player soon cause focus just doesn't work with sound.... I'm not buying a samsung anymore, will wait for the nokia, but I'll try it before buying it
  • Which ads showed multitasking? The launch didn't even have app switching, that was definitely not marketing material.
  • The public does not care for dual core or whatever specs. The looks are still the same. Releasing such a phone after a year is simply a failure. Even the biggest iPhone fan would agree.I don't like >4" screens, but as a former iPhone fan/owner, a 3.5" screen is simply no option. 3.7 up to 4" is where it should be.I even suspect the competition is very happy about this anti-climax.Personally, I really don't care anymore, since I like WP7 allready much more in almost every aspect.Last year Apple's keynotes where on my agenda. This year it's Microsofts Mango launch and Nokia's keynote on October 26th.
  • Don't think I've seen any WP advertising around were I am. The larger of the posters on show are for the iPhone's, and the smaller ones seem to cover Andriod (but not much about the OS itself).About the games:Sure, games like Infinity Blade will look and run amazing on the 4s (and 4) ... but how many game focused companies are there who have put time and effort into creating high detail games for a phone? My iPhone4 is overloaded with games (including Infintiy Blade), but I hardly play any of them, mainly because using my fingers and/or thumbs on a screen that size trying to play a game isn't the most comfortable. I'd much rather play games on a PC or console, with a decent sized screen and a real controller.In my opinion, it's games like Angry Birds and tower defence style games that get the most attention, as they're easy to pickup and play.So there :PMay I'll reply to each section of this story/article :)
  • Don't you think the 4 inch+ screens on WP7 will make touch screen control of games easier?
  • I think WP7 should seek to differentiate itself and excel in areas where Android is not focusing on. Battery life, matching real-life performance for less (WP hardware can be sold against the Wildfire S and such to DEMOLISH them), big internal storage, HIGH-END WITH SMALL SCREENS.Android currently has almost totally shifted away from 3.5" to 4.0". Put some killer phones in at 3.7" and 4.0" instead of treating them as lower end.
  • Wondering if WP can compete in 2011/2012 with iPhone 4S is the same as asking if it can compete with Android in 2011/2012 - as far as tasks and abilities, it can. Sure, the big two offer many things that WP doesn't, but the whole feel of WP is different and it contains built in advantages and a style the two biggies can't get close to. Windows Phones is an actual choice, not a rip-off or carbon copy. But as far as sales goes, it can't compete with Android or iOS. At less than 2% of the market right now, it is kinda crazy to throw it out there. What we need is a true breakout year- one with support, advertisement, better carrier support (mostly CDMA devices worldwide) and vastly improved sales. If by the end of 2012, WP has jumped into the 10% - 15% sales range world wide and are threatening floundering RIM for third place, THAN we can ask this question going into 2013 about W8.
  • As regards to high profile games like Infinity Blade, I think a major showstopper is the fact that there is no way for native development.I really doubt that Epic has any intentions to do a complete code port to XNA of their engine. They have a large native code base that they can't build upon for WP7.A lot of popular 2d games are already available/ported to WP because their engines are a lot simpler to port.While WP7 certainly needs more marketshare to get ports, allowing native code development is needed as well.MS also needs to streamline their services better and make them available worldwide. I still can't buy music from zune in my country and bing sucks big **** for searches here. Zune pass would be a great incentive if it would be available in more countries.They really do a lot of work at streamlining their services with windows 8 so we might get their, but it's still a long way to go.
  • That is true, but post-Mango, games can be written in Silverlight now as well.
  • All that Epic has to do is integrate XNA tools into the UDK just like they did with the iOS tools. Not really that hard for them to do but like you say WP7 needs market share for that to happen.
  • The holiday season is almost here, and Microsoft, the manufacturers, and the carriers need compelling marketing in a big way. Unfortunately, the carriers won't be too on board, because they've got iPhone and Android providing far more profit right now.What incentives can Microsoft provide to change that?Also, it's over a year since initial release and sales staff are STILL pushing customers to iPhone and Android despite customer inquiry into Windows Phone. Just this week I secret shopped a local store. The clerk did nothing but redirect each one of my WP7 questions with an iPhone or Android answer. That needs to stop, and maybe some Microsoft bribery would help. (What? You don't think Apple and Google are above that, do you?)
  • Totally agree with this article about how carriers need to show people other Window Phones, so that MS can get a chance to catch up. It seems like every carrier is pushing iPhone, like they're fan boys (and girls), and people never even get a glimpse of WP7.
  • I'm not an Apple "zombie" buying everything in sight that they put out and I am awaiting the release of some decent WP7 phones since the current models leave me blah. After watching the release yesterday, I've got to hand it to Apple. The 4s is a **** of a smartphone and they had me at Siri. The same form factor as the 4 is perfect. It's a winner. I would have expected a larger display, but the spec improvements and the OS features make you forget that quickly. I lean more towards MS than Apple, but I'm going to buy my 3rd iPod later this year. I've really been looking hard at the new WP7 phones yet to release, but after seeing the 4s, it's like wishing Larry Bird couldn't play basketball, but that **** could play some basketball. I may have to buy a 4s AND a WP7 phone, just cuz it's too good a peice of technology not to have one. Good job, Apple. This is why they are on top and everyone else is playing catch up. You've got to give it to them. MS needs to get in the game and get these phones released. NOW !!
  • Im not impressed with Siri at all. All they did was take Standard voice recognition and integrate it with wolfram alpha. It's not AI and it isn't anything new.
  • Wolfram Alpha however is really impressive.
  • The article left out one very big advantage of Windows Phone 7. It doesn't crash. From the beginning of the year untill now, my HTC Mozart didn't crash a single time.Some apps made me need to turn it off and back on again, but I never had to reset it or take out the battery. It just keeps on working and these day's, that is something amazing!
  • I've had to turn off mine several times, but I'm a heavy user.
  • People dont believe this person comment of iphone 4s better than windows phone 7.5 i believe this person is a apple troll.he/she just jealous because apple could not deliver the iphone 5 has what they been talking about for so many months hahahaha.Windows phone 7.5 will do great and just wait when windows phone 8 it going to blow away competition.
  • Did you just call one of this site's writers and a huge proponent of WP7 gaming an Apple troll? That's funny.
  • we all know what happend with xbox 360vs ps3. xbox won ps3 by price range and services even though the graphic lacked. I'm sure the quality xbox service for wp7 will win over any oses out there.
  • There are few if any games with markedly superior graphics to the 360. Most (but not all) multiplatform games actually perform better on 360, though major differences are less common these days.
  • Well I do like the Mango update and love the WP7 OS, yes there are a few shortcomings and i'm sure much more will be added in future updates, but the simple problem right now with WP7 is the hardware. A gorgeous OS inside a cheap plastic casing just feels like a beautiful expensive leather interior in a 10 year old Nissan Micra. Just doesnt feel or look right. I Think Microsoft seriously need to raise the bar and get a manufacturer to make a premium device just like iphone 4 if they want any serious world recognition and respect.
  • I think you may be way off base with your optimizim about WP7 making gains against IPhone. The processor is weaker, no multitasking, the resolution is poorer, the games can't be as good, etc. etc.To come from behind and take over a winning platform you have to at least be a lot BETTER to have a chance. Then even if you are better you may not be able to make the grade because of market momentum.WP7, according to your comparison, is weaker in several key areas. How can it have a chance? What would have to happen for WP7 to have a chance?
  • This is just sad. "fight the good fight" ? iOS (and android for that matter) are leaps and bounds beyond wp7.. i read this post just to see what could be said and as expected it's pretty much a win (by knockout sometimes) by iOS. ... don't get me wrong, wp7 is great but there's no need to compare it right now :) we all know where it stands as seen per the lack of apps, comparable hardware and ultimately market share. woo hoo fight the giant, david you can do it pf.. post this comparison in a year or two!