HTC Radar & Titan shipping at Phones4u

It seems HTC and Phone4u have decided to jump the gun and release the HTC Titan and Radar earlier than what was stated as the release date - possibly to combat the iPhone. The two handsets were originally said to be available October 7th for ordering via the UK retailer website, which we found aberrant as the devices are readily available in stores.

One can find both the Titan (opens in new tab) and the Radar (opens in new tab) ready for order and shipping on the Phones4u website, or you can check into your local store for a more hands-on purchase. Contracts are available with the cheapest being Orange with the Radar at £23.50/mo and Vodafone with the Titan at £31/mo.

Thanks Ross for the tip!

Update: Our tipster just confirmed the purchase of an HTC Titan from Phones4u.  He did share this pic of his new phone before relegating it to the charger.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • they sell it in stores as well. I went in today and played around with the titan. very impressive device, only problem is the screen res is way too low for that screen imo. but overall great looking device
  • Well It looks like there will be no iPhone 5 this year. Nokia... Bring Yo A Game and you can steal some of that market from Apple.
  • How can this phone be going on sale with no marketing from MS and HTC whatsoever?
  • Holy **** Get one and do a review already! :)And lots of purty pictures.And yes... I am so disappointed with the lack of advertising or sales push in general. WTF MS. WTF.Apple was pretty conservative with their 4s, this really is WP7's chance to stick a foot in the door. I'd hope they get cracking at least before ICS is released.
  • Your move, US Carriers. Give us this device, already! ffs....