Head to head: iPhone 6 Plus vs Lumia 1520 camera samples

It's hard not to compare the recently launched iPhone 6 Plus to Nokia's phablet, the Lumia 1520. Last week we showed you a size comparison. Today, let's have a camera comparison.

The Lumia 1520 features a 20-megapixel camera with f/2.4 Zeiss lens. The iPhone 6 Plus has an 8-megapixel camera. It has f/2.2 aperture, and larger 1.5-micron pixels compared to 1.2-micron pixels on the Lumia 1520. Which one takes better photos? Let's look at the following camera samples.

I turned off the flash on both the devices and left everything else in Auto. By default, the Lumia 1520 takes 5-megapixel photos in addition to 16-megapixel photos (19-megapixels if you choose 4:3 aspect ratio).

Also by default, the iPhone 6 Plus camera has HDR mode on automatic. It will take an HDR photo if it thinks it needs to use it. Both the HDR image and regular exposure images are saved to the camera roll. This all happens instantly, and most users won't even notice unless they look at the yellow HDR marker that appears at the bottom.

Nokia is planning to do something similar with the upcoming Lumia Camera. With Rich Capture turned on, you can capture HDR photos that can be readjusted after taking the photo.

The images below have been resized to be web-friendly. You can download the original files here.

iPhone 6 Plus samples

Lumia 1520 samples

Here are my observations after looking at these images on a bigger display:

  1. The iPhone 6 Plus images in daylight consistently appear brighter than the images on the Lumia 1520.
  2. The images on the Lumia 1520 appear to have more detail and slightly more contrast.
  3. In low light, the images on the Lumia 1520 appear brighter than the iPhone 6.
  4. Both perform well at getting the right white balance.

Which is better?

Which camera takes better photos? This is a very subjective question. Some people like images that are brighter, others like more contrast, while a few purists like accurate, non-vivid images. After looking at these photos, tell us which camera you prefer.

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • L1520 Wins by default
    Only iSheep would say otherwise
  • Lumias camera is best but iPhones camera not bad. Bad cameras are on all Droid phones. Best example is nexsus 5
  • Hahaha this actually made me laugh because it is true and I use the nexus 5. However, I can sometimes get great pictures.
  • With enough light you can get a great photo with a pinhole camera. A lot of photos are taken in very poor light conditions, so having a camera that performs well in low light might be a good idea. As one can tell from the iced tea and littering fine photos, 1520 owns the 6+ in low light.
  • I completely agree. Just wish the nexus could perform as well as the lumias.
  • I'll put it this way... if it's a draw, then the Lumia loses. This is kind of the problem.  Microsoft/Nokia seems to be putting so much of their work into the cameras... but that's not the main reason that people buy smartphones... primarily because, unless you're a professional photographer, no one can really tell the difference between a 20 MP photo and a 5... 8... or 10 MP one.
  • People can't tell but you can do more with the photos when you have lot's of pixels and good software oversampling. I often take photos in landscape, zoom in and reframe them to portrait and they still look great, as if I took them in portrait.
  • While I am already owning a 920 and being surprised positively by its photo and video capabilities compared to my Panasonic Lumix Dmc-TZ30, I happened to buy a 1520 for its photo and video capabilities, not forgetting the audio. I very much like the crisp images, low light capability and the color tone. The only thing missing is HDR for tropical sun scenery with its high contrasts. But, HDR will be included in the denim update. Then, most likely, I will sell my Lumix.   For those interested, have a look at one of my award winning Photosynths shot with my 1520 at https://photosynth.net/preview/view/f38bdcb4-0d8b-4734-a750-ac2c0f6d5c2e?startat=0
  • A buddy of mine has a 1+1 with cyanogen and it takes amazing pics... I think it took better pics than my 1520.
  • You think wrong :)
  • I still would love the shape of the iPhone. I hate the corners on my 1520
  • The shape really is a nice blend of 925 and 625, isn't it? They finally curved those edges, it's a thing it bugged me the most (apart from poor features, outdated OS and fragile built) about previous iPhones (4 to 5S)
  • Curved. Swords.
  • Man I can't wait to get my 1520.
  • Got mines
  • Man Dave, this must really bother you because I seem to see this same comment from you anytime the 1520 is mentioned lol
  • Really? I think those round corners make the iphone look outdated already. I love the design of the 1520, since I never hold the phone by the corners, it does not bother me at all.
  • I prefer the look of the 1520/925 over the iPhone as well.  Although I really love the shape of the HTC One M8... which has a curve to the back (while the iPhone is flat).
  • Indeed. HTC One is an example of great design.
  • Same here. Why do the 1520's corners bother people? If you have it in a case you don't even see or feel them.
  • Ugh the rounded look of crapple is just plain ugly. I love the shape of my 1520.
  • you hit the nail on the head. I agree with you. If lumia 1520 with the Iphone 6's corners, It would be the best device for sure. I hope the coming 1525 will have better conrers than my 1520.    
  • I agree that the iSheep would say the 6plus. I am very happy with my 1520, it takes awesome pictures.
  • Lool yup, you will telll those iSheep that the lumia 1520 has better specs than the iPhone and the will still not believe you... it's like Apple is their god.... smh
  • From everything I am reading, you guys are no less "devoted" to your phones than us iSheep. I really can't see the difference.
  • Duh :D Lumia is king of cameras
  • The 1520 wins because it produces a 16MP photo. The iPhone does not. Why would you even use the 5mp from the Lumia for comparison? Use their best shot. They shoot a 5 and we shoot a 16. Plus the manual controls on the Lumia are non existent in the iPhone. The iPhone is built for casual photography, Lumias are built for the photographer.
  • From my point of view every phone is built for CASUAL photography. Cameras are still the only way for REAL photography.
  • i agree in general, however, have you seen the results some pro photographers have got with the nokia 808? even for an amateur like me it produced some stunning shots, but you can really geek out on that phone and its settings!
  • How many people carry camera around that see nowadays, plus nowadays, we have probably 3 levels of paparazis. Those whose primary job is paparazing, then the concert, studio etc casual paparazis and then finally folks like you and I who have our phoned ready to bust the cop for too much force, a drunking driving, home quick capture, train station incident etc. This last level paparazis use our phone a ton and imagine the rich qualities of such incident, ocassion etc you will get with L1520 vs 6Plus, But now we want to water it down by saying oh they are just used for casual pictures. I bet if it was the other way round, folks will say haha Apple inivated yet again knowing the importance of good rich detail images that expresses us.
  • However, the point is that Nokia goes above and beyond just sticking a 8mp camera on a phone. There are design and functional elements that transcend it from the ranks of just a phone camera. They embody quality and research in this area. I can't say the same for anyone else.
  • No, the oversampled 5 MP shot is what we want to see. That's the shot that retains its clarity when you zoom in. The 16 MP shot is just a giant photo and not very usuable once you're done reframing your photo, unless your doing advanced things that most of us aren't doing.
  • Then you sir will be happy with a 635.
  • No. The 635 has a 5 MP sensor that produces regular 5 MP shots. The Lumia 1020, 1520, 930/Icon produces 5 MP oversampled shots from their 41 and 20 MP sensors. What happens, in the case of the 1020, the raw images are 34 (16:9) and 38 MP (4:3) and from those images, it takes a single pixel and combines it with up to 7 neigboring pixels into the 5 MP shot. That makes it so when you zoom in, even before taking the picture, you retain the clarity as well as having the ability to zoom back out, after taking the shot and reframe it. Sub-20 MP Lumia do not have this capability, which means the photos they produce aren't as rich.
  • Oh, like the iphone6.
  • No. But it's clear you don't want to understand.
  • iPhone uses 8. Not 5.
  • Didn't the iPhone add manual controls in IOS 8 for the newest iPhone 6, +?
  • I agree with you much.
  • And Lumia1520 can save .DNG raw files... No iphone can do that. WAY BETTER.
  • Who is the sheep when you're calling the win "by default," rather than basing it on the merits of the test?
  • BaAAaaAaAAA!
  • They were either trolling or don't know what "by default" actually means. And what's with everyone saying iSheep just because someone uses an iPhone? Maybe its their choice like using a Windows phone is the choice for most of us here.
  • @wpn00b largely people who prefer iPhone tend to be insane, brainless, rich or willing to give up eating for a few weeks, especially to buy such a cheesy phone with heavily dated specs. I'm tech first with phones, iPhones are like the worst choice you could make imo
  • Lol my girlfriend works for a hotel. And a lady comes in with her new iPhone 6+ and asks for the cost of a room, then yells about how expensive the room is.
  • You are a moron.
  • what an idiot
  • Or alternatively they just handle whatever you need to do better than WP and Android devices that look better on the spec sheet. I have a Lumia 925 as well as a Nexus 5, so it's quite a bummer that I have to carry also an ancient iPhone 4 with me to have reliably functioning Bluetooth audio in my car and be able to stream hockey games to my TV with decent quality. Nexus+Chromecast just doesn't cut it with choppy and pixelated playback and for WP there's currently no proper client for the service I use.
  • You're beginning to sound like Android fanboys who think everything is about spec. WP owners have argued rightly that spec isn't everything when the software is good. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I used to be all isheep and Droid fanboy, but why throw stones in a glass house? Face it, if you're on this website, you are a windows fan and love phones powered by Windows! That's our preference so I say let them have theirs, no amount of marketing or fan opinion is gonna sway me to another OS, and if they feel the same way, more power to em!
  • Damn, that was so well said. Now i have found myself peeking at AndyCentral and iMore few times just to throw a jab at em or cause an uproar Yup, and this is the weird thing, it felt good. Then I quickly run back to my WPC before they issue a fatwa on my behind.
  • isheep are typically people who buy an iPhone because they're friends have one and its the "cool" thing for them to do. They typically do little to no research on their own and the only other phone they know about is a "Galaxy" phone, which they would have bought if they're friends had one. Galaxy owners "formerly known as Android owners" are your anti-iPhone owners who only buy a Samsung Galaxy because it isn't an iPhone, but they also do little to no research and also impulse shop because it's the clique they want to buy in to. Similar to buying a $150 cotton Abercrombie and Finch t-shirt. They just don't know any better and yet they feel emboldened by their choice of mediocrity. Apple once tried to differentiate itself by being "different" yet they just succeeded in creating a culture who all think the same and do everything but anything different. WP truly is different and much better in many ways, at least in the ways that actually count. Individuality.
  • EXACTLY! My friend complains about his iPhone, so I asked him why he got another one. He said, "because it's an iphone". haha. That's why half the people buy it, because "it's an iPhone." I couldn't help laughing.
  • You, my friend. Should win a price for your post. It's spot on.
  • I think that's true to some or probably to most of the iPhone owners but for me, I have an Apple ecosystem that I love because it just works! I love watching movies from my Living Room Apple TV and automatically resume to the Bedroom Apple TV. AirPlay a video or mirror a game to the Living Room whenever I want to show them some funny or interesting stuff from my phone. I love editing a document/spreadsheet/presentation from my MacBook and open/continue working with it on my iPhone later. Opening the website that i was viewing on my iPhone to my Mac to check it out in detail.. there are lots of great connectivity (now they call continuity without having a hard time setting it up like in OS X Yosemite, I can now actually call/answer a mobile/gsm thru my iPhone from my Mac) but it's just my preference and so far, I love the ecosystem that works.
  • I'm happy that you're enjoying your ecosystem, though those features aren't exclusive to Apple. And today nearly all ecosystems "just work".
  • Same thoughts exactly!
  • As an owner of 1520, the camera of the iPhone 6+ is not bad at all in comparison. But if you compare the price difference between the two phones, then it's 1520 all the way!
  • If you take into account that the L1520 is a year old... Than the Iphone becomes even more pathatic. Overall I must say the difference wasn't enourmous between the 2, but as soon as the light dimms, the iphone loosses on every picture...
  • Please do another comparison test after the Denim Upgrade is installed on L1520.
  • Lumia PureView wins by default... on any phone that has it. Why? I can shoot in RAW and proccess the picture anyway I want. I can make it look like it was taken in a studio using a DSLR. Any phone that can't shoot RAW is only playing for second place.
  • As a Photographer (I mean setting the gear manually), I always set nokia camera manually.   I'm using and among different living ecosystems as platforms. (iOS, Android, BB, WP and still Symbian) Lumia 920's Sensitivity of "ISO 100" is undefeatable(regarding the fact that this 2 year old beast is the first WP8 Flagship From Nokia) In heavy snow with bright sun reflection,I set the speed to maximum 1/6400 for regular contrast for darker scene there is a choice between 1/8000 & 1/16000 which are 1/2000 to 1/4000 equivalent in most SLRs. In sunset moment, dusk and also Down, ISO 400 with the speed of 1/16 minimum to 1/100 captures awsome moments. when you are in lowest light of concerts, Auto focus and sensitivity of ISO 3200 thanks to Cyan update, captures the most light, out of the darkness with least noise by the time when shutter is closed and the photo is taken(I compared the low light photography with several accessible affordable DSLR or high profile Compacts with Zoom lens and manual setting, L920 was less noisy and a bit blurry in maximum 3264 X 2448 px. shots.) Focus is also in my hand. These are benefits of WP8.1 (Lumia Cyan). When you want to use the 1520 in auto mode(!?!?) you drive an Aventador in Cruise Control limited to 120MPH???? The comparison between Lumia in camera side to any other smartphones up to now equals to compare a T72 Tank with SSC Ultimate Aero TT in an Airport Runway. Regardless of comparison which is just fun, if anyone want to set 1520 to auto mode, it's better to take a 1320 instead. Apple is better to be compared via its iOS and 10,000 useful + Almost 500,000 useless + 450,000 outdated apps (which most of them are still paid apps !?) with growing Windows phone store (Store will grow up in late 2015); in that case they can say something, otherwise in paper even Androids are much better than any iDevice let alone Windows Phone which is much more stable than both iOS and Androids.   
  • As a 1520 owner I think the camera is only so so, in bright conditions it takes great photo's but in low light it is crap, it seems to me that in low light it is sometimes an advantage to have less MP with pinhole cameras.
  • Camera's better, phone's fucked up.
  • I find your response absolutely hilarious in it's sheepiness. Full disclosure: Android user, no bias here.
  • Rocking the L1520
  • I am as well... And, I got a good picture I took with my 1520 on the train at DFW International airport... Tell me if the new DFW airport app looks familiar......
  • Damn that 6Plus is big. LOL
  • Funny that they used an obvious iPhone desing to symbolize a smartphone... iPhones are cool, but I can't wait until the day they aren't so the world can move on... People are such pathetic followers.
  • I agree!!! IPhone and Samsung are way overrated! I like windows phone but I had to switch to the Sony Xperia Z1s. The 20.7 MP isn't all that great but hopefully the Xperia Z3 is better.
  • Same story bro Xperia Z3 has the same camera unit however i prefer the audio quality of it.
  • YEah.... People bashed metro... and still do... yet so many developers and companies copy it... Its modern.  When I see static icons I get bored... The iphone just looks boring, even thought it may be nice for many... it looks and is borning to me... That is the truth... For me at least...
  • I'd have to disagree with you on that one... I'm sorry, but the iP6 is the best hardware I've ever held, and seen... There literally is nothing that comes close to the craftsmanship and design of the new iPhone.. I just found this out yesterday..
  • Sorry Rodney, gotta disagree with you. I've held plenty of iPhones including the new one. You can always put a lot of tinsel on a small tree and pretty it up. The phone itself is crap, the is OS amateurish. What you would expect from someone who saves everything to their desktop. Technically speaking it's mediocre at best. However people drink the Apple koolaid and that's where we are today. The funny thing is that Windows Phone is flying under the apple radar. Some isn't designing phones to compete with Nokia. But Nokia is and that is why overall the Nokias crush Apple on every pissing match.
  • Wow, NIST.. I would've never expected such bias from you in a million years... I'm THE biggest WP fan in the world, no one is bigger, but I can give credit where credit is due....
    You haven't seen that new iPhone!! There's no way... The only Lumia that comes close is the 925.. I just hope MS makes a new 925..
  • Eh? I'm staring at an iPhone 6 plus right now. My co worker got one. I played with it for like 20 minutes. It's an iPhone. There is nothing revolutionary or wonderful about it. In fact every feature that he could come up with WP already has or Nokia has implemented a better solution. The metal was nice, but have you seen the drop tests?? Damn thing is as fragile as ever. There simply is no compelling option or feature that would make me want one over my Windows Phone. Biased sure, justifiably so.
  • Yeah im kind of surprised on drop tests O.O.. Breaks even faster.. Hah?
  • Lol!!... I just think it has superb fit, and finish..
  • So does my underwear
  • jockey? -_-
  • Lol!... Just saw this.
  • Rodney, what device do you currently use and what are your thoughts on the future of Windows (mobile OS)?
  • I'm replying on my 1520, and I keep my 920 on my night stand.. I actually feel as though my 920 has a bit more refined desing than my 1520, which is nice, but lacks flare like the 920...
    Like I said before, I'm the biggest WP fan in the world❗ There is no one bigger.. But, I also love great desing.. The LGG3, HTC One, iP6, pretty much anything Sony does is great....
    But, honestly.. I think WP will continue it's slow, but steady climb in market share, and eventually will speed up it's rise in market share.. It's pretty much imminent with over 30 OEM's on board selling WP device in key markets around the world... I think the future is bright for WP,, but we have a ways to go before it seriously is a household name....
  • Thanks for your response. I agree, I think we'll see some marketshare growth in the months to come. How do you like your L1520? Should I make the switch? I have a L920, but I really think it a L1520 would be too large for daily use. Thoughts on moving to an L830 if a NA version,of the L930/5 falls through in the next few months?
  • Let me put it like this.. Try the 1520. If it's too big then go down from there... It wouldn't make any sense to go the other direction...
    And, no.. It's never too big.. After you use it for a couple days you'll be asking yourself why you ever toyed with anything smaller, and you'll never go back... It's a joy to hold, to talk on, fits in your pocket, and the screen I amazing.. You're going to use, and carry it, just like any other smartphone, and not think twice about it.. So why not enjoy the larger screen? Don't not get the 1520 thinking that it's too big because you'll be cheating yourself.....
    The downside to it's size?.. Literally only two things I've noticed... 1.. It's comfortable to sit down with in your front pocket, but nit to drive with.. And, probably not good for your phone because of movement, and stresses on the device.. So, don't drive with it in your pocket... 2.. It's a two handed texter... You can type with one hand fairly good, but because of its width you may find yourself having trouble reaching the far edges of the keyboard depending on if you're right, or left handed... This is really no big deal.. Don't text and drive, rather use Cortana.. Nevertheless, the keyboard in landscape mode is absolutely huge, and nice to use two handed... The dialer is huge, and camera controls are nice and big,, a plus with Lumia Camera... Talking feels more natural because of the length of the device, and the distance between the earpiece, and the microphone, is more relevant to an adult head.. More similar to an home phone.. I can list more pros than cons, but you get the message......
    With the 20mp camera IMO it is the overall best WP device you can currently get.. But, I would wait to see if the rumors are true and see if MS is going to release a ultra high end device with a 40+mp camera, with two versions similar to what Apple has done with the 6... Supposedly that could happen before years end.. But, we have to keep in mind that usually we would be getting some leaks by now, so that's kinda scary...............
  • Thank you Nostrodumbass for the prediction.
  • What's wrong with his prediction?
  • You're welcome❗❗❗❗❗
  • Spec-wise, the 1520 crushes the iPhone 6 Plus and the Icon crushes the iPhone 6.  I don't  need a "pretty" phone, although I wouldn't call the Icon "ugly" by any means.  I need a phone that is efficient, stable, reliable and economical.  Windows Phones fit that bill way better than any "pretty" and "expensive" iPhone.
  • Whose talking about specs, features, or only looks?..... Read on. And, nobody is trying to say that the 6 is the overall best device compared to WP, or any Android device... Nobody is trying to get anyone to consider switching to the 6... It's only about giving credit where credit is due as far as hardware design, engineering, fit, finish, feel, and quality are concerned...
    Some of you WP fans are no different than self righteous iDroid fans...
  • Sorry Rodney I usually agree with what you comment on here but I also just got my hands on a brand new iPhone 6 and I think there are a couple areas the design back fired. The camera hump sticks out from the rest of the back plate. And now the hump we are used to on the 1020 or the slight one of the 925 for example. The casing of the lens stick completely out from the rest of the back plate, I think that is a mistake. Also they went too thin, so thin that they had to get rid of the round volume buttons, this is opinion, but I think those round metal buttons were the coolest buttons on any smartphone EVER. everything well yes, pure perfection and a solid metal device in the hands, but nothing I cant say about my Lumia 925 for example.
  • I never said it was perfect, I said said it was game changing, and it is... The only device that compares to that kind of craftsmanship is the iP5, the 925, and possibly the 930... But, the 6 raises the bar... I guess it's all subjective, but we all have to agree that the 6 is one of the best pieces of hardware available..
  • Are you kidding? "game changing" is exactly what the iphone 6 is not. Its the same exact design, only bigger and thinner. The Lumia 830 looks better, and so does the 1520.
  • That would be a good argument expect that it is a totally new design, and the "Game" doesn't know about your 830... Because of the iPhones popularity, which Apple deserves because they are TERRIFIC at marketing, it will be what the "game" follows... Whether you want to admit it or not that's the reality of the situation......
    It doesn't matter how good, or game changing, a WP device is if nobody knows about it... And MS sucks at marketing... I agree with you in the sense that high end WP devices should be game changing because they actually do offer more than Apple does for the money... But, you have to be in the game to change it..
  • First of all you have to "change the game" to be "game changing."  All Apple did was round the corners, flatting the phone a bit, make it bigger and slapped the same old boring iOS on it witha a few minor changes/additions.  That is not my definition of "game changing."  What Microsoft is "preparing" to do is what I would call "game changing."  Having one operating system on ALL devices, now that is "game changing."  No other manufacturer will have this, not Apple, not Google, not Samsung.  No one!  That will be changing the game!
  • Completely off subject... Argue that somewhere else please.
  • How is that off subject?  When you compare one phone to another, you have to consider all aspects of that phone.  The OS is part of that.  If Windows 9 OS was 2 years off, I'd agree with you, however Windows 9 Developer Preview will be released in December.  Too close to count as "off subject."
  • Because, dude... My original comment wasn't comparing the iPhone to ANY device❗ ... Jesus Christ, dude.. How many times do I have to tell you? My point is that the iPhone is of utmost quality as far as the hardware is concerned... Now, I'm getting tired of repeating myself to you.. Don't make me have to tell you again❗ Just stop❗ And, now you've pulled some other kid into your obvious, but unless comparison.. We're all WP fans here, and we know what WP has to offer.. No need in repeating that over, and over.. That's a stupid argument on a WP site...
    Go argue that on phone area, and let us mature fans have a unbiased discussion about other devices, and what MS can learn from them... But, GD, man.. Kill the BS... You can learn a lot from Daniel R. about perspective... Go learn something❗
  • Oh sorry I've never held a 1520 before so I actually cant speak about the craftsmanship on that. But yes my 925 feels amazing, just as solid as any iPhone I've held. Now Apple did do a good job with the screen to size ratio. After holding the iPhone 6 I noticed that. It was so weird to see iOS on such a big screen lol even if it was 4.7
  • Yeah.. Still the same boring OS, IMO.. But, strictly terrific hardware quality, build, fit and finish.. Probably the best I've ever seen... IMO that raises the bar, whether WP fans like it, it not... Especially when millions are going to get their hands on it..
  • I have the Icon/930. The craftsmanship is outstanding and its very solidly built, like any Nokia phone of this tier. The single metal band around the edge is flawless and makes the USB and headphone ports more durable than most phones and makes the phone feel like it's indestructible. The class begins flush at the rim then curves up, dropping it on it's side is unlikely to break the glass. Finally, the polycarbonite back is as high quality as we have come to expect from Nokia. I don't agree that the 6 raises the bar. The 925 is a far nicer phone, and its what, like 2 years old? iPhones to me now feel like toys. The camera bump on the iPhone 6 alone just reeks of horrible design. Besides, it takes a bulky case to protect an iPhone and make it as durable as my Icon, which has a thin clear case.
  • It doesn't matter how nice the 925 is... The iPhone 6 is in the news.. Lol.. You guys are not understanding what raising the bar means..
  • Just being in the news doesn't mean it raised any bars. I have seen comparable phones come out over a year ago. If you look at the specs and price of the phone it quickly becomes inferior. An iPhone costs hundreds more than a Lumia(or android phone) that has better specs. The reason apple has the upper hand is people recognise it more, it has been around longer. iPhones are well rounded, I give them that, however I have seen phones that have no compromise that are far better, such as my Icon.
  • No.. The iPhone 6 has much better craftsmanship than the Icon.. It just does.. Try again..
  • "It just does.. try again.." Please offer some strong support to a claim such as that.
  • It is!! I've already said it.. It's an amazing design, amazingly thin, the fit and finish is of utmost high quality, the look, and feel of the device is premium in no way I've ever experienced from a smartphone, and it has this solid weight to it that just feels expensive... It just does, and I've already mentioned that several times.. IMO that raises the bar... It's not that other phones are terrible, and I think that some of you guys are getting your feelings hurt unnecessarily.. But, the 6 just raises the bar higher... Nothing wrong with that, and that's expected from a device that comes out only once a year... Nobody is saying that the 6 is the overall best device in terms of a smartphone, and nothing will ever be better in the future... But, I have to give it to Apple engineering on one of the industries latest devices to hit the market, and say that the 6 is a showcase of cutting edge engineering, desing, and craftsmanship... Maybe the next Lumia will be better, maybe the Z3 will amaze.. IDK, but for now the 6 raises the bar, and you guys need to be glad it does...
  • I think is it you who doesn't understand what "raising the bar" means.  If I add mag wheels, dual exhaust pipes, and fins to my Honda, that doesn't make the car any faster or perform very much better.  It make is "cool", but that's not "raising the bar."  Increasing the engine, upgrading the transmission, adjusting the suspension and adding turbo, now that is "raising the bar."   In other words, all Apple did was take the iPhone 5s, flatten it, make it a bit bigger, gave it a paint job and tweaked the engine a bit.  Otherwise its the same old iPhone.  Same boring page after page of folder/app icons with no feedback from those icons other than a number in a circle.    Microsoft if raising the bar with innovative ideas like live tiles that provide immediate feedback (possibly becomming interactive soon as well), Cortana voice activation (without having to be plugged in a charger), Cortana's ability to remind you when you communicate with people or arrive at places, the alphabetical listing of all apps (easier to find the app without having to search page after page like on the Android/Iphone).  This is innovation.  This is "game changing."  The game is boring page after page of folder/app icon.  The change is moving away from that.
  • That is a great example NOLATechy. The 6/6+ has nothing really new. Okay so its thin, and light. Is that really so cool? That sacrifices durability in many cases(as drop tests prove). It also means they had to skip some features such as wireless charging. I would be much more interested if they left it the same thickness as the 5S but had a larger battery. My Icon is somewhat thick and heavy, but it's got everything, and will withstand abuse without a case, I'm not worried about it breaking before my contract is up. Its battery also lasts all day. Smartphone users often complain that their batteries drain so fast, yet they also think making soemthing thinner makes it better.
  • Thank you.  You bring up some very valid points yourself. I completely forgot about wireless charging.  Can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy just placing my Icon on a wireless charger when I get home and not having to worry with plugging in a wire. Durability is also a very excellent point.  I've dropped my Icon several times and still don't even have a scratch on it.  My co-worker dropped her iPhone 5 on a carpet floor in the office.  The corner hit the ground and the glass cracked all the way up the screen. Battery - I have the 8.1.1 DP installed on my Icon, but don't have the Cyan firmware yet.  Still waiting on Verizon to release it.  But still have better battery life than my roommate's new iPhone 5s.  And from what I've heard from AT&T folks, Cyan actually increases battery life.  Denim will increase batter life even further, so I'm hoping VZW skips Cyan and just gives us Denim.
  • No, I think it's you that doesn't understand what raising the bar means... Why don't you argue with Daniel Rubino about it.... Lol!!!
  • agreed, but if Microsoft would stop p*ssy footing around and make a vapor magnesium surface phone out could compete. What's wrong with Satya???
  • I'm sure they have some designs laying around but the Surface brand is about raising the bar. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a Lumia out of VaporMag, in fact I expect it to happen once they have things organised, but I would hope it has rounded edges or something of the sort. I have a surface RT and the hard cutoff edges look great but it's really tough to hold for a long period of time. MS will likely retain the Surface name for tablets and Lumia for phones.VaporMag would be a great material for Lumias though, it sure holds up well!
  • I don't know, but by the looks of it it doesn't really look THAT nice.. I prefer One M8 over all phones.. Personal preference
  • The One M8 is another device that feels incredibly solid in the hands. One of the few in the family of the Lumia925, iPhones, and HTC EVO LTE
  • Yeah, that's what I thought to until I held one.. Strictly better craftsmanship here... This raises the bar.. That's just how it is.
  • I have seen and held plenty of iPhone 6/+ in my hand over the weekend. I have owned them in the past... I dont go goo-goo over any phone... He only phone of recent that I just fell in love with by design is the M8... I just got my 1520 and it is nice.. My 920, is such apart of mw though... Hard to let go. The new iphne like the last feels great in the hand... The craftsmanship shows... Like most apple devices... The hardware is amazing.. Bit then you power it on... That's when the boredom begins for me... Lol! That's is to and for me... I have no desire to sway anyone else's opinions... Most of us here are professionals and buy what we want when we want... No need to bash to justify preference. Anywho, carry on.
  • Best hardware design would have to be Sony xperia Z3 in my opinion
  • I went with my brother to pick up his iPhone 6, and it looks and feels way better than any windows phone I've ever owned. It is even nicer than the HTC M8. I love the lightness, thinness, and it feels 'soft' in the hand. My L1020 is a brick and I agree with comments above that the corners are uncomfortable/sharp. The fingerprint reader and mute switches on the iPhone 6 are also awesome features. I definitely think it is the nicest phone I have ever held.
  • MS needs to respond to the iP6 quick... It most definitely is on a different level of craftsmanship than any device I've ever seen... I wouldn't expect for a bunch of overly biased WP fans to allow their minds to admit that...
  • the problem with that is if you put the old one in thier hands and say it the new 6 they will say how much better and different it fills , on one show the put a imac and took the stand off it and said it was the new iphone 6 and the guy was like wow this is nice etc all of them were fool into beliving it was the new iphone 6, a 20 inch monitor was an iphone.
  • Have you held one in person?..
  • So the HTC one m8 doesn't come close? They look similar in pics
  • Trust me.. The 6 is different.. It has a way higher quality feel than the 5s, or any other device I've ever held... I have to give credit where credit is due...
  • And you need to spend a minimuin of $200 to get it. Got my 1520 for 99 cents. You can get an Iphone for .99-4 years after it's released..
  • Not talking about cost, or features, or any of that... This is about the hardware craftsmanship and design, and I hate to tell you WP fans, but it's EXTREMELY good..
  • Like I just said-it costs a lot of $$$ to get that "craftsmanship" you speak of.
    On a related note my 76 year old mom wants to get a smartphone. The 6 would fit the bill due to being easy to use. WP? Nope, because she wouldn't use 90% of the features etc that it's capable of..
  • Rodney; but jaimeastin was reffering to the live metro and not the hardware build. Because what I disliked the most about android and or iPhone are the static icons. (note I am talking builds, features, apps  etc, There are some android builds that are to die for like HTC One M8 or the look of Galaxy Note Edge. I always marvel at the active tile's activities and without even lauching anything, I can see and feel that my phone is alive.
  • No❗ We're not going there... I started the argument about the hardware engineering only. And, I'm staying on topic.. No need to go elsewhere....
    No one is arguing that the WP OS is liked more around these parts because that's a waist of time.. This is WPC, we're all WP fans, and of course we're biased about our OS.... But, we can lift some of our bias when it comes to speaking about strictly hardware, and give credit where credit is due..
  • Wow! They didn't even take a minute to make a WP app while they were ripping it off?
  • Yeah, I contacted the airport about making an app, and they told me the usual that they would pass it along to marketing... Well, maybe that'll give them that extra push they need.. I know they've been thinking about it... The other day here at terminal a lot of people around me had WP devices.. About 6 at a time, and I've never seen that concentration before... Heck, just a little while ago I was trying to help this random girl update her 520.. It's time these big companies pull their heads out their asses and join us in the second decade of the century..
  • Really? That app is 100% Windows Phone design but its only available on Google Play and iPhone? I can only shake my head in resignation. Great pic from your 1520 though.
  • Thanks!!
  • Shit actually pisses me off.. You copy or are inspired by an interface,but don't make an app for the platform. Some would say "How do you know where they got their inspiration?"... Whatever,I'm pretty confident in where it came from.
  • Yeah, it is very frustrating❗
  • L1520 wins. Not by fanboyism, but because it's a now prooved fact.
  • Proven*
  • How did it get proven?? What part of the article said either one won???... Some of you WP fans are no better than iDroid sheep.
  • Look at the full resolution photos. It's no comparison.
  • I'm not one of the blind WP users your talking about, but to me the 1520 picture just looks warmer and natural to me; but that just my opinion.
  • Editors, I'd like to make a suggestion for the better of this site. First, not to diminish the credibility of any if the writers here, but I would love to see posts by (perhaps consultants if no permanent correspondents) photographers. I want to see that a person whose primary task is to take photographs and has the experience of dealing with a vast range of equipment, take the best cameras windows phone has to offer and shoots for an editorial. This would be a welcome addition to your stream of news. Especially resourceful when a new WP, or iPhone, or device comes out. Nokia has done this before by hiring national geographic photographers. Now I'm not demanding that you hire someone of that caliber every single time you review a PureView camera (though it would be awesome!) or even send them to exotic, remote locations every time (would be cool, again) but publish some of the best examples on the web (if not the best) from the best cameras on the phones that you review and choose to carry. I don't believe any other site (tech site, maybe dpreview...) does this. It might even increase your readership if done right.
    All I'm saying is that it would be really nice to see samples of these cameras pushed to their limits by people who know exactly what they're doing (again, not implying that any of the writers here are bad photographers) in settings as common as a beach in Miami or Santa Monica to a national park or landmark (heck even events like music festivals, or pumpkin if that's your thing, to fashion week. Since fashion week is going on right now, an editorial aimed at those bloggers comparing their iPhones and our WPs would be relevant). I hope the readers agree and you guys implement this in the bear future! (I am replying to your comment because nice profile pic sir, I wish clippy came back in some form in windows phone).
  • Mark IS a professional photographer...
  • Lumia 1520 hands down
  • If my 1520 took pictures like a Holga I still wouldn't buy an iPhone.
  • How about against The 1020?
  • They're not really comparable. The iphone 6 plus and L1520 are both phablets
  • What the hell is a phablet? Its a PHONE! Stop making up silly words
  • Phablet is the official device category and every one should be familiar with this word nowadays...
  • I am partial to BAP. Big Ass Phone
  • I like big phones and I cannot lie
    You other brothers can't deny
  • Passing phone calls is the last thing people do with a phablet. Deal with it.
  • They would use the 5mp picture from the 1020 and ignore the 37mp shot in the comparison. Smh
  • *38MP
  • OK, then compare the 1020 against the iPhone 6.  And let's look at these photos in full detail, like 5MP vs 41MP (0r 21MP).  Not 5 vs 5.
  • Exactly. Hey we're comparing cameras, right?
  • yah to whoever complaining about the pixel of cam. it is not our fault if your iphone got 5mp only. and besides the picture taken aren't zoomed. if its zoomed iphone pic will look like an abstract
  • Based on this the L1020 would demolish the iPhone 6+, except in terms of the time to first photo
  • What do you mean by "except...time to first photo"? I have a Lumia 1020 and the shot-to-shot time is also awful. It's 3-4 seconds from shot to shot (and it takes a while to focus). I've seen iPhones take pictures and they are instant! There shot-to-shot time must be under a second.
  • I will trade speed for that kind of quality though. You can use apps such as blink for speed with the non zoomable 5mp. I would prefer faster, obviously, but my pics are outstanding.
  • I like the 1520's.
  • They're not so different, it's just the phone you prefer, but nobody should buy a phone based on camera alone.
  • If someone thinks the camera is the most important aspect, why shouldn't they buy a phone based on the camera?
  • +1030
  • If someone thinks the camera to be the most-important thing, why not buy a camera?
  • Because who wants to carry a camera AND a phone? I bought my Lumia simply for the camera. Otherwise I'd probably have a Droid or iPhone, and especially since I'm missing out on apps by having a Windows phone.
  • Good idea Keith. Are you also carrying around a calculator, an iPod, a flashlight, maps, GPS, a timer, a watch, a compass etc etc etc....? No, i didn't think so, because your smartphone already have all those things built-in.
  • Because you can buy the iPhone 6 on any carrier.
  • +1520
  • Ehm my 1020 says otherwise chump
  • +1020
  • Here here!!The 1020 doesnt get enough love.... Personally, I'm basking in the glory of my 1020 pics  
  • I just recently bought an 808 based on the camera alone.
  • +909
  • For my last two phone purchases, that was the biggest single factor in my choices (920, then 930).
  • My 1020 says say cheese!
  • At least for me, beside calling and texting, the function I use the most is photo shooting, with a bit web-browsing. Not really a game-boy la.
  • Camera is very important but in order to realize this you first need one phone with a very good camera and then you will never go back to a phone with a regular camera like most smartphone, even the expensive one like S5 or iPhone 6
  • They both look great by the 1520 wins by a hair.
  • If you look at the full resolution photos it's not even close
  • Honestly they look about the same to me, and I'm rocking a 1020. Does the 1520 take the pics as quickly as the 6+ ?
  • I compared my 1520 to my sons new iPhone 6+ and the iPhone camera was a little faster at opening from the lock screen and taking pictures.
  • yeah but lumia camera app is more powerful.  You can change default camera to WP camera and it'll boot up a lot faster, but with less features.  You also have the advantage of a dedicated button, your son does not.
  • marvelous. please do a screen comparison. Would love to see how 1520's mind blowing LCD holds up against iPhone 6plus.
  • Don't go to displaymate then, just ranked the ip6 as "best performing" screen. For some reason, they never did one on the 1520. Maybe because ots the only screen on the market to have extra hardware for its screen, its Apical Display?
  • DisplayMate (the guys who use intrumentation to give quantitative evaluations of displys) call the iPhone 6 the best LCD display they've ever seen.
  • Both are comparably-sized, 1080p, IPS LCD displays. I have a hard time believing that there would be a significant difference in the displays, except what would be caused by software calibration/settings.
  • There can be a huge difference between lcd panels, even if both are ips, unlike amoleds which are always poor quality
  • Lumia 1520 still the king when it comes to details. However, I could see the appeal of quicker shots with the Iphone and the HDR as of right now we don't have that yet. (Yes, I know its coming soon, but as of right now it's a missing feature in terms of the buyer.)
  • The camera on the iPhone is the only good thing about the phone, to me. BUT then again, it's also one of the few things that AREN'T Apple's. The iPhone uses Sony camera lenses and tech, hence the high quality of the photos. They then do a great job with the software to go with it, though. Still, nothing beats NOKIA camera tech (and I write "Nokia tech" because that's to whom the technology belongs. Microsoft has no credit whatsoever in this area and we're still to see a real Microsoft Camera implemented on a Microsoft-developed Microsoft Lumia)
  • Not entirely, Apple designed the image processor that's used by the camera - by pretty much all accounts it's an excellent bit of silicon.
  • Hence why I said they did a good job on the software. But they could have the same software, if they had went with inferior camera hardware, that wouldn't have helped them.
  • I bet the Nokia camera tech is also not theirs. They use Zeis lenses and I bet the imaging sensor is made by someone else as well.
  • Nop. Apart from the lenses, everything else is Nokia's.
  • Nokia actually design and have the lenses made and get zeiss to certify them.
  • 1520 video captures blow iphone away!
  • 1520 has the benefit of the 4 dolby microphones.  With the 930/icon it has the very best audio capture quality on a phone.
  • Interesting comparison.  I like the iPhone photos better 4 to 3.
  • 1520 wins for me by comfortable margin, but credit to Apple for rinsing out not bad photos out of an 8MP camera and charging people such hefty prices still. Does wonders for their bottom line.
  • The clear advantage you see are in the low light conditions. L1520 for the win. iPhone does hold on its own.
  • Hmm.... It's tough, but I'm going to have to give it to the Lumia. Then again, I'm biased in that I think that detail and low-light brightness are better things to have. Still, both are pretty amazing. The only thing that I wish that Microsoft did to the camera was allow more than 30fps when capturing video, although 4K is still very useful in taking shots from a video.
  • Don't forget how many seconds it takes the Lumia to load up the camera app. Just saying...
  • 3 secs not that bad. I'd sacrifice speed for our power.
  • What if you try to take a picture of a rabbit cleaning its ears? It is so cute. I want speed at the moment because they don't take long to clean themselves.
  • WTF?
  • For now... With denim and Lumia camera it will be the fastest by good margin :D
    But currently, yes...
  • Mine doesn't take 3secs. Which update r u on?
  • My 1020 is awfully long to load up the camera, to shoot and then to process
  • Nokia Camera is the culprit. Try using built-in Microsoft Camera for quick 5MP shots and 'Camera 1020' app from the store for quick hi-res shots.
  • SHould do a blind test.  Post two pictures of each and dont let people know which is from iphone/1520.  Put up a poll and announce which was voted best picture a few days later.  Takes away the bias.  Whether better picture or not, the iPhone has the advantage of being able to take a sequence of pictures relatively quickly without using an app.  Just taking picture after picture is a big convieence when it comes to casual photo taking.  WP cameras are just too slow in between shots. 
  • Well, the Microsoft Camera app is very fast in capturing 5MP shots on my Lumia 1020... The same goes for the third-party 'Camera 1020' app with its high-res photos and speed comparable to Microsoft Camera. (Too bad it can't be set as the default app launched from the camera key) The only culprit is the Nokia Camera app.
  • Well they take only 8mp and 5mp shots so it's not a big deal. Any camera would be fast in those contitions. Also Ms's next firmware will improve drastically the camera speed especialy for the S800 Lumias. 
  • How old is the Lumia 1520?
    And still better Camera than the latest iPhone...
  • 1520 = Icon/930 same
  • the L1520 is much better than the i6 plus in the low light.
  • 1) It looks like there is more noise in the iPhone 6 photos. 2) I would like to see the same comparison, using the full resolution photos from the 1520. The fact that you can capture RAW images on the high end Lumia will automatically give WP the advantage, I believe.
  • While the first few images show how both cameras provide good photos, the last two images definitely show the 1520 at it's strength. They're noticably nicer to me. Thanks for the comparison. Perhaps some video comparison next? :)
  • Exactly. The 1520 and 6+ daylight capabilities are, besides the weak contrast on the iPhone pics, on par. But in lowlight the 1520 clearly wins.
  • 1520 is better
  • Also, would love to see you do this type of testing utlizing an Xrite Color Passport for color verification. WE don't know how well either camera matched the true color without a standard.
  • Color looks consistently better on the L1520, and the dark shots have less noise too. I though the iPhone was a little sharper on some of the daylight stuff in the distance though. Overall, the 1520 is better.
  • 1520 has the upper hand. But iphone did ok.
  • https://www.flickr.com/groups/lumia1520 Enough said.
  • woah thank you so mich for this. Beautiful pictures.
  • Why were no picture examples using the zoom?
  • Would like to see the test again after denim...
  • L1520 still better than these iPhones 1 up to 6+ n the future ones coz stil got long way to go as far as detail n pixels are concerned
  • I love this article but the cynical part of me can't help but think, "Why isn't this on iMore?" I would just like to see more cross polination so that people can get a better impression of Windows Phone and the benefits of these handsets in general. 
  • Probably because most iphone users suffer from a confirmation bias and anything not called iphone is crap :P.
    Joking aside would say there are two reasons:
    a) Imore are going to release a full featured review with comparisons
    b) There are some windows phone users that may be considering the iphone 6 plus and want to know how it compares to the 1520. Edit: How on earth did I put d instead of b?? Lol!
  • "d)  There are some windows phone users that may be considering the iphone 6 plus and want to know how it compares to the 1520" All the more reason to post this article on iMore.  I'm sure there are some Apple iPhone users who may be considering the Lumia 1520 or Icon and this would help them realize that the Windows Phone is just as good, if not better, than the iPhone.
  • True and that is covered under point a :p.
  • Apple pay wpcentral ppl for all this news on this magazine? Max
  • If you look at the picture of the dog the iPhone is more clear. Nokia photos seem soft to me and not as crisp. I own a 925 and the 1520 seems to be a big upgrade in the camera.
  • You confused the pictures probably bucause in that particular case the 1520 is much better. You can clearly see that the picture taken with the 1520 is brighter, has more detail and less noise by a large margin.   And even the 925 will take better shots in low light than the i6+ especialy if you play a little with the settings.  
  • I think the dog picture is the best demonstration of where the 1520 does better. More color, contrast and detail in the 1520.
  • Holding out for Steve Litchfield's shoot-out between the two...
  • I say the 1520, but the iPhone still does a pretty good job.
  • Mine 1520
  • I want a Lumia 1520 but here in Colombia is ridiculously expensive
  • Hands down there both good shooters, but I prefer the true colours of the 1520. I'm not 1 for the camera adding brighter photos.
  • Was HDR mode used for any of the i6+ images, and if so, which ones? I'm interested in seeing how that works with a non-static scene with moving objects.
  • This is an unbiased quick impression about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Both are very well made and feel great in the hand. They really feel premium and are a joy to use. The cameras on these units are just superb. They take clean, crisp photos with great amounts of detail. I also like the additional options of shooting in slow motion and the autofocus is lightning fast. The cameras alone not enough to make me drop my 1020. But the camera with the options and the huge ecosystem and app development with beautiful music and video store layouts are very tempting. Even for a Lumia owner. I give credit where its due.
  • For me the iPhone wins on the lower light photos. (The 3 last photos).  the other goes for Lumia. iPhone seems to be getting more detail on lower light than Lumia.      
  • I feel the opposite though, I prefer the brighter images and a bit more color saturation :P
  • I do like the color saturation of the Lumia, i own a 1520 and photos are amazing.   But something on those samples (specially that one with the dog sign) are not working when you open the original file and zoom in.   The iPhone got more detail and the light better... i think some of the Lumia photos were not focused properly also, images were not as sharp as i am used to in my 1520.
  • I didn't open the originals unfortunately, only scrolled through the embedded photo player so I couldn't get the fine detail :/ overall in lowlight I think you must be unrealistically still when you take a photo in auto or it will still lack detail, but it compensates a bit with brighter images. I'll check the originals when I get home :)
  • Well you are wrond. Without all the "for me" and "seems" the 1520 definitely takes much better photos in low light. How can the i6 surprise more detail with it's 8mp camera while not beeing able to balance corectly the ligh in bad condition is beyond mee. 
  • When I opened the OneDrive folder, I found that looking at the crease on the side of the cheerios box had much more detail in one picture over the other. Is that the iPhone or the 1520?
  • The iPhone produced the brighter image, hope that helps differentiating
  • No it did not, that was the 1520. In all low light situation 1520's photos were brighter.
  • In low light I completely agree with you, but I'd label the cereal box scene as daylight. As I see it the iPhone one seems a bit brighter and with less contrast, hence my comment
  • Ohhhh snap! I just had to pull my car over to read this! :D
  • If you're looking at a phone, you're not looking at the road :( Please don't use your phone in the car, it is an unnecessary danger, for yourself and others.
  • Imo the 1520 wins hands down. Nothing special about the I6's camera
  • Lumia 1520 wins!
  • IMHO in low light the 1520 mopped the floor with the iPhone even with the advertised OIS. In daylight I'd call it a tie if it weren't for the huge MP difference as photo quality is not that different.. I personally prefer more contrast in auto mode than brighter pictures, but then again I admit I might be a little biased. Loving my 930 camera, don't care about anything else!
  • I'd give an edge to L1520 based on the sample shots. - The dog photo shows better whitebalance for L1520. - Subway shot is much better exposed for L1520. iphone 6's version is clearly overexposed. - Overall you see slightly more details in L1520 photos due to higher sensor resolution.
  • However, the Lumia 1520 takes 3 seconds to take a photo and the iPhone 6 Plus is almost instant.  Thats what I hate about all Windows Phone cameras.  I can never take action shots..and no burst is not adequte or as hi res. 
  • Try Microsoft Camera for quick 5MP photos or 'Camera 1020' app from the store for quick hi-res photos. Nokia Camera is the culprit for being so slow.
  • Waiting for Lumia denim :) although it won't come to every phone..
  • There are ways to take 5mp action shots on the 1520 just like on the i6+. Quality is most often more important when taking still shots.
  • Pictures look great for both devices but Lumia wins once you zoom in on the pics. But I have to say they look equal.
  • The more detail the better. With a lower resolution camera on any phone, you have to position yourself closer to the subject to get the picture you want, resulting in more than one picture being taken or disturbing the subject or not being able to take the picture that you wanted to take due to distance limitations. A perfect example would be the beautiful photo of the the person on a horse that was used during the Apple keynote. That was one photo. What if I wanted a picture of that persons face or a closer shot. I would have had to have taken the photo closer to the subject at that time with the iPhone. Since I wasn't there, I will never be able to see the details of their face, shirt or hat as that picture wasn't captured. If it was taken with the 1520, preferably the 1020 or 808, the user could have have take one photo from the same vantage point and position and used the megapixels to create several photos, closeups and different frames all from the one photo. We all would be able to see the person's face, hat, hair and so forth. Now, that is forever lost unless the original iphone photographer took additional photos closer to the subject. The versatility of more megapixes is undersold by Nokia and continues to be under marketed by Microsoft Mobile. One photo, many possiblities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqY--K2ap8s  
  • Well MS's marketing has never been that great, maybe they should poach some of the marketers from Apple :P
  • The 1520 is f/2.4.
  • Good catch! Thanks. Edited the post.
  • Question is. Hows the shutter speed and time to save and ready for next photo? iPhone has been great in making captures quickly. Unfortunate the Lumia ICON is still slow as hell. :-(
  • Lumia denim should change all that unless Verizon gets the grubby paws on the update and starts messing with it :P
  • Why is it always the iphone vs the 1520? why not the icon/930?
  • This was the iphone 6 plus vs the 1520 :P
  • The Icon/930 camera is the same with the 1520 camera.
  • i would take the lumia camera simply because it is 16:9 and beats everyone else on low light pics, also the higher resolution can come in handy
  • Those pics from the 6+ aren't too bad.  At least it's not a reason to NOT buy one, not that the cameras on iPhones ever were that.   They have been "good enough" for a few generations already, but I've been happy with going past "good enough" to "fantastic" on my 1520.  Still hopelessly in love with my phone, going on a year in.  That's a record for me.  
  • Not bad for the iPhone, but remember the 1520 has been out for a while. Has it been a year already? Who remembers?
  • IMHO 6+ is better by a slight margin. Images are sharper and textures are more respected. Comparing 100% crops is not so fair though, since there is that huge difference in mpixels.
  • So no word about how much faster you have taken the shots on the iPhone without losing anything in quality compared to slow lumia camera.
  • What f is the lenses of both?
  • Yeah, so the brand new iPhone is almost as good as the almost year old Lumia 1520.  Now, the iSheep are stuck in a holding pattern for a year, while the rest of the world gets to move and.  Imagine when the next round of innovation comes to the 1530 or whatever it is called, how much better it will be than the iPhone 6.  Of course you won't hear the normal press talk about that.
  • That innovation will be ignored as gimmicky and unimportant until Apple adopt ("invent") it. I can't wait to see CNET and co. fawn over the iPhone 7's innovative wireless charging in a couple of years' time.
  • Given most of the tech press is US based and Apple has a strong hold on the US I would say things won't change until Apple becomes irrelevant. That will never happen so yeah, the good fight against the hordes of sheep will never end :P lol.
  • Something not mentioned is the quickness between the two. iPhones historically take really good photos and open the camera app quickly (ready to snap).
  • That is irrelavent well soon to be irrelavent after Lumia Denim :).
  • Nokia L1520.3 FTW!!!
  • My Lumia 920 keeps closing the app when I try to view the photos.
  • Because I live in a foggy climate I have low light conditions on most days so my obvious choice would be the camera that shines in those conditions - the Lumia 1520 - of course.
  • Motorola razr(theflip phone)ftw
  • The nokia Lumia 1520 have an lens with apperture of fstop of 2.4 and the Iphone  6 is an f 1.8  apperture lens while the f stop be  more shorter   the faster and better low light capabilities , both phones have   fast lenses (that is lenses with low appertures) which  have better performances  in low light and sport  photography  where the speed is what matters, in the rest is just  the  software and imaging algorythm, in my opinion the Nokia is best because have  Carl Zeiss lenses versus the Iphone with an lens which is not  an prestigious manufacturer one and just  they do the work by software , the vivid  colors of the iphone 6  is by the same   excess of light  but can be just an problem when mix a  scene with mixed  lights  strong and  softer ones   where the lens with 1.8 apperture can get dazzled and ruining the image, and   also the lenses of 1.8 -1.9 f stop are used for  portrai