Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 6 Plus size comparison

If you haven't heard by now, the iPhone 6 Plus came out today along with the iPhone 6. Windows Phone fans are probably wondering how Apple's new phablet compares with Nokia's own phablet, the Lumia 1520. We'll have an overall comparison ready for next week, but first let's compare their size.

We've placed both the Lumia 1520 and the iPhone 6 in front of our cameras. Make sure to watch our video.

The Lumia 1520 measures 6.41 x 3.36 x 0.34 inches (162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm). The iPhone 6 Plus measures 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.28 inches (158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm).

The height and thickness of the two devices feel and look the same. It's the width of the devices that you can certainly feel the difference. The iPhone 6 Plus feels narrower and overall easier to hold in the hands. Keep in mind, however, that the Lumia 1520 has a larger display with 6 inches compared to the iPhone 6 Plus' 5.5 inches.

While the iPhone 6 Plus feels better to hold than the Lumia 1520, the placement of the power button is a lot more practical with the Lumia 1520. The power button is not easy to reach with one hand on the iPhone 6 Plus. It's placed very high on the right side of the phone. The power button on the Lumia 1520 is placed closer to the middle, making it easier to reach one-handedly.

Speaking of one-hand functionality, the iPhone 6 Plus features a neat little trick that pulls everything on the screen downwards when the home button is tapped twice (not clicked). It surprisingly works well and we think other phablets should borrow this feature from Apple.

Another thing worth mentioning is the different materials used on the Lumia 1520 compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. It's plastic versus metal. There are other resources who can better explain this scientifically, but the metallic iPhone 6 Plus feels colder in the hand compared to the plastic Lumia 1520.

What are your thoughts on phones getting bigger? Are you a phablet fan? Is the iPhone 6 Plus tempting you away from the Lumia 1520? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I think having a plastic back gives you more grip compared to metal back like iphone 6+
  • Yeah. I'm in worth the L1520 ask the way.
  • Still doesn't make sense the second time.
  • LMAO
  • Eh. The plastic on the back of Lumias has no grip at all its slick as hell. And I have to say, one thing I HATE about Lumias is the sharp corners. Annoying as hell. I think the iPhone shape is much better than my 1520 or the other sharp cornered Nokia phones. I wish they'd go away from this design
  • I kinda agree and disagree with you daveGx i do think the rounded corners on the iphone ar more practical and when the lumia falls seems the only visible damage is on the corners. But as far as grip goes ive never had a problem with my lumias being slick but ive lost my grip on a few iphones which usually ends in shatered screens, dunno bout the 6 i haven't got my hands on one just yet, but my big mits dont have a prob with the 1520
  • My only gripe with the iPhone 6 Plus from my hands on time with it this morning was how slick it is. Still surprised Apple went as big as they did, but I am sort of glad since it is nearly as big as the 1520.
  • My Lumia 525 is very prone to drops because of the glossy plastic back
  • Buy a cover of 520. They are interchangeable.
  • Thanks
  • So basically, you want the 1520 to look like the iPhones & galaxies...the square design is a huge factor in my decision to purchase the 1520...otherwise, its just the same as everything else....different strokes, i guess
  • I wonder if the sharp corners is deliberate. More plastic to absorb the nasty falls. I've dropped mine a few times and sure it is visible but impact is absorbed at the tips. It would be interesting to know if it was purely an aesthetic design decision or also functional. Given the size of my 1520 the corners are the least of my concern. Soon the corners will be round enough haha.
  • Lumia 1320 wins this shape argument.
  • Agree. The 1320's shape is really nice.
  • If you buy the tacky white ones its slippery, get the classy black its nice and grippy :)
  • yep, you're right. My white 920 feels like soap in hands. But it's so beautiful.
  • Indeed, I think the 920 is a very beatiful design. The only things I'd change in the 920 if I can have my perfect phone (a real succesor to the 920, not that 930 failed attempt), is improved battery life, improved camera (to at least equal that of 1520/930/Icon), or at the very least improved flash, keep current screen size but reduce bezel size, make it at least as thin and not more heavy than the 830 (so it is more confortable to carry in pants and suit pockets) and finally a 930/1520 processor, if anything just to support "hey cortana".  [rant] I'm actually dissapointed Apple caved for a bigger phone for their flagship offering (not the plus). Like it or not, Apple sets standards, whether they are the first to introduce the feature or not (apple pay really???). Not everyone wants to have a big phone in thier pockets. I have become adjusted to bigger screens going from 3.5" to 4" (Sammy Focus) to my current 4.5" 920. I don't want to be pushed to have a bigger phone so I can have a flagship features!!!!  [/rant] Given the current state of WP phones, my 920 will stay probaby stay with me for a 3rd year, until a true successor shows up.
  • I have a 920 too, I'm curious what you mean about the 930 being a failed attempt? Do you just mean the availability? Because I think it looks like a great phone and a worthy successor (although no glance is a huge bummer). I'd love to get a 930 but apparently since I'm in North America it's instant shaft
  • I meant 930/Icon. I think the 930 is not available here due to the Icon exclusivity with Verizon. I said failed attempt, in my opnion, becuase it is much bigger than the L920 (so that size gets abandoned for flagship phones), not much lighter than the L920 and heavier than the L830 (heavier than all its competitors for that matter) and it doesn't have glance. Loss of glance is a big deal to me. At the very least, I was expecting L830 specs but with L930 processor and L925 form factor.
  • Not all Lumias have sharp corners. I have a 620, and all the corners and edges are rounded. Compared to an iPhone 4S (I haven't held newer ones), the 620 feels much nicer in the hand. Also, I have the matt white cover and a friend of mine has the glossy green cover for the Lumia 620 and They feel different to hold. The glossy one gets slipperier when handled with sweaty hands.
  • My 930 has lightly rounded corners which is hold friendly. As for being slippy, it has great grip, more so than metal or glass.
  • Thumbs up. Ditto for my 620
  • The sharp corners go well with the square tiles. If you ask me MS should think about an alternative design-wise. Even if you are in love with the square tiles, still after years you may want to try some new design, people like to change things. That is why people buy new stuff even if the old one is still functioning. Being stuck forever with the same design is not an advantage of WP, to the contrary.
  • Have you ever heard of the lumia 820 which came out in 2012 with rounded edges? Don't think so.
  • 820 is not the only one with round edges. That's not the point. The point was the square corners go better with square tiles. Regardless of pointy or round edges, MS should think about an alternative design. The OS has matured nicely and it would be a pity if it was dismissed just on the basis of limited customization compared to Android. I'm using both on daily basis so these are not some fantasies.
  • Your observation about sharp corners is not that right... try Lumia 1320 if you don't like sharp edges!
  • i have a white 1520 and the black is slick. it's very easy to drop. i doubt brushed Al is grippier, but the combo of material and size makes the 1520 very droppable. that's why i have a tether for it.
  • I disagree completely. My black 1520 is easy to grip, I have been using it for 6 or 7 months and have never dropped it.
  • I think it's hard to argue that the red 1520 is the slickest of them all.  
  • I've come to expect the quality reviews that Dan Rubino does. This review was terrible. I now fully appreciate the work of Dan on camera.
  • "We'll have an overall comparison ready for next week, but first let's compare their size." I guess you missed that part of the article, it's not a review.
  • Oh, but it was. It was a review of its size which we all know is bigger than the 6+. Oh and that one is "basically plastic" and one is metal.
  • Wait for the review, what's up with you dude!
  •  I don't think there is anything wrong with him, the size comparison is alfeady biased in my opinion, saying it is big as if he is comparing couple of 5.5" phones. He said is comparing size for now but says by the the back of lumia 1520 is platic and already asking if folks are considering swithing their lumia phablet for iphone phablet, what a loack of croc. When Daniel compares phone wheather you agree with him or not,you will see a high level of objectivity and when part of that objectivity is based on his personal experience that might not be general experience he would make sure you know, he is not afraid to call any wp shortcomings versus other platforms with well based reason not a start off bias as this one.
  • +1
  • Take it as a teaser to the actual review. 
  • So the point is this article is that metal feels colder than plastic? Wow.. Congrats to captain obvious..
  • Obviously, the purpose of this article was to just mention the iPhone to get some clicks while the real review is still being worked on.
  • Its funny because the iPhone 6 plus. Basically requires you to have a case. Which makes it thicker than the Lumia 1520 which doesn't require a case.
  • If the made a WP version of the iPhone I would be all over it
  • Microsoft will need to grow strong before Apple see that as an option. With OSX they allowed dual boot to Windows because they needed to. In the mobile world there's talk of Windows running Android apps, so we need the step up in the app market. We're working on it
  • Is the "rumor" of Windows running Android apps the "Something big is coming to Windows Phone" piece that WPCentral ran months ago from the two guys talking on a podcast?
  • No I think that was referring to the Nokia MacLaren, which was canceled before announcement
  • You think. The problem is we don't what we were actually waiting for in the first place and the fact that he said"we can do that" gave me the impression it wasn't related to hardware or a phone. They might as well spill the beans
  • That would change everything. Why would Google allow this though? What advantage would it then have?
  • Google have no say in the matter. Google do not own Android, they just so happen to use the OS to host their services. Don't forget that Nokia/Microsoft have their own Android phones already which are loaded with MS services rather than Google services.
  • "Google do not own Android". Excuse me? They absolutely do. They have made the basic OS, Open Source, as in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). That does not come with the the Play Store, which supports the majority of in demand apps, or Google Now, or Maps, etc. You get your Android Apps for AOSP from other stores like the Nokia Store (for Nokia X) or Yandex in Russia. Those stores are missing critical apps. The Nokia store for the X is missing Office for Android and the XBox Music app for example. To have complete access to the Google Play store library from within a WP, MS would have to comply with Google requirements. I doubt such requirements are even written down at this point. There isn't at this point a device that is not running Android, that has met all Googles requirements to access Google services. It would be an entirely new sort of agreement.
  • Since many big names pay money to MS for using Android I would say they (MS) have a heavy word when it comes to what and how they want to play with Google services. And Google would actually be happy to let MS use their services and appstore on WP. I don't think MS would want though, it would undermine their Bing/Cortana effort.
  • It's a technicallity, but they don't pay money for using Android, they pay for using patents that Android uses. Your belief that Google wants to play on MS is unfounded, If that were the case, there would be Google apps on WP, like Play Music, Google Maps, Hangouts, GMail, YouTube. Don't see those, do you (from Google).  Google has systematically stymied support for their services on WP, and in the Win 8 store as well. The Play Store is not supported on MS/Nokia Android devices, By mutual decision, I'm sure. Their lack of support is beyond just 'market share' business decisions. It's petty.
  • Me too.
  • Sometimes I think there should really be a line drawn. Talks of important Microsoft services on other platforms, Android apps on Windows phones, sticking Windows phone on phones already made for other platforms. It sounds more like half of a platform to me, or a dependent platform.
  • Not necessarily. It might mean just versatility and choice. Also, someone's services are their market, the more platforms play them, the bigger their market. That is why MS is keen on releasing thier Office on MacOS and iOS for example. The same goes for Google maps.
  • That's what I've been saying:)
  • This just makes me want MS to release a 1520 upgrade variant on VZ. As for Apple, it's about time.
  • Yes! Long over due. But seeing as Apple have done it, many people who were turned away by the screen size may go to Apple for this. GOOD NEWS FOR WINDOWS with the app collection at the moment, being late isn't game over by any stretch of the imagination. If our app selection builds and becomes a non-issue it'll never be too late, as long as it's building while waiting.
  • And receiving regular updates
  • Waiting for all the "that's what she said" jokes.
  • That's what she said.....
    *flies away*
  • Lol
  • Both too big for me. I currently have a 1020 but thinking on getting an icon (or wait for 1030 perhaps)
  • Mainly 'cause Sam's waiting for it... That's what she said. ;)
  • At least apple doesn't go with the stupid sharp corners. I'm a L1520 owner by the way
  • Sharp corners work well for me when typing in landscape. They're also necessary to hold on the Qi plate.
  • Without the sharp corners you'd be dropping it much more often (in case you already do).
  • Same here. I don't know how people live with phones this big.
  • I'm always reminded of how people used to walk up and down the street with boom boxes on their shoulders.
  • @willied.
    Up until last year I would have agreed with you until I bought my daughter a 1320. I love the screen size on that and plan on getting a Phablet of my own when the time comes for an upgrade.
  • Easily and happily. I would not trade my 1520 for any phone, and I have small hands.
  • No way! Got to stay loyal to the team! Lumia all the way!!!!!!!!! Who's with me!?!?!?!?!
  • For people who aren't loyal, this is a good alternative. For me... my Lumia 1520 ROCKS and I'm all for staying with Windows. That said, if the Windows ship sinks, this is a good lifeboat.
  • Agree!
  • Interesting. I'm a WP guy with a 1020 as my daily driver, and a 1520 as a secondary device. I also have a MotoX. Wife is an iPhoner, iPhone 5, but got her 6 yesterday. She also has a Note 3. So we have a bit of experience in all three platforms. I have of course thought about which way to go if MS gets tired of this particular hobby (I had Plays for Sure devices, Zune, Portable Media Center devices, SPOT watch, so I've been through it). I'd lean toward Android. My MotoX has some neat features, always on listening (for a trigger phrase), smart unlock when in proximity of my Wear watch, and Android is so flexible (though a bit more vulnerable because of it). It actually reminds me a lot of Windows Mobile, which was open enough to allow lots of customization and capability extension, by third party apps. iOS would not be my fallback.
  • +1520
  • Lumia power! I'm a loyal fan.
  • Loyal? Loyal to a company that only sees you as a dollar sign? L.M.A.O.
  • At least the company releases decent pieces of technology,unlike those with cheap,crappy hardware and malware infested OS
  • Judging by the butthurt in your comment, I'm going to assume that you're referring to Android. Android actually has some great hardware, and the software has come a long way. You'd know that, if you actually took the time to see what the competition is doing, rather than resort to the typical idiot fanboy nonsense.
  • Well I'm butthurt,and now YOU need to pull it out
    Admit it,only a small fraction of android devices have acceptable hardware,the htc m8 for example.Lumia series still surpass 'em all
  • Motorola actually releases great hardware; Sony does, as well. Having used a Note 3, I can say that the build quality wasn't as good as my 1520, but it's still good, nonetheless. As for software, if you haven't used Android lately, I honestly don't think you're qualified to judge it. It's ok to like Lumias and WP, but you don't have to blindly hate everything else to do that. I mean, c'mon, these are only phones, after all.
  • Oh really?! Why doesn't android have the option to move apps to sd card? Why cant you search for apps in the application menu instead of swiping through the grids to open an app? And you have to click an extra menu in the notification centre now to access quick toggles. Irritating!. Also why no official file manager(nexus?) you can't book train tickets in India using android, no IRCTC app. No disqus app? Also the note 3 lags so much than the 1520. I don't see how it's better.
  • Ok, just because those are issues to you, doesn't mean that they are issues to everyone. 1) Android does have the option to move apps to SD cars. However, it has to be included by the ROM (TouchWiz, Sense) and the app has to support that feature. 2) You can actually search the phone for the app (via Google Now or similar service) and it will not only display said app, but the right voice command will open it automatically. 3) As for file managers, this is negligible, as you can easily download one of several from the Play Store. And, let's not be hypocrites, now. Windows Phone didn't always have a File Manager. And, surprisingly, even after the update to 8.1, I had to venture into the WP Store to download the Files app. 4) The lack of that app isn't the fault of Android. 5) same as 4. 6) The Note 3 I had experienced similar amounts of lag as my 1520. And, I don't want to hear that BS about WP not lagging. It can and it does. 7) Better is subjective.
  • Do your homework before start judging. Android does have the option to move apps to SD cards. And there is an inbuilt search button in the app drawer. You don't always have to open 'an extra menu' to access quick toggles, you can swipe through two fingers gesture to directly land on that. Atleast they bothered to put data connection toggle in quick access. And comes with an inbuilt file manager and has certainly more features than this 'files' app. And if you are not happy with the inbuilt one, you have plenty options to download from google play. And some actually have some great features where Windows Phone's file manager does not stand even close to it. You talking about IRCTC and NTES app? What would you say about app quality and support for WP? Just don't be a blind fan. It's ok you like Windows Phone over Android, but you just can't swear others where they take a lead. Afterall they are just phones.
  • Sigh.... Another blind android fan. I repeat, android does NOT have the option to move apps to sd card. Devices tested-
    Galaxy s duos
    Galaxy s duos 2
    Galaxy fame
    Galaxy core
    Galaxy grand, grand 2
    Micromax Canvas HD, canvas 2,4,knight.
    And the list goes on. Neither do these devices have a search for apps function like WP. In WP, just tap the search icon in the app list. In Android, you have to memorize the location of each app on the grid.
    In the end, there is an extra notion required for quick toggles, whatever finger combination you use on Android. Also, you don't have a music player shortcut on Android. While playing music, I double tap my 620, and a mini music toggle is displayed. As for mobile data toggle, that is to be added in gdr2.
    I repeat, there is no official file manager by Google Inc. Try a nexus 5 and any other stock android device and you will see what I'm talking about. 3rd party file manager? When WP had no official instagram app, we had 6tag, but you android guys bashed it saying"but its not official!" WP has plenty of good 3rd party file managers too.... Do some research. Look at pocket file manager, aerize explorer,etc. And the app argument is kinda moot. I can list thousands of unique apps on the WP store that are not on Android. To list a few-
    Official file manager
    NOKIA CAMERA (manual focus)
    Photo beamer
    Project my screen
    Microsoft Office remote
    Song arc
    Office lens(scanned image to PDF, word,ppt)
    Lexis audio editor
    Tag editor
    Transfer my data
    Lumia auto selfie
    Lumia refocus
    Nokia Car app
    OneDrive integration
    Integrated Skype video call
    Xbox live
    Xbox smart glass
    Nokia Mix radio
    Here maps with offline navigation
    Here drive+
    Here transit
    All Xbox live games!
    Sparrow Reader
    Data sense
    Xbox music
    Xbox video
    Xbox extras
    Age of Empires: Castle
    Besides there is zero app gap in India
  • How am I a blind Android fan, if I'm using a Lumia 1520? Sorry, the fanboy card doesn't work on me. Each OS has its limitations. Period. There are things that Android can do that WP can't, and vice-versa. There are apps that Android has that WP doesn't have, and, again, vice-versa. All of the things that you're saying Android is incapable of are false. The various music players on Android have lock-screen widgets; Google doesn't need an official file manager app, as there are hundreds of file manager apps on the Play Store. As for Instagram, why care what someone else is thinking?
  • Please explain why $500+ android devices like note 3,4 s4,s5 nexus 4,5 , galaxy nexus etc don't have fm radio? Even my $20 Nokia dumb phone has it. Google/Samsung can't put that in a 500$ phone?! Fail.
  • In the US, this is a moot point. The carriers dictate which devices have that functionality. You don't live in the US, so the discussion about FM radios ends there.
  • The US is not the while world, you know. Besides, the Lumia 1520 in the US has fm radio. The iPhone and many of the Android devices don't. So, according to you, the carriers allowed fm on the 1520, but not on note 3,4 nexus5 etc? An fm chip costs like,$1? Samsung can't put it in a 500$ phone? Amazing. Just amazing.
  • I know the US is not the whole world; I never said or implied that it was. Putting that in your reply is utterly pointless. Yes, that's right: The carriers are have the authority to take features out of phones, just like how AT&T ripped out wireless charging in its version of the 1520. Besides, with all of the streaming music players available now in the US, it's kind of a moot point. Hell, for all we know, the feature could have been taken out because of the lack of use of it.
  • I think the point he was trying to make, albeit stupidly, was that your replies are unhelpfully US-centric. Fair play, in the US, the inclusion of FM radio might be rendered moot by carrier actions. Why should that have any bearing in the wider world? It shouldn't. I *think* you concede that when declaring "discussion ends there" because he doesn't live in the US, although it sorta reads more like 'I dont want to talk about this because its not US related' than 'My ramblings about the state of affairs in the US are actually irrelevant to the point at hand'. And then in the next post you bring in another specific assertion about how in the US it's a moot again again due to streaming. Which I had to chuckle at because again, its not relevant in the wider world, and moreover he's basically saying 'dude, consider the rest of the world' to which you're reply is "In the US...".  Sorry, I know i'm being a pedant but a lot of Americans do struggle to grasp the wider world (or at least inadvertently come off sounding like it) and speaking as a citizen of the wider world, it's annoying. It's a gripe of mine and I had to pick up on it because I'm procrastinating. In fairness you win the rest of the arguement hands down. I'll stop procrastinating now, get back to writing, and stop being annoying.  PS: What's with AT&T gutting peoples phones because of some daft alliance with another wireless charging standard? They sound like utter turnips. 
  • The Files app doesnt even come close to a file manager. It only sees the SD card. Well, guess what? There are many, many files that are not on SD card and that you would want to manage as well. The absence of a functional File Manager is one of the big hurdles for people thinking about switching platforms. This should be in the top list of priorities for MS right now.
  • Used Android on the Sony Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, improvements but still an over rated, over complicated OS. Still lots of impractical gimmicks, especially from Samsung.
  • So...droids or iPhones are free...i don't think so....
  • All publicly-traded companies see you only as a dollar sign. It is their fiduciary duty. That's not to say no companies provide service, but they do so only if it helps them financial in the end.
  • I'll stick with my 1520 and Windows because I love this phone and platform. That being said, if I ever did need to move away (ship sinking, etc...), at least now Apple has a viable alternative. I had a Note 3 and I f&#%ing hated it. I hope MS releases something worth upgrading to from the 1520 though. I hate to think that this great phone will go without a successor.
  • If I were to switch away from Windows Phone, say after 3 years the apps still aren't catching up or whatever... this would be the phone to switch to. Android... well... quality build is important to Windows Phone users, many of us don't like the 3.8" screen - this big size is very acceptable. That said... LOVING MY LUMIA 1520.
  • Those iPhones look positively boring next to the sexy 1520!
  • Agreed, boring yes. But is a quality build. Beats Samsung.
  • But does it breast the quality build of Nokia
  • I'm sensing sexual tention in the comments section lol.
  • Anything beats Samsung, really.
  • Millions of people would like to disagree with you.
  • I don't think he meant is sales numbers, he meant in build quality and originality. Samsung's been blasted by Sony for copying their TVs and VAIO and Apple for copying phone design and android app icons.
  • Still, "Anything beats Samsung, really" is a blanket statement. If we're talking about build quality, it's all down to preference. And, again, millions of people will gladly disagree with him. Hell, does build quality really matter, when your average person puts a case on their phone? It's a tired argument used by people to blindly bash a company, lol.
  • Are you trying to justify Samsung's poor build quality?
  • Are you trying to justify your poorly-formed opinion? I've actually used plenty of Samsung's products, and there is nothing wrong with their build quality.
  • Troll alert
  • Who are you referring to?
  • It's nothing on the iPhone or Nokia devices though. That said ... with cheap Windows Phones coming out we'll soon have cheap Android quality build phones flooding our marketplace. At least Windows Phone controls hardware a bit, don't want Android / "Windows Mobile" fragmentation issues.
  • The awesome build quality of my 1520 is negligible. Why? Because it's in an Otterbox-style case. Same for many of my friends' phones: they all put their phones in cases. So, in those cases, build quality is negligible. As for WP and fragmentation, if Microsoft continues to release so many variants to its lineup, and those variants don't receive updates for a good amount of time, then fragmentation will inevitably make its way into the WP platform.
  • Not negligible, I have my Nokia Lumia 920 in a case and I still managed to damage it by dropping it while in a case (my side buttons became stupidly resistive and difficult to press, I basically had to crush my phone with my grip to push those side buttons). So yea, build quality matters even when in a case, but it does become less important (as the case will absorb some or possibly all of the impact)
  • Some cases are super sturdy though. A friend of mine had the Galaxy S5 with a badly cracked screen. When he went to Samsung there was LINE of people all with the S5 and a badly cracked screen. With Nokia, worst I see as a repeated problem is the temperature the 920 / 930 run at..... that said my 920 while it was almost always warm and sometimes hot never seemed effected by the heat. My 1520 runs cool and fast.
  • The problem with Samsung products is not build quality, it's materials quality. They always go for the cheapest plastic it seems. Being so criticized they finally released that Alpha model which should be of good quality touch/feel-wise. But there's another problem with them, even bigger - their software. That TouchWiz together with SamsungApps, Samsung services/Google services etc are enough to cripple any phone.
  • The iPhone have a awkward camera placement :-o
  • Where is the camera comparison ..?
  • Phone just came out today, lol, give us some time man!
  • LOL
  • So, obviously the guys in iMore got the priority to play with it, or they're done and now the other editorials are lining up to borrow it for their own comparison article :D
  • Apple fans will be very relieved. The iPad mini just doesn't make a good phone, LOL
  • No, Mark actually stood in line for one. Hmm... Standing in line for the iPhone, owns a Mac. I SMELL APPLE FANBOY, MARK!! /s
  • Enough time do right meow!
  • Daniel, I hope when WP does the camera face-off it could do a poor/low light comparisons. ... do the full monty, not just the usual auto this and auto that .... Pitch the 1520 manual modes against whatever the functions iP6+ has to offer.
  • I do NOT want to see Daniel's full monty. Not even for a camera comparison.
  • Lmao
  • Daniel, please, make a speed comparison. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I'm thinking weather you stayed in line to get the iphone or they just sent it to you guys?? :D
  • I have both to play with and I gotta say I love the build and materials of the iPhone 6
  • That's what I like about it.
  • That's not a surprise is it, all Apple products have a quality build. I just detest the UI.
  • IPhone looks awful cuz 1520 is just so awesome
  • +1520... I have the black one and want the green badly.. Been looking for replacement back side that's green so I can change color without repurchasing the entire handset
  • I have the yellow one!!! and sometimes when Im a bit fed up, I slap my yellow case on it!
  • Lol
  • At least we are back with Lumia newa
  • Personally, I like the rectangular edges and overall look of the 1520 more than the iPhone 6+. But they're both too big for me; the 920 is the perfect size for one-hand use for my (small) hands.
  • There is no comparing in my world. Lumia or nothing.
  • +820. I plan to get an Icon soon.
  •  Totally agree. I just find it funny that people stand in line to buy the same thing they purchased 2 years ago . . . only larger. Hmm. Sound like sheep to me. Good things us WP homies think for ourselves. Maybe we can lead them away from conformity.
  • Amazingly, they think its cool to sit outside a shop for days just to buy a phone. #GetALife
  • Oh at least they have a new phone option to buy. Where is the nice new Lumia everyone wants? Nowhere. What's sad about this article is that it compares a shiny new Apple device with a pretty old Lumia.
  • What's fun though is that the pretty old Lumia still trumps the shiny new Apple device!
  • I wish there was a 1030 and 1530 to compare the iPhones to!
  • Too sad there's nothing on Lumia roadmap until spring 2015.
  • Where did you get that information from?
  • agreed
  • And 935
  • I Stay with my sexy white 1520. The best phone ever.
  • +1520
  • The plastic grid lines on the iPhone make it look cheap. Who's ideas was that and do they still have a job?
  • Gotta get a signal somehow. They really don't want to revisit the whole "Death Grip" thing again. Kind of impressed to see that kind of concession to function, really. I bet it chapped Sir Ive's ass.
  • Bingo. Looked at the back of the HTC M8? Lines. Sometimes you have to make some style conscessions to appease those damned engineers.
  • Agreed. I'm not liking those two lines in it. I think it destroys the aesthetic of the iPhone. That being said, if I had to jump ship on WP, this is where I'd go. I'd never give my support to Google and Android phones are needlessly "complex".
  • OMG!!! I never thought about that..... If WP was scrapped I honestly would have a huge internal dilemma.... The thought never occurred to me. Je deteste Apple, BEAUCOUP!!! And after years of working in the cell industry I grew to absolutely despise android as it is not a phone for the masses. Linux is not for the mainstream consumer and overall it was sooooo easy to crash. The joke for android was you better get used to seeing "Force close". I would hope that if WP ever had a falling out that HTC would just make a webOS revival so I would nor have to live in a world where I could only choose a polished turd (android) or gold plated dirt (apple).
  • Right there with you. I think if there was no WP id just go back to a basic cell phone, I am against Apple for moral reasons, and Android is getting to that point too along with the complexity of doing simple tasks on their cheap ass phones. If I really really really had to choose id probably go with an Amazon phone. its probably crap compared to some other phones but its unique and I like it.
  • If that ever happens(touch wood, it shouldn't) I'm going back to my old and trusty Nokia 3110 Classic.
  • I'd probably go back to my Pre2 for a while... Best OS ever
  • No, no Jobs left at Apple. Comment wasn't supposed to be impious. But with Jobs in charge Apple probably wouldn't have released such an aesthetically compromised phone.
  • Nor would they have released a large screen phone, or budget phones or a flat UI. He had a thing for all that fancy gradient "3D" chrome and he liked making sure app UIs reflected their real life counterparts. Can't remember the word for that.
  • Skeuomorphism...
  • I started to watch the video, then I just turn it off, it looks like an iPad mini..
    Apple running out of idea.. Not impress compare to my 1520
  • Now people can stop bugging me about how huge my phone is.
  • Indeed! They will get the points for this "innovation" as well: Apple invented the large screen (for iPh.)..
  • Wait new Lumia QHD screen
  • I'm a huge phablet fan but WP has to go with on screen buttons for big phones to make them smaller. Just my 2 cents
  • Maybe, but usually of you look at any phone with onscreen buttons, they still have a huge bottom bezel. Just look at the HTC M8. They didn't reduce the bezel at the bottom that much.
  • Using the M8 is a bad example: The bezel is only huge, because of the logo and front-facing speaker.
  • No, that's a perfect example. They have to make their logo so big they waste space.
  • What you're saying doesn't make any sense, lol. The bottom bezel of the M8 is only big because of the logo and the bottom front-facing speaker. The on-screen buttons have nothing to do with that. You're implying that on-screen buttons are a precursor to a "huge bottom bezel," which is wrong.
  • My Lumia 630 (with onscreen keys) has a big bottom bezel too and there are no logos or front-facing speakers in all that space.
    Makes it look like a waste...
  • That's because of the boom sound speakers, the LG G3 has small bezels.
  • No way... My 1520.3 it's the only one getting my love, :-). Way better and much cheaper
  • Even among Lumia I won't choose the 1520. But everyone has different hand size. BTW, Ed just post about the growing screen size too. From the quoted illutration picture it sits between 1520 and Galaxy Notes 4.
  • If Windows Phone pisses me off so bad, this is my only choice. Maybe the One PlusOne too.
  • Really illustrates how poorly WP apps are optimized compared to the competition. All that wasted space at the top could be showing useful information instead of dead space.
  • Definitely agree
  • Poorly optimized??? Please explain more as I don't get you after all.
  • What wasted space? I don't see any?
  • I think because the Twitter app wasn't updated for 1080 screens. Hopefully it will get updated soon.
  • +1520
  • Yes! Can we see a proper camera comparison of the 1520 and 6 Plus? What I'm seeing on the internet is nauseating! I think most of these reviewers ate "bias" instead of "bread" for breakfast....
  • "Apple has made significant improvements to its ISP (Image Signal Processor) which have resulted in apparent gains in sharpness, color rendition and low-light performance. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best smartphone cameras I’ve ever used, and approach the best point-and-shoot cameras I’ve ever shot. Cameras like the one in the Nokia 1020 may have more raw resolution, but Apple’s decision to build its own ISP, and to fine-tune it to the sensors and hardware it is using has paid off big time. A lot of attention gets paid to Apple’s chip efforts on the A-series processors, but the ‘sidecar’ chips like the custom ISP and M8 are just as important — and just as good a reason for its competitors to step up and start designing their own stuff. The results are palpable." (
  • Iphones usually take good pictures in good light, mediocre in low light so we will see soon enough.
  • @damo579 You're right. I'm sure the WP crew will do a thorough comparison. Just bugs me the Lumia camera isnt't getting the proper credit for it's stellar imaging capablities.... 
  • Lumia are known for their imaging abilities, but the American media thinks WP is bad even though it has become much better. The problem is the apps haven't been updated with the new features, they are waiting for more people to have 8.1 on their phones before they update.
  • Apple was smart to go 5.5 to appease customer requests and not kill the usability for those stick in the 4" dark ages, but if I'm gonna get a phablet I would just go 6", good point as well tree the power button, doesn't make sense as to why it's not below the volume rockets
  • Any potential issue with that placement is mitigated by the fact that you can just push the home button to wake the device, though.
  • The problem isn't waking it up...only putting it back to sleep.
  • Even more so since the volume on the iPhone is on the other side. Only button on the right is he power button. Easthetically though, I would think sticking a solitary button in the center would look weird. Maybe that was the plastic lines, button position, trade of between design and engineering ;)
  • 10 months old and still a better phone
  • The Lumia 1520 looks newest. IPhone looks the same as before, with bigger screen only. Love my L1520...The Best!
  • I only wish Verizon had the Lumia 1520 but with 32gb or 64gb... I would and will never buy a SpyPhone.
  • I would do almost anything to have a 1520 on Verizon.
  • Looks cool but I like Windows
  • Idk my brother is getting tired of WP he wants Android rest of my family Android I'm only one left guess I might end of jumping ship WP user since WP7
  • What is he sick of? And what about you?
  • The thing WP lacks the App Gap which is not bad I remember WP7 I didn't care back then really but I'm just afraid what Microsoft going to next year with WP and my brother just the app gap
  • What specifically are you afraid of if you don't mind me asking?
  • Being abandon restructured I don't mind but anything but that Windows Phone has been my first and only smartphone and OS never have owned Apple or Google products either
  • Oh, you need not worried about it being abandoned anytime soon. Microsoft cannot afford to lose the mobile front. Rest assured, for the foreseeable future, Windows will be invested in. I'm sure we will see growth soon enough.
  • "I'm sure we will see growth soon enough." Everytime I see comments like this, I think Blackberry or, worse, webOS. This growth isn't going to magically happen, contrary to what the rabid fanboys believe. Yes, it's nice that Microsoft appears to give a damn. But, they have to actually be willing to go all-in with this platform, if it's going to not only survive, but prosper, as well. If Windows 9 is even half-assed a little, then they will have failed to show their commitment to this platform, user-adoption rates aside.
  • I completely agree with you. Obviously it's pure guessing but I think it goes without saying what happens if Microsoft loses the mobile space. Mobile is the future and intergration even moreso. Microsoft knows this and I think Windows 9 will position it to make big strides. Especially when it comes to the app gap. But again, we'll see. You are right, anything half-assed will prove disastrous.
  • I agree with you both let's what 2015 brings us
  • Yeah, we will see. Fingers crossed. I'm almost certain that Microsoft will deliver, though. The industry can't afford for Microsoft to fail.
  • Me too, but if the L830 is all that's in store until spring 2015, then there is clearly are going to be problems.
  • (Sigh) Yeah. Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long for proper successors to the 920, 1020, and/or 1520.
  • I wonder when we'll see another device.
  • Honestly, it's going to be awhile. I don't see Microsoft revealing any new meaningful devices, until at least the end of February at Mobile World Congress. The 730 and 830 are the devices for the holiday season. Then, there's CES in January; but, it's highly unlikely that they'd reveal anything there. Mobile World Congress is probably a safe bet.
  • I still don't understand why they can't quietly release the L930.2/.3 with US bands? What's the damn issue? There is no way the exclusivity with Verizon was more than 6 months...
  • I moved from the 920 to the 930 and really glad I did. It is just a better all round experience. Until something "must have" appears I am totally happy.
  • That's what I'm still waiting for successor for L920 I don't mind getting L1520 successor either
  • Agreed. I'm looking for a 5 inch device. The L1520 isn't something I could deal with on a daily basis. I tried putting it in my pocket and it was bad news bears, haha. It's successor would certainly be welcomed.
  • The height looks almost the same even though iPhone is 5.5" and Lumia is 6"
  • Microsoft needs to make a galaxy note competitor. A Microsoft surface phablet 5.7 inches running Windows phone 9 with an interactive stylus just like on the note and Microsoft surface. Or a Lumia 1530 with a stylus for those excel and word documents, taking phone numbers , notes etc
  • Stylus + One Note on a WP and that's about heaven right there, if it worked well (not that capacitive crap)
  • No phone would ever tempt me away from my beloved 1520 except an upgraded version!
  • The Lumia still looks way better in pics. In person I'm sure the 6+ feels great in-hand and they are undoubtedly nice devices overall, but the bold, risky design language of the 1520 just speaks to me personally, I guess. It's all subjective anyhow.
  • My iPhone fan boy friend was always joking with me for 1520, now he is thinking 6+ ! 'Grapes are sour' , now size doesn't matter ! IPhones are really great , but I feel like my 1520 has much value ! Windows should come up with an upgrade of 1520, may be with better camera, more ram, and may be of size 5.6inch and of course not omitting glance screen (I believe that is huge downgrade as they did in icon, and only for that reason I sold icon using only one day).
  • In my opinion, it's not an upgrade, if they decrease the screen size (even slightly). Hell, I'd love it if they made the 1530 (or whatever they'll call it) 6.3 inches.
  • True. The size is not part of my debate, my hand is small but still I like 1520, you just need to know the trick of handing in one hand. For me 5.5inch is great size but Ill not go with apple. One major difference I feel is (I used iPhone 5c for a while ), same app performs way better in apple than WP, sad but true. I don't think windows has lack in app but lack in great and well functioning app. Even Skype is better in other platform, sad indeed ! IPhone has lost its coolness and WP will also loose its premiumship if they just focus on camera, and of metro design rather than great experience. There is nothing like imessage or hangout in WP, and Microsoft maps yet to offer voice navigation let alone less accuracy. I used android , WP, Apple and I prefer WP, but still I cannot recommend this phone to my friend who ask me about maps and hangout like service. Cortana is great but only for this people.will not jump I think. Only smaller size doesn't necessarily mean downgrade always. 1520 is still.awesome but we need better to fight with other !
  • What's wrong with the voice navigation in HERE Drive?
  • I used google maps before, and I also use Garmin GPS, and both tell the side (right or left) and I rarely see this one in HereDrive, and sometime it is really big, I cannot look at both sides,mainly in busy roads. Besides, when i searched in microsoft map and tried to used here drive, then i experienced error. You might live in big city, but I live in a small town and I found google maps and navigation way better than here drive. even now I have to look at google map to know which side the address is located. It is really annoying but have to experience everday, sad ! Here drive tells me you reached your destination and after parking I discoved it is in other side, and sometime it is really important, epecially if you visit residential area at night, you cannot knock door of two sides of road, it is dangerous too ! 
  • Try navigon, to me its the best GPS app in the store. Entering addresses is kind of unique but everything else is stellar.
  • I completely agree, brother. I like WP. Hell, I'm starting to like it to the point that I don't want to leave. I've recommended the platform to a few friends, but most of my friends use iPhones, go figure, lol. I think Windows 9 will vastly improve the experience. As for apps, it's more the fault of those developers releasing sub-par apps than it is the fault of the platform.
  • Very true. But it affects the platform too ! Whenever people see less functioning app in WP, then people will think its WP's limitation since it is the same app which perform different, not everybody will try to understand the limitation of  developer. I am happy with WP even with some shortcomings. The map and navigation (not showing which side of the raod the address is located) is the only complain I have for WP. Other than, I very happy with it. 
  • I don't care for phalets, but if I had to choose between the 1520 and the 6Plus I would choose the 6Plus.
  • 2yr old features? No thanks!
  • Are you talking about iPhone 6 or L1520
  • IPhone 6 of course
  • Yeah hell Apple should just redo the first iPhone bam iPhone Classic Nostalgia masses will go for it
  • LMAO. Careful they might actually "borrow" that idea and call it their own.
  • I like the iPhone 6+ hardware, but having an iPad I think Apple needs widgets outside of the notification and a better notification center that would more phone friendly like WP & Android.
  • Lumia all the way.
  • I lusted after phablets for a while but now I don't want one. It already got tired on me frankly. I think I will stick with a 920-like size for my next.
  • The 1520 is hands down so much more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention practical. The level of productivity from that phone is just amazing! Sure, the Galaxy Note line is the productivity king but the 1520 comes in at a close second, no doubt about it. I find it funny that the 6 Plus comes with iWork preloaded now and OIS. You can clearly tell who Apple's coming after with this phone. This is somewhat off-topic but what camera and lens do you use, Mark? I don't know if there was HDR used in the first photo, or if you just had really good lighting judging by the lack of shadows, but the detail and quality is so nice...
  • I love my 1520. I don't care for the tuttie fruity.
  • Well I'm happy with my 1020 but that big screen in the 1520 is so tempting and it's not like the cameras are that different, right? Apple meh since the first iPhone I haven't been impressed their innovation is just doing stuff windows or Droid did first then sucking up positive press like they are cutting edge rather than 1-3 years behind. Is great that ios finally got an OIS camera bit it still can't come close to what Nokia has had for years.
  • 1020's camera is substantially better than 1520's although 1520's camera is as good or better than other cameras including iPhones, GS4, HTC, etc. Haven't seen iPhone 6's camera performance yet...Given its still small sensor, I doubt it's any better than 1520.
  • Agree totally, I don't know how the all New iPhone compares to 1520 or any other flagship, as it just has some dual core processor, with a gig of ram and a camera no better than an 830, with a gigantic price.
    Performance though is something I am jealous off an iPhone that due to objective C, said so WP is no LESS if no MORE...
  • Both too big for me, I might get that iPhone 6. I'll still use a WP too until they go out of business.
  • Same here. I'll probably wait for an iPhone 6s, keep using my beloved 1520.
  • I just made the switch from iPhone to WP and I'm liking the experience so far. IOS is no doubt the better OS but I like being different and I like looking forward to updates and watching the platform develop. I debated between Android and WP but I just feel the WP is a more integrated experience and has the potential to be more than his a bridge to pushing people to use google search. I am using the free L630 I got from cricket wireless so I'm waiting for a worthy upgrade device. I just wish there was something coming down the line with more than a snapdragon 400.
  • ios is not better than WP, only different. There is nothing the iPhone can do that WP can't, although there are plenty of things WP can do that ios can't. Apps, not that's a different story, but that is an ecosystem issue, not an os issue.
  • OS-wise I don't see much difference, at least from my experience of using iphone4, but lacking of official apps support is definitely a issue for WP. I hate going attend tennis event and there are no official apps for windows phone!!!
  • 100%
  • iOS does not have a file manager, for example. iOS icons do not provide live notifications in themselves and you need to forcibly open the app.
    I guess the next evolution of Windows Phone Live Tiles, that now you will be able to group without giving up in live notification that cicle in the group tile in next 8.1 update, will let you tap on the Live Tile and interact directly from there without opening the app itself. There was a video from Microsoft Research that showed this possibility.
  • IPhone does not have full NFC, wireless charging or SD cards, for example, as well as no live tiles or widgets. Plus the benefits of using Cortana just leaves iPhones as a no no.
  • I want a 1520 (1525?) even more now!
  • I wish we could have Apple hardware with WP OS. I like their hardware better than Nokia or anything else we have.
  • HTC One for Windows would probably be a good choice for you since it is probably the closest thing to the iphone hardware
  • There's still no way in hell that I can why anyone should pay 1k off contract for the 6+. Completely not worth it to me.
  • This! Absolutely what I can never comprehend about the iProducts. Yes they have good quality, but come on the price is daylight robbery IMHO!! And on topic, 1520 in this case, it looks like the more modern design by a wide margin!
  • I really don't like the iPhone screen because it's kinda odd! I really prefer My L1520 because I can watch movies without any problem but I guess I can't feel the same experience as L1520 with iPhone 6 Plus. I don't care if I can't hold this phone with one hand, That's why I bought the phablet lol.
  • I am thinking of upgrading to the Plus. Once I can test it out at my local at&t.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus looks so outdated compared to the Lumia 1520.
  • Yeap. Although 1520 is almost a year old, it looks more futuristic and gorgeous than the just-debuted iPhone6 plus.
  • My thoughts exactly. If we were all presented with both phones today for the first time, pretty much everyone would assume the 1520 is the newer design!
  • Indeed.
  • Still I think Microsoft needs to enhance there OS too..wp user need a stable version of OS.Getting updates are way too slow..
  • That's the sin for supporting so many machines of different price range -- many tuning need to be made for each device.
  • Keep improve for L1520, keyboard functions if MS insists to not open for 3rd parties apps allow to use. Thanks.
  • I am in love with the sexier.. Green.. 1520, awesome.
  • I am replying with a yellow 1520 now, and I am jealous...
  • The temperature or feel of the metal iPhone is due to the fact that metal is a conductor of energy, so the heat from your hands will be conducted away from your hands and into the phone making your hands feel cooler. The plastic-bodied 1520 is covered by an insulator, which does not allow energy to move over or through it very well. Having said all of that, when the new iPhone and your hand passes a state of thermal equilibrium, for instance, while playing a graphically-intensive game, the metal iPhone will begin to conduct heat back into your hand, making the phone and your hands feel very warm....probably warmer than the 1520 at its warmest.
  • I was at at&t this morning after the crowds went away and got my hands on the 6+ and the 1520. The 1520 is just a bit oversized for my tastes and the 6+ is at the limit. Personally I think both the Icon and HTC One (M8), have are an ideal size, but I am not sold on the camera on the HTC and the Icon has limited memory and no SD card slot. So, with those things in mind and the fact that I'm pretty tired of waiting for real apps, and unless the WP Team releases something within the next 4 months, I am getting an iPhone 6+ (the 6 was never in consideration), when my contract for my 822 is up in December. FTR, I have never liked iAnything before, but stupid shit like carrier exclusivity and missing features and apps have forced my hand.
  • I hate to say it but I'm with you. The big thing about a smartphone is the ability to use apps. Sure they do other things but apps drive the interest. WP gets major retailers on board like Best Buy, Geico, and others, and we get excited, only to find out that they're web wrappers. Third party apps and web wrappers help boost the numbers of the app store but quality is absent.
  • The iPhone has no SD card like my 930, but I do get 50GB on OneDrive to compliment the 32GB onboard. In addition, I have 1TB of storage with Office365. However, if you need certain apps then good look with Apple.
  • I think I'm in the minority who thinks that the cloud ain't all that. I don't trust the security and integrity of my data that's not on my local machines. So not having an SD card on a phone sucks, but at least iPhone gives me options from 16GB to 128GB, whereas WP's max-out at 32GB. Personally, I believe 64GB will be fine for me; I have just over 9GB of music on my SD card on my 822, and I do a lot of video recording @ 1080p.  
  • If the security on your local machines is better than Microsoft's and Apple's security your good to go! Enjoy.
  • Anytime you upload anything to the cloud, you're putting your data at risk...and not just from hacking, but what if apple/MS make a mistake, then *poof*- all your shit is gone. Then there's the fact that the NSA is snooping on everything that touches the internet, and that MS itself runs an algorithm on every photo uploaded to find illegal activity. Yeah, no thanks...I'll keep everything local, TYVM. lol
  • Windows has improved so much, so quickly in the past two years. I will stick with Windows all the way. I can't stand Apple or any of their products.
  • Is it Just me or the iphone 6 looks like a flat Lumia 925 ???
  • Yes, I instantly saw that.
  • The iPhone 6 looks like an expensive Galaxy. Those antenna bands are hideous and now that the camera is thicker than the phone, the placement of the camera just looks awkward. The 1520 just looks so much more polished and intentional. The iPhone looks like they just gave up, made a bigger screen, added antenna bands, and didn't care about final design. Good thing this will be wrapped in an Otterbox by 90% of it's owners.
  • LOL
  • Ever since i won the 1520, I don't think people using phablets are stupid anymore, which makes me look forward to more iPhone 6plus adopters.
  • Lumia phones need better games and better apps for the app store like iPhone and android phones
  • There are lots of great apps and games in the Windows Store, if only you'd give the developers a chance.
  • Love my 1520. Apple is so yesterday.
  • If you were honest with yourself and fully tested,lived with ios7 let alone IOS 8 you would have to understand IOS is the superior OS at this point. It's hard to set aside fanboyisum but when you do look objectively at the two OS you understand. With that said I like the WP OS better. It is possible to like and prefer something to another thing even if its not superior. I wont try to explain the detail because if your not being objective you won't even consider it. All that being said I'm showing off my new WP to everyone around the office and even converting a few who are up for contact renewal.
  • "It is possible to like and prefer something to another thing even if its not superior." Very well said, my friend!! Very well said. I wish more people would understand this.
  • I'm sorry, but I just can't take it anymore. I normally just read these "which is better" arguments and just laugh. The best OS is the one that speaks to you. To say that ios is better is disingenuous at best. It is not better. It may speak better to you, but most WP users switched to WP because WP spoke better to us. And that makes it the superior OS in our eyes. For me, WP is the most innovative OS on the market and also the most exciting. And I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's not flawless, but the others aren't either. MS can go a million different directions with the tile concept and the others will always be playing catchup. It seems to me that the other OS's are being forced to change for fear of being outclassed. I mean, look at how w8 and wp8 have forced the others to change to the flat design style. Now if you want to point out the app gap, that is something that is measurable and less subjective.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • I do agree. The WP OS has enforced changes from the competition and as we see WP market share improve, already at 12% in parts of Europe, we will no doubt see attempts to copy the live tiles etc.
  • Thanks 2tomtom, nice to see someone view the situation as I do.
  • Seen the iphone6+ in person - its the least beautiful iPhone ever. Fine. It's ugly. The proportions are odd (stretched) with super top/bottom bezels and the wrap around plastic is not doing any favors at all.
  • It's actually an iPad nano.
  • iphone 6 plus looks ugly compared to lumia 1520
  • Everytime I see those darker lines it reminds me of the 925.
  • I know posted on Facebook a comparison got a lot of hate from my friends who Apple fans
  • Anyone else see the pic of the iPwn on top of the 1520 and think "unnatural phone p0rn"? ;)
  • I'm pretty sure that "reduce the screen size" feature wasn't invented by Apple. I'm pretty sure I've seen LG or Samsung do that on their Android phones before.   But of course, nothing exists until Apple "invents" it.
  • True. But now you magically get half your screen blank and grey. Oh dear, Apple fail.
  • Give me that 1520 any day...though I am happy with my 1320 for now...6" and rounded..
  • I'll be honest, the iPhone 6+ looks way to much like a phone in a prototype stage. The all grey back looks horrible and wierdly... cheap.
  • What ever size iphone or ipad, they all look the same. My old HTC HD2 with wm6.5 still looks better. Just waiting for the Lumia 1730 with 7" screen. Going back to a smaller screen is a downgrade to me. As for that ridiculous hype on number of apps, I do not need an app for killing mosquitos from a distance. For the time being I'll stick with my red 1520. Green looks great though.
  • "There are other resources who can better explain this scientifically, but the metallic iPhone 6 Plus feels colder in the hand compared to the plastic Lumia 1520." How we preceive temperature on our skin is basically based on how quickly our skin can become cold/hot. Metal feels cooler because it can conduct heat away from our skin much faster than plastic, making our skin/nerves colder faster, thus it feels "cool". Same is true for hot metals; a hot piece of metal will feel hotter than a material at the same temperature with lower conductivity, such as a plastic. For more info:
  • But Lumia has something special than an iPhone. Windows Phone...
  • I didn't used to like rounded edges on a phone, but I do now, due to my HTC One M8. It made me think of an iPhone's look when I first got it, but as long as it wasn't one:) What I look for in a phone is how the start screen looks and how the software ecosystem is. iPhones have an unattractive start screen, regardless if you can put background photo on it. It's too much like a pc desktop with all of those icons on it. This translates as messy to me. Windows Phones, to me, have a far more attractive start screen and it can be customized even more, especially now with 8.1. I love the software's ecosystem. I'm one of those 'not so big on apps' persons, so it's not a deal breaker with me. If for some strange reason, the world only had iPhones as an option, I guess, I would have to get one, but until then, no sir. I don't see myself carrying around a phone that's too big either, be it Windows or iPhone. Maybe, if i was on a plane or traveling in a car, but other than that, I would prefer to be at home with a big sized device.
  • I'm feeling a bit lazy... how do the screens compare in terms of square inches? Since the 1520 is quite a bit wider I expect them to differ by what, maybe 15-20% in screen area?
  • Nobody? Anyway, 19% more screen area for the 1520.
  • Agreed, the platform and feature parity are there. The official support from developers is the missing bit. Additionally, I think the polish is also missing. It all comes down to marketshare/mindshare. I'm sure the unification of Windows will go a long way. But Microsoft needs to release high end devices with a global release. I'm still shocked that the L930 continues to have exclusivity in the USA.
  • Same here, It's a great phone I wish it was available everywhere in the USA...... 
  • Why can't you just buy a sim-free L930 and stick you sim in? Or buy one from
  • I could, but the European bands don't match up with the frequencies of both ATT and T-Mobile. I can't justify purchasing a $600+ device that isn't fully compatible with the network I use.
    I had to buy the L920 from Rogers Canada in order for it to be fully functional with T-Mobile USA.
    I'm hoping the OEMs start creating devices like the iPhone 6 when it comes to supporting many frequencies. One device, no nonsense.
  • There is no North American unlocked L930. I'm hoping that once Verizon's exclusivity ends a L930.2/.3 will be released and available for purchase by Microsoft and third party vendors. For now, the L920 has actually aged quite well and it's still quite the powerhouse (considering it was released Nov. 2012) when it comes to functionality and features.
  • The 920 is 2 years old and won't get much support now. I have a 1020 and if a 930 for the USA doesn't come out then I'll get a 830.
  • What support are you referring to? The developer preview allows the L920 to recieve the newest updates. Features like miracast and Hey Cortana will be missing due to hardware restrictions and driver support, but the L920 is set to get Windows 9 - as of right now.
    I agree, if nothing comes to the US, I'd go with an unbranded L830 from Canada - so long it has the bands for T-Mobile USA but I highly doubt we won't see a L935 sometime soon.
    I wish MSFT sold all their devices unlocked with full support. It would make being a consumer much easier.
  • Look at the Denim update, the 920,925,1020,520,620,720,820 won't get most of the new features Nokia put in this update. They will get the folders and not much more most likely.
  • This is true, but most of the features besides what I mentioned are improvements. But this is natural fragmentation that happens with all devices on every OS.
  • You are right though.
  • *dismisses and ignores the iPhone completely* Will the green 1520 ever come to UK?
  • Eff an iPhone!! Team 1520 all the way!! I would like if they find a way to make a slimmer profile for it's successor.. However this has been a nice upgrade from my 920. Which was my previous favorite phone ever!
  • Polycarbonate is usually distinguished from 'plastic' as used in other manufacturers' phones. They're both polymers but very different. Polycarbonate is a much harder material and is actually machined, I believe, on Lumia phones, rather than the soft, extruded plastic. Polycarbonate goes by the trademarked name of Formica, and nobody ever called them plastic countertops.
  • Dat green though.
  • Anyone know where I can buy a Lumia1520 (Green) for Canada? I know Exspensis (Or what ever the site's name is) allows you to buy some Lumias that are exclusive to other countries, but any way I can get a Unlocked one sent to Canada? (Green, Exspansis doesn't have Green)
  • i'd never be tempted to o to iOS from WP8 (or android, for that matter). the OS is more important for me. that said, i'd take an xperia z family phone before an iphone.
  • IPhone has a trick to pull the screen down so you can reach it. Windows phone apps out the button on the bottom so you really don't need that little trick. Apple needs to change how their apps are structured cuz they annoy me. Work well but annoy me in how to use them.
  • Dat software optimization though... Look at all those wasted screen real estate on 1520 in the opening photo.
  • I think Twitter isn't updated for 1080P screens as of yet.
  • If I wanted an iPhone I'd have one by now. I'd take the Note 3 or 4 before I'd go apple. Just my personal preference. Wouldn't trade my 1520 for either of these.
  • I hope phablets don't become the new standard. If the Lumia 1030 ends up being a phablet...I'd probably still get it, but I wont be happy.
  • Grand turismo & mortal kombat <3
  • Ahh Twitter app on iOS 8. Meanwhile on WP 8.1...
  • Hopefully the beta goes public soon. Don't get me started on Instagram.....
  • I hate to see those outlines at the back of the iphone. It tells me they failed to make a unibody and they cant do anything about it because it will explode if they force a unibody on it. Anyway, while i love the ui of windows way more than ios, and that i dont have any problems with the apps windows store offers, i am honestly envious of the games my friends can play on their iPhones, and that double tap for single hand usage really entices me.
  • That half grey screen is a win for Apple...
  • I'll wait till the hardwares comparison. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • The hardware of the iPhone is dated, 1520 is much to good to use as a comparison. I think the 830 is more comparable.
  • 1520 all the way, iPhone 6 doesn't come with WP os. Nuff said
  • The greatest feature of iPhone6 is, i still can't afford it! Lumia ftw!
  • That joint crazy expensive though. Apple continues to get over on their consumers. No expandable storage options mean they can charge an arm and a leg(probably two for the 64 and 128gb models.
  • Got my 930 for £9.99 on contract with 32GB onboard storage, plus 50GB OneDrive storage. Then I have 1TB of storage with Office365. Microsoft for the win.
  • As much as I like the look of the 6 Plus, it is way too expensive for what it is. I have my gripes with the 1520; but, overall, it is a great value for the money and an even greater value when compared to other devices in its class.
  • I am still trying to find a better feature in Apple iPhone compared to my Lumia1520. However, one thing MS can surely aspire to have that ever growing blind love of Apple fans that are ready to invest in a product which offers features as old as almost 2 years back. We cant deny that. Apple must be doing something correctly. I don't see Apple Vs MS product ads by Apple. MS indulging in similar ads only proves one point to me, MS wants to catch up with Apple, it means it also knows Apple products are somewhere ahead of MS.
  • Apple were first to market smartphones successfully so have a loyal following. But worldwide Apple have a 15% market share. WP has 12% market share in some major country's, so catching them up seems possible. Maybe being more Microsoft would be better?
  • Valid point! India is one of places where MS is coming up fast. However, worldwide vs certain places seems a long distance to cover. People laughed when DOS was released and so was Excel, but look where MS Office is today. Generating maximum revenue for MS. Coming back to smartphones, I don't need millions of app in store, so people who say MS store sucks, I have absolutely no idea why they say that. But we need to see what more can be done via software updates for 1520. Massive hardware awaiting robust software.
  • But the iPhone 6 Plus cost a grip and you're stuck with the storage you pay for. One key ingredient that the Lumia 1520 has over the 6 Plus. I just wonder whose idea it was not to give the Icon/930 the same treatment.
  • idk, got 32GB storage on my 930 plus 1TB of storage with Office365. That's enough for me. No SD card required.
  • Steve Jobs would axe murder all of them.
  • Blasphemy!
  • 6 plus is too small for my hands. My 1520 is the first phone to fit me. Plus the WP keyboards is the best there is out there.
  • I'll still go for lumia 1520... But if you just need a big size screen for media at some games i'll go for lumia 1320..
  • I like how most iPhone users I have talked with are going for the Plus, especially since they have been so vocal about their tiny 4 inch screens being the perfect size. Now there are nothing but articles on how glorious the screen size is on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • This comparison comes down to much more than size of screen and I believe that everyone here nows it. I have really enjoyed the productivity of WP and and the integration with my Surface Pro 3 and Xbox. But the app store just has too far to go and they are getting no cooperation from developers and retailers. They boast of how much the store has grown but the popular apps are not there and the retailers are posting web wrappers to make the OS look more attractive to satisfy MS. Trust me when I say that I love the experience of WP and the superior build quality of Lumia. But I still don't have Cyan on my Lumia. My wife doesn't have developer preview and doesn't understand why she can't have what MS is advertising with Cortana. I'm into fitness and love my trackers but no Jawbone, and no Fitbit Bluetooth integration (without Cyan). No Storyteller and so one and so on. My wife and I may be sadly switching to Apple. My suggestion is that MS stop playing nice with Google and Apple and quit giving them apps that work and are better in some cases better than those on WP (Skype).
  • My phones bigger then your phone... Lol
  • No matter the size or shape, the iPhone is still the same boring interface with hard icons filling a blank screen. The Windows phone on the other had is filled with live active tiles that provide a plethora of data without the need to even open the app. The tiles can be translucent to display a picture of choice in the background through the live tiles. And because the OS is Windows, the system is more versatile and interactive with business systems. I'll keep my Lumia 1520, hands down over any ios system.
  • Ah, you are wrong. Double click on the button of iPhone 6 now pulls everything down, so half the screen is just blank grey. That's great yeah :-/s
  • I'll purchase the Note 4 when Samsung releases it. WP still has a ways to go before the OS is on par with Android
  • Hey, choices, but Android is not for me. On Samsung its way too gimmicky and complex. WP ftw!
  • The only thing I am missing from the Store is Autodesk apps. Don't need 300 flashlight apps. I don't twit.. Or is that tweet and I don't give a rats a## what restaurant my friends are at. Social media means little to me. I am more business on my smart device. If you want a toy, go for Apple. If you want a productive road warrior then go Windows. Android became king because most people did not want to pay the ridiculous price for an over rated fab machine. And also Samsung do make great integrated products. Hopefully if MS learns anything they will tighten the integration of Windows products.
  • Of course, the metal feels cold when it is cold, but what if it heats up or what if I used it in sub tropical country like India, it held like a hot stone.
    And, I had this issue with iPhone 4s.
  • Here is the iPhone 6 Plus sitting directly on top of the Lumia 1520. The shot in the video seemed that the iPhone was further to the side than it should be. They are closer in size that that visual shows.!81466&authkey=!AF...
  • If that lumia in the photo is iphone branded it would be nice to call it the green apple.
  • I'm so tired of the newness of iPhone owners. Every tweet is an account of the new stages of getting a large phone. "OMG, cookie sheet!" "It's an iPad mini-smaller!!" "WOW! LOVE the size, but doesn't fit my skinny jeans LOLz!" Welcome people. Your phone still sucks. Sorry for the bad news. At least we don't look like dorks anymore since the coffee barista crew will be carrying these phablets now. We were right all along. Move along now hipsters and old people. Nothing to see here.
  • With it's fabulous sleek unibody, my white 1520 never made me look like a dork. In fact, lots and lots of iPhone and Android users have complemented it's looks while commenting on it's sheer size. I've yet to hear a negative comment!
  • Apple can keep the igalaxyphone 6 plus one x... I love my red 1520 just the way it is.
  • The only thing tempting me away is the fact that Windows Phones are not as easily accessible on my carrier as other options, including the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. I have 2 lines to play with and, with shockingly little information about future Windows phones coming to T-Mobile, my older phone (Lumia 925) is starting to look sacrificial. Don't get me wrong, this isn't me threatening to abandon the platform if I don't get what I want. This is me saying that my personal needs are not being met by my current hardware, and Microsoft isn't really putting an effort to make sure that a device that satifies my needs is available to me. Every Windows Phone purchase I've made has been a lateral move or a step backwards.  Despite better hardware, I consider the moce from HTC Radar to Lumia 810 a lateral move. Lumia 810 to 925 was really a step backwards. I din't realize how much I as going to miss the SD Card. The HTC One M8 for Windows is a good possibility, but microsoft has a habit of attaching app updates to OS version now which is severely hampering my enjoyment of Windows Phone since consuming media (mostly listening to music) is the number one thing I do with my devices and I haven't been able to recieve any more updates to Xbox Music since they are all tied to Cyan now which is still in 'testing' at T-Mobile. Also, mysteriously, my Purity Pros won't pair with my Lumia 925 anymore.  The second thing I do the most with my phone is take pictures. I actually passed my intro photography class using primarily my Lumia 925 and ProShot. Which leads me to the best thing that I think sites like WPCentral can do to help Windows Phone. Camera shootouts. I seriously hope that you guys are really planning a proper comparison between the iPhone 6/6 Plus cameras versus the Lumia 830, the HTC One M8 for Windows and the Lumia 930/Icon cameras. If we can find out that the Imagaing Gap is in Windows favor, the App Gap might just shrink in the average consumers mind. Afterall, there are more pictures being taken and shared on cell phones than there are apps in the App Store. We don't necessarily need to be haughty, but when we have an advantage we need to own it.  So lets make that happen.
  • If anyone thinks the iPhone 6 or 6+ is more durable than the 1520, I'm pretty sure your wrong. I follow @royceda59 on twitter and he tweeted a pic of his broken iPhone saying he broke it tryna take it out of the box LMAO
  • I'm still heartbroken that we don't have the 1520 in Canada. Of course the new iPhone will be easily acquirable from any carrier. :(
  • The iPhone 6 is more usable in the hand. The 1520 is slightly too large
  • I've never dropped my 1520
    Its not slick at all to hold and the iphone wont make jump ship
  • Looking forward to an in-depth camera comparison
  • I would put my money on the Lumia 1520 because it's windows, big screen, feels better on the hand and better on the wallet. As far as phone falling down I think it's a matter of which protective cover I buy. If I were buying an iPhone I'd buy a protective cover and I would do the same for the Lumia.
  • The square design of the 1520 is aesthetically pleasing (not to mention it's unibody design!), but rounded corners like on the 6+ or indeed the 1320 is of course more practical in many ways. I do feel that the sharp corner means I can "lock" it better in my hand; it digs into my palm at the thumb... I don't find the 1520 slippery at all - size is a much bigger factor when it comes to drops. The 720, with it's glossy finish, is much more slippery. I guess the shear size of a 6" phone means you tend to be more careful when handling it. At any rate, I'd take polycarbonate over metal for my phone any day! As for the ideal size? Before I got my 1520, I felt that my wife's 720 was the perfect phone in terms of size and shape. I've always done a lot of texting, so comfortable one-handed use has been an important factor. Since having acquired the 1520 (thanks to Nokia refusing to put proper memory in their other flagships, particularly the 1020!), my smartphone habits have changed. The bigger screen means I use my phone a lot more than I used to, and for completely different things. Media consumption and web browsing have skyrocketed, and my 7" Android tablet has been retired as a reader. I still do a lot of texting, but I've simply adapted to two-handed texting, and I find the sacrifice a small one next to the overall increased usability! Still, if MS decides to release a top notch 1030 with a proper memory solution, I'm in for a tough choice!
  • Probably pick up the 6 plus, don't see myself switching back from Lumia 1520 tho. Just need iPhone for the major apps missing from Windows store ( banking mainly).
  • Double TAPPING (it has that touch sensor for fingerprint reader), not double CLICKING. It's written in the article.
  • i thought double clicking the home button on the iphone makes it go to multi-tasking, how do you multitask now? is there another gesture?
  • Well both Apple and Samsung did something with their phablets that Nokia and MS didn't do - they tweaked OS to make use of the real estate. 1520 has comoletely stock WP with no landscape mode, dual windows, pen support, split keyboard/better reachability nor any other feature you can imagine coild benefit from such large screen. That imho is a real drawback.
  • Yeah Windows phone really needs what you said, Sometimes I wonder how can it be called Windows if it doesn't really own that "Windows" power like found on desktop.. It's possible to be made now..
  • The biggest drawback to the 1520 is that Nokia did nothing to maximize the use of the large screen. All they did was make a huge WP. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Just got a 1520 today. Although I have yet to power it on and still using my (after resetting and installing Cyan) wonderfully working 920. The 1520 is massive and so nice. I cant wait to use it as my daily driver while falling back on the 920 when I am fishing or other times where I have no business with a big beautiful phone. The 1520 along with the 920 will hold me over until Microsoft or who ever comes out with a new flagship with the full future direction of the platform. I heavily considered the M8, but waiting on ATT to get it and offer of an off contract 1520 was too hard to resist. Oh... The iPhone 6 or 6+... I bet it is nice.. but not for me... I dumped my previous iphones... I have sold so many on ebay and craigslist.. Shoot... I just sold my last apple device yesterday... the best ipod ever... 5th gen nano. No more ipads, mac minis, or iphones. The ecosystem and of course the dredful iTunes made me turn away along time ago. Now, apple is good, but not good for me. I have more interest in Good Guy Microsoft.. I am 100 percent in the Microsoft ecosystem... yet it does not hinder me or keep me locked down. I can venture to google or apple... Cant say the same when I used to own and have since sold their device..
  • Which offer?
  • I think Microsoft has been making phones (even with the windows XP like menu) from way back with even the least market share! Now with this improved and more acceptable windows menu...(and many have just started using it from windows phone 7...)...i see some progress or growth for windows phone they will not end soon considering where they've cone
  • Now that there's more real estate to the iPhone, and after two years of getting used to WP, the iPhone now looks dated, faded, and cartoonish to me. Maybe Steve Jobs had a point when he said.the optimum size for phones (from the iPhone perspective) is 3.5"... maybe the iPhone should have stuck to that size. LOL!
  • And now you get half the screen grey, total Apple fail.
  • I love the corners of my phone
  • The double tap on home button feature is really innovative. No sarcasm intended.
  • Yea, they actually invented something !
  • Half the screen greyed out, does not look good in anyway. Especially compared to the live tiles and colour options or pictures etc on WP. This half grey screen is a fail from Apple.
  • The IPhone looks more sexy than the Nokia
  • Well, I think the Nokia looks more dashing in fluorescent green, can't stand those grey lines on the iphone. They ought to fire the guy who designed it.
  • İ didnt like the big iphone. İts too weird and the homescreen looks gross :D on the other hand Lumia 1520 in green looks really elegant I really loved the desing of it it looks perfect and better compere to the iphone 6+ :D Luckily I'm a Yellow Lumia 1520 owner :D İf I were an İphone user I would think of switching to the Beautiful Yellow Lumia 1520 :D 
  • That green one looks delicious, but that Huaway? was kind of ugly...
  • 1520 offers more grip than ip6 because of rectangular shape of 1520 you can use one hand w/o worrying it will fall from your hand try to use in one hand you will notice the corner of 1520 will lock with your palm you can easilly tap and scroll w/o worrying it will fall... Unlike ip6 plus curved corners try to use it with one hand you will notice it has high chance to fall from your one hand.... 1520 bigger and offers more grip...
  • Did they say that 6+ is better???
  • No
  • Where to start, there is so much to say really. I had the 1520 until recently myself and if I start with what I loved it would be the design and material the plastic is so nice compared to aluminum. The camera was great, Nokia offered tons of nice apps. Now starts the bad part, on this site alone there are tons of people taking about hardware problem with 1520, like when your scrolling sometimes it's detected add tap, it's very annoying. Nokia never acknowledge this even in their own support forums. One reason I sold mine was this. Also the browsers including IE is very bad. Not having a few critical apps from my bank did not help either. IPhone 6+ on the software side is pretty ok but hardware aspect of it in not very pleased, it looks ok but it's not durable at all comparing to many other phones like 1520. Still it might be a better option considering 1520 had a hardware issue.
  • With no high end WP8.1 on T-MO US we took one of the  L925 and got the 6+ yesterday the other three will go next week perhaps we will come back to WP when they have decent high end devices that are not exclusive I'm not missing anything as all of MS products are better on ios and android.
  • I'm sticking to the 1520 apple can go F..k itself the 1520 has the better voice assistant sd card expansion better camera wireless charging and not to mention the nfc is better and the gadgets that you can get with it screw the 6 (rant over)
  • I am very much satisfied with 1520. IPhone 6 plus will be my secondary cell if I think to buy it.
  • Do a benchmark comparison wpcentral
  • Give me a 1520 any day over the iPhone 6 Plus. I like the shape and size
  • That Twitter app look awful on the 1520.
  • iOS = Prison time WP 8.1 = Freedom
  • ^ this
  • I always find metal heats up more then plastic on mobiles when in long use!
  • Does iphone 6 plus has a 20mp camera? Wireless charging? What did iphone 6 plus bringing in the table? Nothing just a bigger screen. NFC? WP USERS and droids users had it years ago. Improve camera? Really? Im not a iphone hater. But i dont see the point spending too much money on a phone that other phones out there are more capable that a iphone on a much cheaper price. Are you buying this phone for the brand? Status symbol? Maybe im just a very pratical guy.
  • Hey Mark will wpcentral do a full review of the iPhone 6/6plus? I know it's probably more at home on the iPhone side of this site but im on the Wpcentral app. Also your reviews (from the whole team) are great and in depth I would like to see one from you guys. Its kinda related to windows phone as its competition so could be topical. Either that or you just do a comparison with the Lumia icon or HTC One (so that you don't get too many whiny girls saying "what's this got to do with WP?!) Thanks.
  • Im waiting for a Lumia 1020 successor till April 2015 but if MS dosnt release a 1020 successor I might buy an Iphone 6 Plus. My contract with Vodafone Portugal expire on April 2015 and Im elegible to get an Iphone 6 Plus for free. Lets wait and see. P.S: I dont get a Lumia 1520 cause Im a proud owner of 1020 and all the reviews I read says that if you have to chose between a 1020 and a 1520 go with a 1020. Im afraid that after getting a 1520 I would regret.
  • Im a proud owner of a Lumia 1020 but I also have a Iphone 5S and what I miss most is Passport cause I travel a lot. I also miss Facetime and Imessage cause all my family have Iphones and they live abroad. I usually do 1 facetime call per day and I dont like carrying 2 phones :-/  
  • Wow! how dare you write iPhone's name on wp central? :D
  • I dont like Phablet phones and i prefer Smart phone with 4-4.5 inchs and not more. I prefer the phones that i can grab well with my one hand and not need to use 2 hands. I wish to see more model phones with 4 - 4.5 inch models. I believe the perfect size for a Smart Phone is 4.2 inch.  
  • You're living in the past.
  • Great devices indeed,but as i said they're just a few high-end android device with fair specs and hardware
    For me,Galaxy lines ruined it with their uninventive so called "cutting edge" high end smartphone,just like i$hit
  • I also would like more rounded corners on my 1520, but it surely is not a deal breaker. Love the overall feel and performance of the phone.
  • Just saying.... the Samsung galaxy note have a feature that makes the screen scaled to aprx 1/4 the size of the screen, and place it one of the bottom corners based on your preference (right or lafet handed). soo i dont like reading that other should borrow from apple....
  • iPhone6 looks like a whatever HTC One or Samsung Galaxy. Rise & fall. ;)
  • An iPhone will never tempt me away from Windows phones
  • Don't sneeze near your iPhone.. you might shatter it's screen.
  • I saw the video on size comparison,,
    But I am desperately waiting for a full comparison video between the two phablets
  • IPhone is easily the best gadget out there. So sad I've to say this despite my love for Windows phone
  • I don't really agree with u,, check out the Lumia 1520 and u'll know what a good phone or phablet really feels like
  • I know Lumia is a great phone no doubt about that. And on paper Note 4, Lumia 1520 and the like are way better than any apple device to this date. But what about the everyday usage? Weight, build quality, quality of the display etc when these all are put together so far I don't think there has been a better device than an iPhone. And ios is one of the most user friendly OSes ever made.
  •   No, the ONLY advantage iPhone has is its app and third-party accessory ecosystem. Otherwise, the iPhone's hardware and design are third-rate. WP is all over that, but the app store is lacking.
  • Using applications and third party accessories, covers pretty much most of what you do on a modern smartphone.   Very few sit and stare at the home screen user interface all day.
  • Polycarbonite, Mark!  Polycarbonite!!!!
  • Lumia 1520 VS Iphone 6 Plus -----> [IMG][/IMG]
  • I had a iPhone 3GS but switched to Windows Phone 7, then just over a year ago to Windows Phone 8 on a Lumia 925. I absolutely would get the 1520 over the iPhone 6. Although I've only had the 925 for just over a year I'm now hitting the storage limit that I never use to, so my next phone will be one with a mini-SD slot. I could get the 1520 tomorrow but I'm probably gonna wait for Windows "Threshold" and hopefully a flagship MS Surface Phone. Fingers crossed this will be in the 1st quarter 2015. However my advice to anyone that asks me about WP is get a Lumia - no other 3rd party phones come close. The extra Lumia apps add a lot to the overall package.
  • I've never liked phablets, be iPhone, Android or even Windows Phone.
  • I've had my L1520 since December and mostly love it... but also just ordered an iPhone 6 Plus (by trading in my old iPhone 4 for a $199 credit on Verizon). The biggest dissapointment for me regarding Windows Phone 8.1 on my L1520 is that there has not been one single thing about the OS that has been tweaked to specifically acknowledge/address the fact that this phone is larger than all other Windows Phone devices. But, it does nothing that any other high end Windows Phone cannot do. I think they really missed an opportunity to offer a better experience on the larger device. One has to realize that Apple has at least given the size of the iPhone 6 Plus some additional thought, whereas Microsoft has not.
  • Knowing Apple's material (I have multiple iDevices), the Plus will need a case or it will get scratched within the first day of usage, which would potentially make it thicker and wider than the 1520.   I've been using a 1520 as my daily driver naked for 3 months now and it still looks brand new, I'd never be able to do that with an iDevice.  Nokia's choice of high quality polycarbonate plastic is what I'd prefer over metal construction any day - unless it is titannium which won't scratch as easily as the aluminium alloy most smartphone uses.
  • Don't forget the 1520 has a higher pixel density too.
  • IPhone have nothing to impress this time so no chance to move from windows "phone" to iPhone
  • I like the "plastic". It doesn't dent. I also prefer the squared off edges. The shape allows for the face of the 1520 to be all screen. No way will I give up my Lumia.
  • Plastic?? Do you have a problem calling it " polycarbonate" instead of plastic?  
  • My partner has an iPhone and has been encouraging me to get an iPhone 6 Plus, mainly because the iPhone 5S is his first smart phone and he thinks it's magic. I am really surprised by how little the iPhone 6 Plus has over the 1520. One thing that does tempt me about the iPhone 6 Plus is that I could switch from AT&T to Sprint or another company and save money.
  • I think they copied the 925 with the rounded edges of the i phone6
  • I would love to see a Lumia 1530 with a 5.5" or 5.7" display to enable a smaller width. If the last year Lumia phablet could beat the new iPhone phablet by this much imagine what MS/Nokia could do today.
  • if my lumia 1520 decides to stop working right now, i would choose either note 4 or lg g3. not apple. since i have no use for a stylus and i hate touch wiz, i'd go for the lg g3. as for windows phone, microsoft has no plans and no upgrade path for its current customers. what a shame
  • Congrats on shoehorning an iPhone story into WP central.. Completely pointless and out of scope for us really.. But I guess it's hard to resist for the insecure..    
  • Lumia camera still produces better pictures so I won't be tempted by the ithings
  • Good thing we are also getting always on listening on our Lumia 1520. Btw I also use a 1020 and 1520 combo. My next phone will be the 1030 ( or whatever is called) and the 1520 replacement.
  • Not a good review at all. No just fyi this is Windows phone central. We love the Lumia. Apple can eat my but with their expensive repairs and charging $100 for extra 16GB of storage. And Apple traces everything you do without asking. Microsoft at least hast the decency to ask if u want to provide feedback and data.
  • I have this beautiful textures case from nillikin with my red 1520. It gives a nice grip to the phone and is pretty thin and light Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Iphone 6+ looks like 1320 from the front
  • Has anyone looked at specs the 1520 beats the iphone6 plus, 1520 get 4k recording with 5.1 later this year and the hey cortana feature, the phone being 1 year old beats the iphone hands down
  • I love my L1520, and will never go back to an iPhone. I don't really understand the argument that the 1520 is unwieldy, but I suppose I just have big enough hands for it to fit comfortably. With an amzer pudding case (not real pudding, sadly) snapped on, it grips easily too. Apple is now trying to catch up to what Android and WP already has.
  • Lumia for life!
  • My lumia 720 is very slow, most of the time is spent watching 'Resuming', 'Loading..' screen ,... is apps are that much slow in L1520 too ?
  • The best phone of the future will have a 18" screen and will be made by Dell :))
  • Hardware comparison still puts Nokia 1520 above the iPhone 6. Windows is rapidly getting better... I think I will keep the Lumia 1520!
  • The sole reason I left Apple in 2012 was because I was tired of waiting for a bigger iPhone screen.  Gave the Lumia a shot and fell in love (currently running a 1520).  I was a bit worried I would be tempted to go back to Apple when they announced the bigger phone finally but now that it's here I can only saw wow, that thing is FUGLY.  Glad I switched.
  • Could you please tell me how to wireless charge my Lumia 1520. It's an ATT version (Which is the US version) and it seems that you have to put a device on the back or something like that.
  • Look how rough the 1520 looks, mine looks even rougher with my case, compared to the sensitive, delicate iPhone that lets not forget, bends !