iPhone Benefits Non-iPhone #1: "Fine Edge"

I said before that the iPhone might help Windows Mobile at least as much as it hurts it - by helping grow the smartphone smarket more quickly. Here's a more immediate benefit I wasn't expecting - AT&T has been upgrading their EDGE data network to work better with the iPhone, which is EDGE only.

While most Windows Mobile phones these days are coming out with 3G capabilities, some are still stuck back in the stone EDGE age (HTC S710, I'm looking at you). For those folks, the added speed is a nice little spillover benefit from the coming iPhone armageddon.

An AT&T employee who works on Operations tells us that the carrier ordered a last-minute beefing up of its EDGE throughput, latency and coverage in anticipation of the iPhone.

Read: Gizmodo (via phonedifferent)

WC Staff