iPhone gets a taste of spyware

Just a few months ago we reported on a pretty ingenious and frightening program called PhoneCreeper that could seriously compromise security on your WinMo phone.  Of course people went into a tither of it and rightly so, even though this was more proof-of-concept.

Now the iPhone is getting a taste of the future with SpyPhone. SpyPhone can steal all sorts of things, including "... geolocation data, passwords, address book entries and email accounts information, images, Safari Browsing history, youtube, keyboard logger, etc.".

Now the truly frightening part: it works on Jailbroken and "virgin" phones alike. It just uses the public API offered by Apple to use it's own features as exploits. Acting like a trojan, the app will steal and send out your data.

So much for the "jailbroken = security threat" meme.

This is just another volley it what is sure to be an ongoing problem with the mobile internet age, though for once Microsoft might not be the number one security target.  Point is, we know this can already be done on Windows Mobile so folks will need to keep their ears perked.

[via Taranfx]

Phil Nickinson

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