It’s 10 p.m.: Do you know where your phone is?

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  • Actually, if this is the Andriod that I've seen worked on before ( than this is an emulator running on Windows Mobile... the OS has been tested and working running off of the storage card, like a program, in Windows Mobile. It's essentially an exe that runs Andriod, but after a soft reset it's back to Windows Mobile
  • Not surprising at all. But the question still stands.
  • I installed a version of this on my Sprint Touch a month or so ago just to mess around with it. It's pretty cool. Most of the basic functionality was there. However, a lot of the little details were still quite wonky and the UI took some getting used to (although was extremely responsive as you see from the video.)
    It has whet my appetite for Android more. Since I'm one of the SERO survivors my next phone is going to have to be either WM or Android (or maybe even lucky enough to do both.) Android doesn't seem like much of a threat to WM at the moment, but my biggest concern for WM going forward is whether or not Android bypasses it when it comes to getting love from developers for high quality applications. We've already seen how companies and people bend over backwards to make slick iPhone apps while treating other platforms like second class citizens. For some reason, I could see Android getting similar kind of love down the road, although probably not to the same extent. A 'dual boot' phone (for lack of a better term) would be a nice option.
  • LLC23, it's not an emulator. windows mobile is no longer running, android is running natively on the hardware. It's just not flashed to the rom. but that doesn't mean emulation.
  • Yeah, this has been around for awhile but is just now really getting the finishing touches on it (ha).
    More info here:
  • @thetoad, interesting... so what exactly does haret.exe start if it's not emulation?
  • It is really cool, I installed it and made all of my Friends with G1s jealous. I say bring them all down a peg. It looks to shut down WM and then launch Andriod. I can't imagine my phone being that quick with 2 OSs running at the same time. As said it is the OS just not flashed to the ROM, or overwriting WM and its boot packets, thats why a soft restart relaunches WM.
  • haret essentially is a boot loader. It enables linux to take over the machine.
    if it was emulation, windows mobile would still be running and linux would be going through it. In this case, linux overwrites the entire ram instance of windows mobile and is running natively on the device.
  • I think the most impressive/startling/frightening thing about this project is that it exposes what a slow pig WM is. I'm stunned at how fast and snappy Android is on the same hardware that is sluggish when running WM.
  • Part of the slowness is the carrier crap, however... My vogue is PLENTY snappy with my own custom ROM ;)
  • @mpete: at the same time? no, only one OS is running. But can you say capacitive touch? ;p