Itsdagram getting a free, ad-supported version in addition to paid option, new filters revealed

Ain’t competition grand? In the race to have the most full featured Instagram client for Windows Phone, we now have a few developers working on various projects. While we told you Instagraph was updated today with Windows Phone 7.x support, Itsdagram is doing quite a few maneuvers too.

Daniel Gary, the developer behind the app, expects the paid version to go live this Friday. For those who paid for the early beta version, no worries as that carries over to this release so there will be no need to repurchase.

About a week later, Gary expects to release a full-featured free version that is ad-supported. That seems like a great compromise for those who balk at paying developers money for apps (we’re the opposite: we gladly pay not to see garish ads).

The version coming out will be a few steps behind the current beta that some of us are enjoying, but we figured we would tease you with some of those new features (those screenshots are the latest redesigns):

  • Double tap in image to like/unlike
  • If an image has a red background, you like it, white means you haven't yet
  • Tap and hold on a list of images to alternate between Timeline view and Grid view
  • New filter engine with custom filters
  • Comment/Like count on the main page/image lists.
  • Profile page.  Tap your image to update your profile picture.  Changing password coming in next update.
  • Photos of You and Liked photos on your profile page
  • Commenting from feed view

That’s of course in addition to the previous updates that added notification support (Live Tile, detailed Lockscreen info, Lockscreen counter, Toast Notifications) and the ability to comment. Gary is also expected to soon add contact auto-complete support as well—a move that is really dotting his I’s and crossing his t’s.

The inclusion of square-cropping and a selection of unique filters (non-Aviary) should also make many who yearn for a 100% full-Instagram client quite happy (we dig the filter choices but of course you can still use "pure" aka no filter or bring your own).

We’re confident that Itsdagram will get through certification once again though we’re still uncertain about if (and how) Instagram will respond to the app on the Store.

We’ll of course let you know as soon as version 1.0 is live in the Store for purchase. Stay tuned.

Daniel Rubino

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