In the future, Nokia will be a services company instead of making phones. Of course, that’s glossing over the fact that their hardware division will live on, just under the Microsoft banner. It’s also important because their HERE mapping technology is quite impressive.

Nokia has now released three videos highlighting some of the core HERE technologies, many of which you Lumia owners will be familiar with. LiveSight, My Commute and Transit are all standard apps on Lumia Windows Phones, though we bet that the company will be extending them to other platforms in the future.

In the entertaining videos, featuring HERE employee Alex Osaki (who is also a ‘superhero’), we get to see those aforementioned mapping technologies demonstrated. Instead of a boring narration though, we see Alex in somewhat real-life situations using HERE maps to solve everyday problems.

The ads are stylish with a James Bond theme, shot in black and white (with a color pop effect, put to hilarious use in the third video) and are to the point. That’s all the makings for a solid commercial in our view and hopefully we’ll see these on TV someday.

Source: Nokia (YouTube); Thanks, @zaid, for the tip!