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Japan-based Cathay to launch ARP XC01Q phone with Windows 10 Mobile

We have seen a lot of Japan-based OEMs launch Windows 10 Mobile in the last few months. The latest to do so is Cathay, which is releasing the ARP XC01Q phone later in April for business and commercial customers.

The Japanese press release says that the XC01Q comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor running at 1.2GHz, along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage, with a microSD slot that can support up to 64GB of additional storage. It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera, along with a 2600mAhz battery.

Pricing was not revealed in the press release, but unless you live in Japan, it's unlikely you will get your hands on one.

Thanks to Akash for the tip!

  • Not a bad looking device.
  • Reminds me of something HTC would do...
    These guys always have the funniest names for devices.. I wonder what this one translates into.
  • It has the specs that L650 should have.
  • I wonder if it came to the west, would it have the price the 650 should have? It's still nice to see Japan gets lots of Windows 10 love.
  • You can buy them in USA and Europe.   USA: Coship Moly X1 (1080p screen)  $299 on Amazon.  They also sell the 5 inch Coship W5 (similar specs to Lumia 650?) for $199. Europe: Funker W5.5 Pro   (720P screen)
  • That's pretty cool. I reckon my girlfriend would have an interest in the purple model.
  • Exactly my point. 650 is to down when it comes to specs From Blarney's NL83 windows 10 windows central UWA
  • No phones, with W10M, in Latin America. No OEMs! And nothing from MS!!!
  • I know, even if there are some places where you can find a Windows Phone, it's hard to find, there are no new models, and are overpriced.
  • And that's really bad that Windows Central don't care about it...
  • Here in Mexico you can find the Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 and 650, but are really overpriced and just one carrier is selling it (Movistar, and it's not the most popular one in Mexico). You can still find the Lumia 640 and 640 XL at some more reasonable prices, but still expensive compared to the US.
  • I just saw Lumia 640xl on windows central for $55 only that is one hell of a discount
  • It's like they are giving those things away almost for nothing.
  • You better purchase one before it is too late
  • Wow! Japan OEMs are suddenly taking to WM like fish to water! Were there this many WP8 phones?
  • Fishes hate water. They're always talking about trying the air, but no we can't have that. The fishes our slaves to our will, and we have decreed that they must stay in the water. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • nope. ​since Nokia left Japan market in 2012, Windows Phone never really get a recognition
  • Yup, it was very bad strategy back then. It seems at that time, Microsoft don't care about east asian market at that time that contributes to slow WP growth. They only tried few times but never persist while Apple actively penetrating the market despite that iPhone have shortcomings on the japanese market like the lack of NFC which is widely used for payment systems for a long time in Japan. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Window Mobile (the original one back in the day) actually had a huge market share in Japan. Of course, there weren't that many around but still. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Being free to use doesn't hurt. THAT IS, MS made 10 mobile free for OEM's to use, so that helps adoption by OEM's tremendously. They have less to loose if devices don't sell. Also, the requirements have been relaxed, and Win10Mo can run on Android hardware.... Best decision MS ever made.
  • Here we go again, -200 for that asinine statement, are you a socialist or something? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • The OS being free for OEM's to use, vs how MS used to charge for it, is asinine? Ok, man.. Look I know you like to go around here harassing users, and saying rude things to people, but it needs to stop.. There's no sense in you EVER saying anything rude to anyone here ever again. I'm telling you to stop replying to me in entirety or I will consider it harassment, and you will be reported. I will report your last comment just so that moderators read this, and know that I asked you to leave me alone.. Fans have the right to voice their opinions on WC without your constant disrespect, bullying, and name calling.. And, I am going to make sure that your disrespect stops. Please stop making rude comments to me, and everyone else here you pick on, or you will be reported till it stops. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Don't try to evade the important question, Rod.
    Are you a socialist? Do you feel the Bern? Or are you ready to Make America "Great" Again?
    These are the questions, Rod. These are the questions. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol... Ok, I am.. No, wait I'm not. No, no wait, I am... Uggggggg. I just can't make up my mind.
    Damn, DJCBS... I should've just kept to evading the question.. Questions!!!!!!
  • So it looks like I'm hurting your feelings huh? You get another -200 for whining. Perhaps you'll tell the teacher again Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • Lulx, now -5 on your statement xD 
  • Japanese OEMs totally skipped WP8, after a fairly strong WP7 showing. Now it seems many are jumping on the WM10 train, which is interesting.
  • It's most likely because of what I mentioned above.
  • What is going on?? Whatever strategy they are using in japan is really working out from the looks of it...OEM after OEM pumping out WMs over there... Could anyone from Windows Central get the inside scoop on this...?? :)
  • We already know what's going on.
    1. Windows is now free for mobile devices under 7", and OEM's want an alternative to Android.
    2. WM10 can run on Android hardware.
    3. Onscreen Buttons.
    Did I miss anything?
    The only thing that boggles my mind is why aren't other OEM's from around the world doing the same? I know Androids dominance, and Windows lack of apps, are a deterrent.... But, if MS can make a name for mobile in enterprise, with the "safest & most productive" phones on the market,,, others might jump aboard... Win32, done absolutely flawless on larger phones, coupled with continuum, could be a big differentiator. If MS gets the marketing right (What's really the issue) they have a chance at success. Seriously, everything that's promised to come, and we dream of for WM10, makes the best Smartphone in the world.. Throw apps at that and the average consumer will believe so as well.
  • All these devices are destined to fail. The other OEMs know this and aren't going to waste their time with Windows again. You notice none of the current OEMs have much experience with Windows Phone. Microsoft needs to pay them to use Windows Mobile. Saying that they won't lose as much money because it is free isn't much of an enticement. Microsoft really needs to rework the UI. It is too simplistic and that becomes limiting. You trapped using it. There is a reason people never adopted Windows phone and it isn't the kernel. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows is simple ... this is the strong suite. And it works the same in PC, Tablet and Phone. Even my parents understood the principle in 10 minutes.
  • Windows phone is simple. So simple it is limiting. It feels claustrophobic to use. You are trapped in this rigid UI with no customization options for your use case.This simplicity is great for my grandmother but not anyone competent with technology. These days, anyone under 50 is competent with technology. With <1% market share, it is time for Microsoft to completely revamp the UI. Sales have proven that people do not like it. Desktop Windows is not simple. It is the exact opposite of simple. If my grandmother wanted a computer, I would not hand her one with Windows 10.
  • Can you adapt icon sizes in android?
    Can each app give you rich info on news on start screen?
    Do you have battery saving glance screen?
    No? Ohhh.
  • Actually, all those things are readily available on Android. Not only can you change the icon size, you can change the icon itself or if you even want icons at all. You can even have Tiles or any other interface you want on the home screen. Microsoft has a great Launcher for Android too. It puts WIndows phone's UI to shame. Widgets can take up the whole screen if you want and they are interactive. Tiles cannot compete with widgets when it comes to information or usefullness. Live Tiles are actually quite frustrating to use and a poor experience. When you see some interesting information on them there is no way to directly access that info or act on it. You can click the tile to open the app, but then you hope the information is easy to find. Many times I have seen a facebook post or news article on a Live Tile and then couldn't find it easily or at all. I stopped using them for that reason. After 6 years you still can't even have music controls on a Tile. I just don't understand it.  Glance has been available on Android phones for years and was built into Android a couple versions back. It is not limited to Windows. Not a single one of your examples was true. Try again. Windows Phone is too limited. It is frustrating to use for anyone with competency.
  • I think more people would prefer a simple to use phone, compared to one that is difficult - with equal specificaitons.  Most of the consumer market aren't tech experts and just want products to work easily; the business market want something simple enough and with seamless transition, irrespective of whether they're working from home, office, on display, at customers etc imo.  
  • Android/iOS is easy enough and all the apps you need are there so the transition from one device to another is seamless. Obviously people didn't want Windows Phone, the sales speak for themselves. Without a new UI, it won't go anywhere. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah... I see now... The last time you used a "WP" device was years ago... It's not anything "simple" like it used to be.. You obviously haven't got your hands on W10 Mobile, and it has been revamped... If you're gonna talk about the OS on this site you need to be up to date on what it has to offer.. You're argument sounds recycled... When was the last time you spent time with a W10Mo device? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I have used a 950 for a couple minutes. It is still exactly the same as Windows Phone 7. Tiles on the home screen and you swipe to a single column app drawer with no way to change either. If you don't like that expereince then you don't buy a Windows Phone.
  • Well, it's definitely not the UI... The reason anyone ever gave WP a chance was the UI.. If the UI being too simplistic was the reason then nobody would've ever bought the iPhone.. The reason, from the beginning was always strategy, and MARKETING... Those two two things let to failure of support from developers, and so on.. It could've been done, but WP's in consistent product placement, and marketing, wouldn't sustain developer support....
    WP has been praised for it's arguably best UI for years. That's not, and never been the issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Not many people gave it a chance though. They never grew much above 3% market share and the people who did try it didn't come back. Doesn't that tell you something? When you pick one up the first thing you see is the UI and not many poeple bought them after seeing it. The UI has failed every time it has been implemented especially on Windows 8. The reason Windows 10 isn't hated so much is they minimized the tiles. Now you don't have to use them at all. Marketing wasn't the problem. When Windows Phone 7 came out Microsoft was pushing it hard. The commercials were on TV constantly and they had all sorts of contests going on and product placements in different shows. Microsoft stopped marketing it after it proved to not help. It wasn't always like that. You cannot polish a ****. Their strategy could have been better. Making it so OEMs couldn't change the UI or give the phones their own identity was a mistake. So was charging them to use it as well as the limited hardware options. Android definitely did these things right. Again, the polarizing, rigid UI turned off the OEMs and obviously consumers were not thrilled with it either. Not one product with that UI has been successful, that is fact. Microsoft needs to change it completely for the Surface phone.
  • No.. Marketing is STRICTLY THE PROBLEM.. Old argument. You think that MS has ever pushed WP hard?? Lol. Give me a beak. You must be new here.... You can't market a product in short, inconsistent, burst, with ineffective ads, and expect for it to work.. Part of marketing is product placement, and here in the US devices were NEVER readily available on every carrier..... Dude, I don't think you know who you're talking to about this.. Lol. I see your point, and understand your opinion, but I know it's not the root cause. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Product placement means the phones are used on TV shows and in movies, not placed in carrier stores. They are used on a few shows, here is a quick list of some of them. They didn't include Parks and Recreation. Carriers each had Windows phones available over the years. People didn't buy them. Why would they continue carrying a product people didn't want? Again, something wasn't compelling. After 6 years of the same failed UI, maybe it is time for something new? Maybe you are new and don't remember the launch of Windows Phone. The commercials and marketing were non-stop on TV. Microsoft spent a ton of money on it and phones were available at each of the carriers. There were not successful regardless of this push. Only in the last few years did they stop marketing. They learned it is pointless, but they continued to push the same failed UI. If people liked it, they would have bought the phones.  
  • Technews sites:Windows 10 mobile is dead.
    Me:Technews sites are dead
  • Now, they are talking about how it isn't dead after the latest news about MS's plans for a Surface phone... Like I said, MS did damage control quick.
  • I've seen iPhone with W10, a Lumia 735 waterproof
  • Me: Windows Dead Mobile is 10 Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • The blue one looks good.
  • It's not blue tho. It's purple/indigo kind of way From Blarney's NL830 windows 10 windows central UWA
  • Not a bad looking phone (especially the black/purple one) it's just really bulky. Specs don't seem to be too bad either. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Specs is not bad at all for being mid-range/entry level device. Its got better specs than most Lumia x30 phones. Heck this got better specs than Lumia 650 which is a confusing successor to 640 that have Snapdragon 400 family. Sent from Turing Machine
  • The Snapdragon 410 is a big step up from the 400, the 650 runs the SD212 Which can run on W10M that the SD400 JUST ISN'T Capable of. Windows Central W10M 650
  • What 400 isn't capable of that 212 have? Sent from Turing Machine
  • No 212 runs what the 400 can't that's why they moved to 410 / 412. Go to Qualcomm & compare 212 & 400 you will be surprised. W10M 650
  • Still waiting for Samsung, LG, Lenovo, etc.
  • Exactly... That would be interesting... Sony
  • With the words of Daniel Rubino: The 10 users of W10M will love this.
  • This specs should be the low end model for w10m.
  • Japan still releases the occasional high-spec'd flip-phone (a few running the latest versions of Android software), and I'm not gonna lie, I'd be REALLY hyped if a Japanese OEM did the same with Windows 10 Mobile--I'd import it from Kyoex at the speed of light! haha
  • I'm surprised Japan is buying into Windows phones so much-- I thought most Japanese people still used flip phones cos it's easier to text in kana or something?
  • How is it that all these other countries are going gangbusters pumping out WP devices but here in the US it's just like MEH. I wish so badly HTC would put Windows 10 on HTC 10. It would go well with their#poweroften motto.
  • I was thinking that as well, the name fits perfectly for another HTC windows smartphone
  • Absolutely ugly phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And android flagships these days all look like iPhones, not much creativity there either
  • Or have ridiculous curved screens because reinventing the wheel needs a new gimmick to sell
  • No they don't. They're really ugly phones #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • I think these are the specifications that the Lumia 650 deserved.
  • This is interesting, we've seen more regional and smaller android oems jump on board WP lately. Nokia/Microsoft were selling way more phones and WP was growing >100% y/y 2 years ago, but there was little oem support. This has to be MS telling these OEMs they would give them breathing room by pulling back manufacturing or showing them an OS roadmap that looks more attractive. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense why these OEMs are more interested in WP now when things look like they are falling apart than years ago.
  • It could be some changes with the patent licensing too...small OEMs need to save every penny they can unlike the big ones who wont budge...
  • It's a version of the Coship Moly X1.  I held my Moly up to the screen, and it was a match!  That phone gets around - Coship Moly X1 in the US, Funker W5.5 Pro in Europe.  Not bulky - super thin 6.9mm.
  • This maybe what the Lumia 650 should have been
  • Yep, I just wish that this device is available internationally, means by available locally not by shipping it. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Not the prettiest, but an addition to the offerings so good for the platform as a whole to me, glad to see :)
  • I want it! I hope Microsoft prevails in these times of uncertainty from fans and media. Go Microsoft!
  • I like the purple one
  • Never have i wanted to be in JAPAN as much as i do now, Its raining Win10M over there.
  • We're at the end of April now
  • 640 XL Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • And Japan does it again with Windows Phones! It's great to see that they really have an interest in the operating system.
  • I want to buy one of these Japanese OEM windows phone. Does anyone have a list of japanese
    OEM that produces Windows phone?
  • It was talked about on quite some time ago, the Japanese mobiles have to be powerful,I think it was there equivalent of the the 640 had 16GB internal storage plus I think it was 3GB Ram.
  • So an iphone design minus the system. Kool
  • It sure doesn't look like am iPhone to me From Blarney's NL830 windows 10 windows central UWA
  • Its way too different to be an iPhone. The front alone doesn't really look like iPhone at all, or even many other smartphones out there. Sent from Turing Machine
  • The name rolls right off the tongue.
  • Cathay is originally a name for a kingdom  called Khitan in Northern China, so later Cathay became an alternate name for China during history even after that kingdom taken over by Han Chinese.
  • Why don't these Japanese companies export?
  • Well very focused on their own local market and some of their phones may not even work on most countries as they have different radio bands I think. Its been always been this way, especially on pre-iPhone days, their features phones seems more advanced than some actual smartphones. It's packed with hardware and software features that only these days became so mainstream on modern smartphones. Sent from Turing Machine
  • OMG just like the kind of specs I'm looking for, Lumia 650 is too down par. I need a real upgrade from my Lumia 830. Hope this phone get released world wide. From Blarney's NL83 windows 10 windows central UWA
  • Where do you live?  It is a Coship BVC X1 (Chinese phone).  Available in USA from Amazon as Coship Moly X1 for $299.  Available in Europe as Funker W5.5 Pro.
  • The probably don't export due to licencing arrangements under there 'home market' name. I thought windows wasn't very popular in Japan. Sure I read it on WC somewhere. Maybe the continuity in the reborn world of windows has something to do with it, maybe it's due to the ability to work on android hardware saving a shedload of r&D? Whatever, it's good to see the market for OEM's expanding, what we really want to see is sales!
  • .
  • Love to see all these new phones in Japan. Hope they are going to sell heaps. But why do people here continue to pick on that poor Lumia 650? Just because of it's "low specs"? I just bought one a few days ago for a very good price and I don't miss anything. It's absolutely fluent and a pleasure to use. Absolutely on par with my 640XL. Both running on .218. Feels light but solid in the hand, has a beautiful screen and produces nice photos at least in daylight. Why is it always about specs specs specs? Shouldn't it rather be about the general user experience?
  • Exactly well said,the phone runs well,no problem's touch wood. Windows central W10M 650
  • interesting Name , Cathay is an alternative name China, originated to an ancient kingdom called Khi-Tan in northern China. so not sure this company is a real "japanese-based"
  • I just want a Sony Xperia running W10
  • This is a bit confused now. There are all of sudden companies making windows phones while Microsoft is quiet this year and media talked *** about windows phone is about to for. It is not dying at all so far. And waiting for surface phone
  • Just if Chinese manufacturers got on board as well for Indian Markets Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • The phones Microsoft practically throwing away in the US, it would be nice if these prices were available in developing countries as it would provide interesting penetration and besides these affordable prices are what they need, like the dirt cheap 640s and so on Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • I really hope Windows 10 Mobile marketshare increases big in the next few quarters in Japan with all these local OEMs releasing great mobile devices!
  • Wish someone would release a phone with specs like this in the U.S. WE have a giant hole here in the mid range area.
  • All ranges are lacking in the US. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~