Join the ranks of ethical hackers with this $39 training bundle

It seems like not a day goes by without another story breaking about a cyber attack on a major corporation or government agency. Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at infiltrating secure firewalls and stealing everything from national security secrets to intellectual property, and they're becoming more skillful by the day.

And although it may come as a surprise, the only person who can fight back against a hacker is another hacker. Known as ethical or "white hat" hackers, these cyber warriors are in high demand in both the public and private sectors. Right now, thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers, the 2019 Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle is available for just $39, 99 percent off the regular price of $4,883.

With ten courses and over 180 hours of instruction led by industry pros, this bundle will give you the skills and tools you need in order to land a lucrative career as an ethical hacker.

After an introduction to the basic terminologies and methodologies of the field, you'll learn how to enact firewalls in a variety of environments, create retaliatory attacks against hackers, build apps that can infiltrate foreign systems, and much more.

There's also instruction that teaches you how to integrate Python and other programming languages into your projects.

Save almost $5,000 off this Ethical Hacker Master Class bundle!

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Become an in-demand ethical hacker with the 2019 Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle for just $39, which is 99 percent off its usual $4,883 price for a limited time.

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