Join us for Microsoft's #FutureUnleashed with Satya Nadella

Microsoft is hosting a unique event in Mumbai, India on November 5-6 and Windows Central's Abhishek Baxi is there covering it!

The first ever edition of Future Unleashed promises to be a uniquely curated, future-centric technology conference and will see keynotes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft.

The event will see participation from an eclectic group from across industries and all walks of life to envision how technology will empower the lives of a billion plus Indians and will allow one to keep up with the dramatic pace of technological change in India.

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Tune into our Live Blog for the keynote starting on November 5 at 9:30 AM (local time in India) or today, November 4 at 8:00 PM PST, 11 PM EST.

Live Blog: Satya Nadella at Future Unleashed in India

And here is a recap of what Future Unleashed is all about and the schedule.

The Business Day

The first day of the event is for CXOs of large enterprises or mid-market organizations who are looking at new innovations in the digital world.

The day will see keynotes from global visionaries like Satya Nadella, Anand Mahindra, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nisa Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products, and philanthropist and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty amongst others.

The event will feature a tailored selection of roundtables and briefings to explore key trends, identify opportunities, address common challenges, and spark new ideas. There will also be an immersive zone to let you experience the future solutions to enable the enterprises of tomorrow.

The Technical Day

The second day of the event is geared towards developers, architects, and IT Implementers or decision makers, and fittingly Scott Guthrie will keynote the day.

The event will feature the best of technical content delivered by the leading experts in Cloud, Mobility, Data & Analytics, IOT, Modern Web, and more. You'd be able to connect with Microsoft partners at the Expo, engage with experts, and view compelling demos.

For more details of the event, click here:{.nofollow}

The messaging around the 'first edition' implies a consistent event property and not a one-off conference. However, it is a departure from Microsoft TechEd, the annual developer and IT pro event that Microsoft holds in many countries, including India. Mind you, it's not a consumer-focused event, so don't hope for any product launches or availability announcements. I'll be there at the event and will bring you all the updates from the ground.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Interesting
  • Future technology is always fun. :)
  • @Rockartisten:
    Is it, without cloud services?!
  • interesting what they did to OneDrive service....unleashed all kinds of hate and angry people
  • Its the future guys! The future is 5GB of storage!
    The hashtag should be replace with #RageUnleashed      
  • If Apple did this a few years ago, all Steve Jobs would have had to say is "5GB is the perfect amount of space everyone in the world needs." And millions of apple fan boys everywhere would cheer and clap their hands and call us all fools for wanting more.
  • I guess those have been replaced by Windows/Microsoft Fanboys ... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No Win/MS fanboy is clapping their hands at this, you moron.
  • Abhishek, if you get one question, ask Satya why he's decided to torpedo the OneDrive service.
    (Perhaps Nadella is Microsoft's version of Nokia's Elop....a Trojan horse of a CEO, designed to ruin the company from the inside!)
  • Yes he raised the company's stock price his entire time there only to kill it. Don't be so hyperbolic. If you want people to take you seriously, come up with serious things to say.
  • Axmantim....Microsoft's resident Windows Central PR guy!
    If Microsoft want us to take them seriously, they simply can't behave in the way they are. OneDrive is the unifying service for pretty much all Microsoft services. Undermining it in this way under such RIDICULOUS pretences is doing so much damage.
    This isn't just a localised storm like the Xbox DRM thing....this is one that undermines every one of Microsoft's services. The removal of placeholder's was bad enough - but punishing ALL customers simply because some people abused the unlimited storage offer....
    That's just utter madness.
    Either Microsoft are serious about cloud storage - or they get out the space entirely.
  • What you said. Plus the 15GB for uploading your photos was an entry point to the MS world for Android and iOS users. Now they have no reason to give MS a second look.
  • Except Office... The point is Microsoft was probably losing a lot of money on free storage no one wanted to pay for. So instead they are getting out of the free storage game and setting it up for productivty storage with Office 365. They obviously dont want to do backups or huge blueray collections (unlimited storage). And they dont want people having 30+ gigs of free storage so they can sell their storage plans. Im not saying I like it. I think its stupid to not have 15gb for free storage. I am just saying I get it. People just dont want to pay for anything anymore. If you want storage and want OneDrive storage at that pay $2 a month for 50 gb (or get in now on the 100 gb) or pay $7 a month and get a TB.
  • The point is they handed it out like free candy then snatched it back. that is called burning bridges. Personally i have an office 365 subscription and im not even using 5 percent of my storage so to me this is about ethics and nothing else.
  • Thank you for someone with logic! I dont like the downgrade from 15gb to 5gb, and I have 2 office subscriptions (one personal, and one for school - home and pro plus)  so I went from unlimited to 2 TB, and I probably only end up using 500GB at most, it doesnt affect me. I dont like the change, but it is a smart buisness plan from Microsoft, they are a cloud services company now, so that means they need to make a profit on cloud services. If it means some people spend $7 a month on Office 365, and losing some people who wernt paying for it in the first place, thats a good business decision. - the users may not like it, but hey, if you arnt paying, are you really in the right to complain?​
  • Well, no apps and now no 15GB OneDrive then no Windows phone for me. Thanks MS.
  • @ASirolly. Good business decision?????????? How is pissing off your user base ergo your revenue stream good business? Cloud providers need trust more than anything else. You are placing your data in their hands and you expect them to a)safe guard that data b)not to turn around say you have been abusing a service SOLD AS UNLIMITED by using 75 TB of data. QUESTIONABLE CONTENT IS COVERED BY THE TOS.
  • The people that are alienated are the free users, most personal users wont be using over 1TB worth of data for cloud storage (if they dont backup all their movies and PCs) - free users arnt generating revenue. While some free users leave, others stary subscribing to Office 365. - If the people that stop paying because they lose their unlimited is less than the number of people that start paying to get more data it makes this decision worth it from a business perspective. Its not a popular decision, but if it starts generating more revenue (which is the only reason they would do this) then its a good buisness decision.​ - and you are still getting your unlimited data that you payed for. Once your one year subscription cycle is over, well you are paying for the new contract. Microsoft never broke any of their agreements. you did pay for unlimited data, and you are getting it. Now if you subscribe, you are paying for 1TB of data.
  • @Scabrat. Sell them storage plans? They are removing 100 and 200 Gig offerings and replacing them with a 50 Gig plan. How does that help???? It gives new users less choice. Don't get me started on the rest of their decision. There is literally no rational explanation about this at all.
  • That is something serious.
    Sorry to break your bubble.
    But Microsoft definitely shot themselves hard.
    Everyone will be affected. So much for a great entry point for ios and Android users to invest in Microsoft services. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Two things: 1) Satya has been with Microsoft for over 20 years. It's not like he was hired over from Google. 2) CEO's don't have to sign-off on everything. In large companies they only sign-off on major things. For example, I work at a company with dozens of divisions and 300k+ associates globally. Our CEO doesn't have time to look at what every single division is doing. Instead, they hand responsibility over to division heads, and division boards. So, in the case of the OneDrive decision, all though it may seem major to us, it isn't necessarily something that requires his sign-off. Instead, the head of OneDrive most likely made the decision, or gave the final sign-off. However, he could have  been given an order from Satya or other higher-ups to cut down on the OneDrive divisions operational costs. 
  • I go to a school with quite a few microsoft interns, and at one of the panels they said that each division of Microsoft is like its own little company. If people want to complain they should complain to the onedrive Product Managers.
  • I've heard this too.  CEOs rarely are involved unless it's something major... given the outcry of this, I guess the OneDrive team didn't expect it to be as major as they it would be.  Hopefully Satya steps in and fixes this, since he often has to clean up other people's messes too from the past.
  • Agreed. I think he is probably getting involved (or other high level execs like Myerson) behind the scenes. But ultimately, all communication will most likely come from the OneDrive team, as this is "their mess".
  • That's pretty much how it is in all large, multi-division companies. These companies reach a point where it just isn't feasible for the CEO to be involved/aware of every decision and project throughout the entire company. Something major, like say the Surface Book, which is a new high-value product that could cost the company hundreads of millions, gets his attention. Decisions to improve operation costs of a division, are handled by the division head, unless the CEO really needs to be involved (like if they were cutting 50% of the staff).
  • Interesting take, But Elop would have been an MS plant, who would have planted Nadella? So no. Anyway, this screwdrive move was not very mastermindly (opiniated me reacting powerlessly). Did WC take a stance yet? I would repair by reinstating the 15 amd upping with 10. I'd say 25 is fair for photos and movies up load from W10 phones (not writing this for my benefit, already being on Office+TB). Match and raise google on the 100GB thing, still making it desirable to go for Office with the TB. Then mastermind could be back. Make all offers both monthly and annually. And add higher options, 5 or 10 TB option?
  • I was gonna say the same thing. Please ask this question and let him know we are outraged.
  • I'm not sure he's there to ruin things, but he's supposed to believe in the importance of mobile and the cloud. Making the cloud services less attractive contradicts his own philosophy.
  • Making Microsoft more profitable is his job, it is literally his number one top priority task while he is CEO, obviously he will want to do that by making customers happy but it's not always possible. Brand loyalty and fanboyism is stupid, Microsoft is a corporation, they exist to make money and they will not hesitate to do anything that will make them more profit in the long run, this is exactly what every corporation in the world is like. As I mentioned in another post, Microsoft stated that the average user has 5.7GB (Or something like that), the new free storage is 5GB, this means millions of users will eventually get an email saying they need to pay for storage or they will loose their data. A much smaller amount of people (who were getting things for free or not paying much in the first place) will be so upset about this change that they will stop using OneDrive. Overall, Microsoft will make a huge profit from this change and that will help drive cloud revenue higher. Microsoft being successful allows them to continue throwing money at things like Windows Phone which operates at a loss, as in every business in the world, any loss needs to be compensated by something else. In short, this change may suck for a few people, but it's a good change for the future of Microsoft and all of their products.
  • That is a seriously rose tinted analysis.
    OneDrive is more than just one individual Microsoft business. It is a unifying service that makes it that much easier for one person to get heavily tied in to the Microsoft package. Remember, MS is in a tricky place right now. Windows sales are contracting...Windows Phone is struggling. Xbox is losing to the PS4.
    It simply cannot afford for OneDrive to be inferior to its competitors. As it stands right now, Google and Mega offer more free storage, & iCloud offers cheaper paid storage under the 100GB threshold...
    Microsoft are pricing themselves out of a market that was a real shining light for them.
    They cannot afford to burn their customers like this.
  • Let me tell u about Xbox that consoles are sold at a loss bith Xbox and ps4. Though sales wise Sony has the lead but when it comes to buying games and Xbox live Microsoft is winning.
  • This! From nor in this should be THE question every Microsoft Executive has to face at every event!
  • I doubt Satya had anything to do with this.  "Cloud First, Mobile First" was HIS mantra, and the OneDrive Team obviously have their own plans up their sleeve.  He's been busy on the road and especially with the upcoming keynote in India.  CEOs rarely have to sign off on things.  I have a Sales friend who works at Microsoft, and apparently even the staff are furious at this because they look like idiots who were unaware of this change. There's obviously a big disconnect with the OneDrive team (and the Skype team) with the overall One Microsoft vision.
  • Ya, offering less FREE storage definitely equates to being a Trojan horse. Microsoft's earnings have been incredible under does that equate to ruining a company again?
  • 1. Microsoft must bring the OneDrive smart files back. 2. MS must give the people min. 15 GB of free storage, otherwise the people will start to use google drive again. No need to talk about any further topics before that changes.
  • "people will start to use google drive again" I think you mean Dropbox.  Not that many people use GDrive except for business users.
  • I guess going backwards is the new forward? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Holy crap,  give it a rest with the onedrive stuff. 
  • seriously
  • You agree with Adams?
  • I know I agree with Adams. This is the new "Release the new phones NOW!" refrain. Folks are upset, I get it. But constant whingeing about it in comment sections of articles not even remotely related to the One Drive issue does nothing, helps no one.
  • This isn't whinging. It runs far deeper. When trust is destroyed, nothing else is going to matter. The least worst thing that can happen is a grovelling climb down. Even so, the damage is done now.
  • Yeah. Though the comments is indeed appropriate but the the trust is destroyed and alot of people are simply pissed off. Its the same feeling as being betrayed. This is the result of bad​ PR and rash decisions. They had an advantage and with just a snap of a finger they turn their top-notch service into average service that breeds hate.
  • I'm not defending the One Drive fiasco. Trust me when I say I was far from pleased when I heard they cut the storage space. But this barrage of complaints is only making people negative and hateful.
  • I think that's the point. We don't just shrug it off anymore, we are vocal when we are wronged and it's the ONLY good part of social media at this point.
  • & why shouldn't we be negative?!!
  • Its funny. My guess is 99.9% of the customers of onedrive are not affected at all by this. For the .1% I totally agree with their loss of space. The rest are free customers and havent paid for the service. Free aint good enough anymore. My point being, there is a lot of complaining about something that either is free or is not really affecting people.
  • It is all related. They are selling this dream that the cloud is the future. But they crippled the cloud in Windows 10 and now crippling it for loyal customers in Office. Why should I buy a new device now? Is Microsoft now just a devices company? My ordinary use is backup and global use of files. Instantaneous backup of my photo and video treasures of my children growing up. Accessing my music anywhere. I am a customer likely 5 or 10GB over 1TB. Now they want to charge me for more storage when I already signed up on the promise of more. Live account, Gold member, Groove subscriber. They promised me storages for all of it. Band wearer. RT first gen.
  • I'm begining to think the WC community is almost like an angry mob, that needs something to rant and rave over. It's always doom and gloom, it seems. 
  • You only need to look at Microsoft's behaviour to see why we always have so much need to complain!
    I am tired of seeing Microsoft snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They just don't seem to EVER have a coherent strategy.
  • You have been more clear in the past, may I ask whether this is in agreement this is off topic or a substantive reply. I posted substantively ^. I of course accept an off topic position, but am also curious about WC's understanding of this OneDrive/screwdrive move. Painfully perceiving this as a self screwing marketing fail.
  • Dan, are you agreeing with Steve Adams on this?!
    Your silence on the whole issue has been surprising to say the least....but if you REALLY think we are just going to let this one slide, then you really don't understand your audience.
    There are lines in the sand that a company like MS just cannot cross. This is one of them.
  • I agree spinzeroWL. Our community leaders need to clarify their position. This isn't going away. If Dan isn't interested when we are incensed then we can take our traffic to another blog.
    Normally an avid reader, I'm struggling to find interest in WC articles on any other topic.
  • I absolutely agree with this.
    All the other articles are just fluff around the edges. Windows Central's silence on this topic is deafening and v.v.frustrating.
  • Wrong. Microsoft needs to great what a colossal bad decision this is until their eyes and ears bleed.
    This is a dagger in the back aimed squarely at Consumers who have just begun to think that maybe Microsoft is worth considering as alternative to Apple or Google. Who will have Amy confidence that's it's a wise idea to place your eggs in Microsoft's basket now. Seriously, what they have done, how they have done it, and the faked excuse they have given simply reinforces the feeling that dealing with Microsoft is just the same as dealing with your company at work. They're not going to attract new customers that way, they will repel them.
  • To be honest I've been on MS's side during this whole thing, and I still am tired of people whining about this. But the truth is, when I think about it, the 15GB to 5GB thing seems like a bad idea. I'm sure many people signed up just because of that, and now they realize they got screwed (It's a trust issue too). Maybe they could have kept the deal for old users, and capped new free subscriptions to 5GB. But maybe I don't know and the people at MS did their math and realized anything above that is not sustainable. The unlimited thing is 100% understandable though. It shouldn't have existed in the first place Anyway, I'm tired of hearing about it too, and I'm paying the $6.99 plan, so I'm not concerned. Just had to say that
  • Not exactly moving forward.
    Or future unleashing.
    Fits rightly in this article Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah! give it a rest. Instead lets hear Nadella talk about cloud: less, mobile: distant third.
  • Give it a rest? That's what the OneDrive team wants you to do.. to let it quiet down so they can get away with it.  The more uproar and the more it drags on, the better the chances of positive change.
  • You deserve a medal! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oyaug was being sarcastic :).
    Instead of the cloud first, mobile first mantra...they were saying the quote should now be;
    "cloud...less, mobile...third"
  • I just tweeted him about OneDrive.
  • I just wrote him a notarized letter that even paying for OneDrive, with O365 it's still the best deal around. Wax stamped that ish with local beeswax melted with fire from a burning pile of last year's iPhones.
  • I didn't get the I'll be there part, Dan will you be in India for the event?
  • Abeshiek is based in India... hence he'll be there.
  • Nadella should stay there.
  • Abhishek Baxi, thanks for covering the event.
  • #FutureUnleashed* (* future actually leashed)
  • Wen in India?
  • OK, here this line is actually funny
  • I couldn't resist.
  • Wait, do you actually work for Dbrands?
  • Soon. :P
  • 47 minutes.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You know this guy is smart because his head is shaped like an E.T. I like where this is going.
  • They're not going to have one if they keep going back on their word, and making stupid decisions like they just made with OneDrive. Consumers can't trust Microsoft because of crap like that.
  • Only if I want to throw up in my mouth a little.
  • You have odd hobbies.
  • Lol
  • Will I get an extra Tb of one drive storage every time he mentions the cloud? As an Office 365 subscriber who looks at potentially spending $600 on a new phone soon and likely $1600 on a Surface device soon, how much is my business worth to him? Would be my 3rd Lumia and 4th Windows Phone. Waiting on my third Band and will trade my RT for either Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. How much goodwill is lost nickel and diming a small user like me? 3000 votes an hour say it won't pay. Google is also syncing my photos, but not from my phone. I'll listen until he tells me my business matters. And the 3rd time I hear about the cloud or Windows everywhere.
  • #FutureConstricted. "In order to give you the best experience possible, we've decided to decimate OneDrive storage, cut SSD space in half for all Surface products, halve the writing speed of the SSD's in our premium products, and TRIPLE THE REVENUE!" 
  • Who do they think they are, Apple? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why is the liveblog for the keynote taking place at different times?
  • Different time zone...
  • i know that. the hour would change but that doesnt explain the 30 min
  • Wonder if he'll dare to spout his cloud first mantra in the face of this universal condemnation
  • When in America?
  • I wish Microsoft would charge $602.00 instead of $600.00 for a new phone....
    Or $1202.00 instead of $1200.00 for a new surface.... And then tell everyone their freaking OneDrive is free again. Imbed it in the cost of the stuff we apparently think it is normal to actually PAY for, then we can believe again that something is FREE. Nothing is Free.
  • so how do we watch a live stream of the keynote, according to this site it starts in 40 min (at the time this was posted), according to the future unleashed site it starts in 11 hours and 40 min...
  • I gotta say Microsoft seems a bit bipolar especially since Mr Nadella's star has been in the heavens. What a rollercoaster ride. Reminds me of a couple of emotionally abusive relationships ive endured.
  • It's because unfortuantely the company is still too large and the teams act too independent of each other.  It seems like the Surface Team and Enterprise teams are the only ones on top of things.  I hope Satya cleans up OneDrive's mess just like he had to do major clean up of all the other mess from the past.
  • You might want to include the Skype mess as well. The service is good but the apps suck big time.
  • Except you signed up for a month to month service which essentially means you are signing a new contract every month. A contract that is subject to change. It just so happens that contract for unlimited service remained the same for a long time. Now Microsoft has changed the terms. Microsoft has the right to change the terms because you are renewing month to month. By the same token, you can refuse to renew your contract with Microsoft on a month to month basis. If you had a two year or some sort of long term contract with Microsoft for OneDrive storage, I would say you had a case for being angry. But as is, the people complaining about a breach of trust don't have a leg to stand on.
  • Well, that doesn't explain A)penalising the entire user base on the pretext some where using the unlimited service as ADVERTISED. Yes, some of the stored content may have breached the TOS, which are grounds for locking down the offending accounts not neutering your entire user base. B)removing both the 100 and 200 gig option and replacing it with a single 50 Gig option so you either pay for 1Tb and office 365 or reduce your stored content or find another service. C) by giving less consumer choice they are less competitive. D) the camera roll bonus has been there for a long time and many utilize it, now this will impact sale decisions with the upcoming 950 and XL. E)Most importantly, the trust has been broken, I doubt many would want to use OneDrive anymore, as after all tomorrow they could turn around and say. "We are going to reduce the storage offered with office 365 to 500 Gigs. Etc etc".
    They could have easily locked down the offending accounts. Grandfathered in the people who are using 1 TB+. Put the 1TB limit on new plans, offer the 50 Gig option alongside the 100 / 200 Gig options plus incremental data 1 TB add-ons.
    Grandfather in the users using 15GB free space, reduce to 10 Gb for new accounts and kept the camera roll bonus as is.
    So yes, there is literally no rational behind this decision. They've gone beyond full retard.
  • +950 XL Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe they could not isolate the offending accounts because they don't have the technology for querying the quota database... Wait... No, they do have SQL server and Linq and whatnot.
  • Proud to use Lumia with 15GB. Shame to know Lumia has 10GB ripped off by Microsoft.
  • Serious issue of reducing the "cloud first" limit to 5Gb still remains.