LIVE NOW: Join us for Satya Nadella at #FutureUnleashed in India

We're here at the Future Unleashed a uniquely curated, future-centric technology conference in Mumbai, India. Starting at t 9:30 AM local time (8:00 PM PST, 11 PM EST) the event will feature Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for the keynote around 55 minutes into the conference.

Tune into our live blog for the event!

The two-day event will see participation from an eclectic group from across industries and all walks of life to envision how technology will empower the lives of a billion plus Indians and will allow one to keep up with the dramatic pace of technological change in India.

While the event kicks off with a welcome address from Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India at 9:30 AM local time (8:00 PM PST), Satya's keynote will start at 10:25 AM. The day will also see keynotes from global visionaries like Anand Mahindra, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nisa Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products, and philanthropist and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty amongst others.

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Join Windows Central's Abhishek Baxi for our live blog of the keynote!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Off Topic:- Can anyone tell, what is the use of 'Install Local App' in WP, since we don't have xap or appx file of app in our hand?
  • Go to windows store on browsers like UC browser and download the file. Go to store and click install local apps. Install. Download is faster that that of store.
  • The option of"Download and install manually" is disabled on the new store.
  • That's awful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well i want to join windows central as a tech enthusiast here in India can i join u guys coz i will not get a job in Microsoft right now and I like to knw all the info about windows mobile specifically
  • Correct. This is the future Decelerating.
  • If you want to be truly happy, work for yourself!
  • Are these people just standing on stage and saying nothing? Not sure of the point of this live blog yet.
  • Progress seems faster when in India.
  • wonder what his OneDrive quota is? does he have the 15 GB of camera roll bonus?
  • I really hope they take that back and don't go with it. It's a bummer. I had a Lumia 1020 and i uploaded tons of large size pictures on OneDrive. I'm sure many of us did. I'm downloading my collection I'm preparation. :(
  • I had a 920 then moved to 930, wife has a 1020 and looking at getting a 950, all our photos are stored online and shared between each other. we lose 40 GB worth of storage between us for all our photos. i used to make photo backups on usb portables and store them at my inlaws and my parents, but it was too hard to keep up to date, especially seeing wifes parents live nearly 500 km away with one drive i would just sync it to their pcs remotley, simple , easy, effective and always up to date... what am i to do now? MS dont relise its not just storae they are taking away, most of will have to re-work our daily process. I hate to say it, but i might have to go to lagdroid to keep my integration as simple as possible, as much as it pains me to admit it  
  • Use Google Photos. Ummmm not from your phone, cause Windows Phone doesn't have it. Use Google Photos Desktop version.
  • This is going to be the new normal. Then, when Google releases a GDrive App for WinMo, Satya's most acids visions will wonder why they bother playing "Microsoft in the middle" and bout just worth to Droid or Fruit.
  • He uses iCloud.
  • Hope there is a on demand stream for later viewing.
  • I thought India was trying to get rid of non-Hindus from the country. Isn't Shiv Sena like completely against anyone foreign in their country. I mean, aren't they killing people over eating beef, etc?
    Just in case someone says I'm making things up... I'm adding a link.
  • No, nothing new. The Dadri Scandal is nothing new, the politicians who have political concern with that matter are arguing this point. For more references search more.
  • I did...
  • Let's use this place to discuss technology only. Let's limit the political issues and discussion of issues that have been blown out of proportion to news sites please.
  • New reports indicate that Shiv Sena is actually a part of Pakistan Tourism. That is why they're saying everyone who's not a Hindu should go to Pakistan.
  • Its actually the other way around. The majoritarian feelings aren't respected enough. Mind games are played using votebank politics.
  • As you can see from this referance it is not entirely true. It is just dirty politics and their blind, mindless followers. You can't judge whole contry on besis of their view.
  • Expect a pakistani to turn any Indian story into a shitstorm. LOL now a country named as Islamic republic of Pakistan will teach India secularism. You guys have already committed genocide with minorities being left to less than 1% of population with Hindus and Christians massacred or converted from the 12% share during independence. Wheras in India minorities have risen to 20% of population and can become president or prime minister unlike bigoted Pakistan constitution.
  • Wow. You guys are all a "shitstorm".
  • It's like saying USA is trying to get rid of all immigrants just because Donald Trump wants so, is it fair??? Just coz few ppl are too ignorant to acknowledge the importance of other sections of society, u cannot blame it to the whole country
  • Guys is it my phone or Build 10581 doesn't support updates from the Wnindows store at the moment.
  • I know since the Store update, the live tile doesn't work. But apps do update.
  • Surface in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WenInIndia
  • It's great the SP4 is coming to India (finally! :D), but I was hoping they'd announce Surface 3 and SP3 for India as well, as they'd be relatively cheaper now. #GoMicrosoft
  • Those budget devices will be marketed by OEMs like HP,Dell,Acer etc.
  • Surface pro 4 coming in jan fuck yeah.
  • Any place which is safe for muslim is only India...this windows central ..we are here to talk about Technology...Chutiyapanti mat kr yahan @sholokov
  • +920
  • Exactly 
  • Only Surface Pro 4? What about Surface Book or Surface 3. Will they come to India? And any word on arrival of Microsoft Band?
  • And their prices too, how expensive are they going to be India, especially compared to the iPads????
  • If Microsoft wants Surfaces to sell well in India, the starting price should not be more than 50k (including Type Cover). 
  • Wow!! that feels great to hear ARR uses Surface for Staffpad app.
  • ARR uses Surface? OMG he is a heavy Apple user! i need to see keynote's video on demand!
  • here is what he needs to "unleash" in India be a bit more vocal about their existing services in ads i am talking about mobile ads, they have phones in 5000 rupees range but no ads, last ad of lumia was of 535 that played on tv had a spanish song playing in background they have "career billing" for app payment even on prepaid with idea cellular, but neither idea nor microsoft is interested in promoting this... samsung launched the ativ s at the time the smartphone market took a jump with the s3, but it was never launched in India, i mean people were flocking to the samsung stores in India for the s3, i am sure it would have helped the sales of the Ativ S as well, considering it looked more substancial with that aluminium finish.  none of the surface devices ever launched in India, the nokia chennai plant was sold off, and no availibility of lumia devices on multi brand stores 
  • OMG, this is why WinMobile is going to fail.  He pulls out an iPhone to talk about mobile?  Holy sheet, we've all been really kidding ourselves trying to explain that WinMobile has a future. The only future it has is on iOS and Android.  How utterly disappointing.