KDDI, Fujitsu-Toshiba and Microsoft Japan set July 27th for Mango event?

Just the other day it was revealed, surprisingly, that KDDI of Japan (via their mobile operator brand 'AU'), will be launching the Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T (still love that name!) in July. What makes this big news of course is that this will be the first "Mango" device in the world to go on sale.

Now we're getting word that KDDI, Fujitsu-Toshiba and Microsoft Japan are set to make it official by having a press event on July 27th. Evidently media invites have gone out and yes, they plan on showing off and announcing the pink-n-waterproof handset for the Japanese market--the first Windows Phone for Japan and the first worldwide with Mango.

Combined with that Nokia Sea Ray leak and confirmation that it is running Windows Phone 7 build 7710, which is RTM and guess what folks? We're pretty sure Mango is way, way closer than we thought.

Source: Gigazine; via Nanapho

Daniel Rubino

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  • Until now I was hoping for launch in September but expected it to be in October - but looks like that even August might be a possibility!
  • Well I think MS will let new phones with Mango go on sale ahead of rolling out the update to everyone else, so I think if phones go on sale in Aug, then the updates to first gen devices would still probably be a few weeks later in Sept. Keeps the OEMs and Carriers happy that way.
  • I think they may release both at the same time - but since updates are not exactly fast, that will give new devices a headstart.
  • But Microsoft Build ( in September.If Mango is ready would they not likely want to release it at their own show? If not, what will Build have for Windows Phone? If Mango already is out in September - will Build start talking about Apollo?Interesting times indeed...
  • I think Build will be mostly about Windows 8 and tablets. It is not a user-oriented conference anyway - so I doubt there will be any significant end user releases during it.
  • BUILD is a developers conference focused on developing for Microsoft in general. Focus will be more on the new developing platform for Windows 8, WP7 and Xbox. So i dont think they will anounce anyhitng.
  • Fantastic news all around. New Mango phones coming ahead of schedule, including Sea Ray. WOW! Let's hope the update process is a little more refined so that the schedule can be close to new product release. Bring it on.
  • I have a proposal for the carriers. It seems they don't want to allow updates to come out because they think we won't buy new phones. How about you give me an update if I don't have an upgrade available. block me If I have an upgrade available, this will force me to buy a new phone. deal? Anyway I would totally buy a new phone if we could buy at a cheap-er price everytime. say $200 just re-upping on a contract every time. why not, I ain't leaving sprint, snd I'm not buying a new phone If I don't have an upgrade available. I'm pretty sure about 98% of the people are the same way.
  • yes that is why i didn't go with Trophy on verizon because of that reason. I don't trust Verizon with updates but if Microsoft could pull it off, then i will go with any carriers. Currnetly using crappy Pre plus...
  • with Ltre coming out, my understanding is that cdma and gsm wont make much if any difference at least I have heard words to that effect
  • Please have new wp7 phone models have Front Face Camera and Dual Core Processors......