We all value our privacy, and when have so much of our lives online, that privacy and security is paramount. It's far too often that people are the victims of identity theft, doxing, and worse, so having a quality VPN to protect the anonymity of your online browsing habits is a great idea.

FreeDome VPN from F-Secure is another VPN service that completely protecting your identity and keeping your browsing traffic anonymous to your ISP and other computers on your network. It's great for encrypting your data when using public Wi-Fi networks and right now you can get a one-year subscription for just $30. With a regular retail price of $80 you be saving 62% through this deal from Windows Central Digital Offers. The other wonderful benefit of a VPN is the ability to stream tens of thousands of movies, TV shows, sports events, and more from around the world. Having a quality VPN can help you completely bypass geo-restrictions, so you can get to the content you want now.

A VPN service is great but only if you know that the VPN service itself isn't the one tracking your online activity. With FreeDome, you can rest assured that you're secure online as they have a zero traffic logging policy and will never restrict your bandwidth. If you've been putting off buying a VPN or are afraid of committing to a long-term plan this is the deal you've been waiting for!

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