Last time Kik Messenger, the popular IM app that we use a lot around here, received an update was way back in October. That was the big Mango update which was very popular due to all the new features.

Just now we got the notice that version 2.1 is on the Marketplace though there's no changelog to be found, leaving us to guess what has been altered. The one thing we notice right away is it seems faster to us e.g. a "performance update" but we're human and prone to placebo effects, so perhaps not. Other than that there's no new features to be found which is a bit dissapointing...then again we're really not sure what we're missing either.

Update: As noted in comments by ptosan, their blog has the details:

"Now, you can have longer conversations without interruption and the app (conversations, included!) will load faster. We’ve also updated the keyboard for smoother typing. We’ve taken measures to improve the overall WP7 experience and performance."

Grab Kik here in the Marketplace for free.

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