The Kodi app for Xbox One is coming, but still a way off

Since Kodi first announced that there would be a proper UWP version of its app for Windows 10 and Xbox One, there's been a lot of interest. Understandably. The team has now issued an update on progress and while there's nothing imminently heading our way, things are moving in the right direction.

From the latest developer blog:

You might wonder where the UWP version is that a lot of you are longing for so they can run it on their Xbox One? All we can say is that it is being worked on and work is slowly progressing. Getting Kodi running as 64-bit is actually a big step towards UWP because it involved the same external libraries issue that needed to be solved and compiled.However on top of that we have to change or remove over 800 function calls that are not permitted or unavailable and those need to be solved for having a functional application. So for now there's no UWP yet. Should this change we will be the first to let you know.

The news comes alongside the announcement that from version 18, Leia, Kodi will be available as a full 64-bit application for Windows. In the quest for UWP, this was also an important step as detailed in the quote above.

So we need to be patient and wait a little longer. But the Kodi team is pretty transparent when it comes to updates on what they're working on, and they're committed to making a UWP version happen. We can't wait for the day it arrives.

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Richard Devine
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