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Use Kraken for Windows Phone to monitor rates for Kraken’s Bitcoin Exchange

There are a handful of exchanges out there if you’re looking to trade your local currency with an electronic currency like Bitcoin. Coinbase and MtGox are two of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges, but there are a quite a few others if you want choice. Kraken ( (opens in new tab)) is one of those exchanges and there’s a new app by the same name in the Windows Phone Store to keep you posted to current rates for various cryptocurrencies.

This is an unofficial app that does one thing and one thing well – keeps you informed on the current market rate for currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Namecoin and others. You can view the exchange rate for those currencies against others like the US Dollar and Euro.

Need some more Bitcoin apps? We covered one called Blockchain back in the summer that brought wallet integration. You can also use Bitcoin to purchase items in the Windows Phone Central Store.

The app is free (no ads) and available for folks on Windows Phone 8. The developer does include his Bitcoin address so you can send donations if you’re interested. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below. 

  • Given AAPL got rid of all the Bitcoin apps on their site I wonder if MSFT will follow. I certainly blame them. From an investor peraspective Bitcoins have fraud written all over them.
  • someone obvisually does not understand how bitcoin works
  • You are correct about that. I haven't looked into it too much. However, Central Banks all over the world have looked into it and they are saying basically the same thing. I think it was a smart move for AAPL to distance itself from the whole topic. I also believe MSFT would be smart to follow suit.
  • I agree with you. People investing significantly in bitcoin might be better served putting their money in a slot machine in Vegas.
  • Why do you think central banks say that? :) Because it poses a huge threat to their existance; there's no need for banks with bitcoin.
  • Lay off with the unicorn libertarian rethoric...bitcoin is a baseless form of currency that is prone to high volatility of I flation and defltion, fraud, non security, etc......ctral banks simply laugh at the idea that bit coin poses any threat to them...for once, this is actually a fair advise.....if you are so worries about you currency, and dont want to waste time(yes its a waste) on gold, then best is to invest in other goods, such as corn... Ling term has better track record than gold... If you want to roll the dice go ahead... Vegas casino is more fun though!
  • Release the kraken
  • What do we say to Bitcoin? Not today. Not ever. No.
  • Bitcoin is a commodity, not a currency--despite what all the tech enthusiasts are pushing.
  • As much as Id like to see "internet money" thrive and become viable, I cant help but agree with you
  • A commodity? Really???? has no value or backing to have any is it that bitcon is a good or a service? It serves no purpose or creates anything.... At least gold has a small argument that its used on some "gold connector cables"...though this only represents less than 2% of all gold production
  • I mined for some time, but eventually gave up on the whole trading and mining bitcoins idea. The effort isn't worth it anymore.
  • Omg I love that logo so much...
  • I was too late to the bitcoin game in terms of mining, but I did get into mining litecoin, and have been trading successfully on it does take some work, but crypto currency is real, and there are many people who have made millions off of it. Granted, the chance of that happening again with another coin is very low. But litecoin is definitely number two and is gaining. I think Microsoft should embrace it fully, add crypto currencies to their Bing stock market app.
  • Can someone please explain to me why I should be interested in something like Bitcoin. I have some investigation but don't really see the need or purpose for this. How are Bitcoins better than using my local currency?
  • You don't need a bank. It's decentralized (no central authority can control it). Transaction fees are extremely creap. Transactions can't be reversed (again, no central authority can decide to reverse a transaction, unlike with PayPal/Credit Card). It's safer than any financial institution (assuming you manage them correctly). There's no inflation. It has the potential to be anonymous (not necessarily a good thing). Basically, you could send $1,000,000 instantly and at no fee to a guy in China by simply scanning his QR code, without getting through any middle-man. Try doing that with USD. The transaction will take more time, require multiple verifications, cost a lot, and you'll actually have to trust some third-parties to handle and store your money safely. None of these issues exist with Bitcoins. Is it perfect? No. But it's a MUCH better medium of exchange than anything we have now. I encourage you to read more about it. I don't suggest that anyone live completely off Bitcoin. Using your local currency is much more practical, and somewhat safer (some would disagree). Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) is something new, and we're simply trying to verify the extend of its potential. That's why most services/processes that currently use your local currency are being adapted every day to Bitcoin. And surprisingly, in most cases, the Bitcoin version is technically superior. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. I'm also the developer of Bitcoin for Windows Phone (the first and only Bitcoin wallet available on Windows Phone), and I encourage you to give it a try. I might even send you $0.25 (in BTC) to play around with. Cheers.
  • really drank the cool aid lol
    No inflation?...sheez what do you think the price volatility it has means...
  • Inflation = more money is created = the value of money goes down It is true that some Bitcoin are created every 10 minutes, but this is only temporary. This is simply a way to make sure that Bitcoins are distributed fairly, until we reach 21 million Bitcoin. Then, not a single Bitcoin will be created. Forever. Just look at Argentina, where $1 today will be worth $0.5 in a year. That's what can happen when inflation gets crazy. That's the same reason you could buy a bottle of coke for $0.10 years ago. With Bitcoin, this situation should not take place. The fluctuation of the Bitcoin value (price volatility) is not easily avoidable. At first nobody wants them because nobody recognize them as a currency/commodity. However, as more and more people get into it, it gains value which causes fluctuation. At some point in the future, it should become more stable, and slowly deflate. Do you have any suggestion to improve Bitcoin?
  • Yeah and 50 year ago you could by so much with 1 dollar? oMG!... Look if you like at wages over time they have increased overall to the purchasing power.
    No Argentina manipulates their currency right now and ...since I have relatives there...i know you are probably leaving out all the country rules on trading in dollars.. I fact the result is the opposite.. Government in Argentina is being forced to freeze prices and they have nearly prohibited the use if dollars prompting to dollars to have significant and overvalue internationally over their currency, but internally black markets won't give only a fraction of the value if the dollar because using dollars is illegal. So get the facts right in Argentina. Also, creating money does not create inflation...intlation is when demand outpaces supply.... This is why in recessions(deflation) central banks can expand monetary base without increasing inflation. How to improve the bit coin?....peg it to a currency, or some instrument to support stability and value, sine there are mo treassury it bond to control the monetary base of bitcpin there is no chance foe price stability. The fact that it has no central bank control makes it prone to runs, frau, bubbles...bit coin rise in value valuable even though there is nothing backing them aside from self-fulfilling, expectations point to a potential value. The possibility that no more bitcoin get created in the future, will result in the same price fluctuation recent... In a 2 week period, price doubles, tripples and then looses a tied of the value...really? Unless you havr cash to spare and bored of online poker why would any sound investor touch it?
  • Sorry for spelling...i like my Lumia and virtual keyboard, but its just not easy for long texts :)