Latest ad from Microsoft shows just how colorful Nokia Lumia products are

Microsoft has released a new advertisement showing off color popping in the Nokia Creative Studio, available on Lumia Windows Phones. The feature (as the ad demonstrates) enables users to spice up their mobile photography by 'popping' in colors on certain objects, leaving the rest of the image in grayscale. It's a neat effect and one that also represents just how unique Lumia Windows Phones are.

The advert then shows off the Lumia 2520, Nokia's first Windows tablet. With the variety of color options to choose from, we're sure Microsoft Mobile will continue pushing the unique designs and adverts like this one are a positive step in the right direction. It gets the message across while subtly showing off what the hardware can do.

Are you a child of the revolution?

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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