Latest Lumia campaign will help 31 people with their New Year's resolutions

Microsoft has been trying out some new marketing campaigns to make people aware it is now selling its own Lumia branded smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1. Today, it has started a month-long campaign to give 31 people a chance to achieve their 2015 resolutions early.

Every day during December, the company will pick one person to make his or her dream come true as part of their "#MakeItHappen" campaign for Microsoft Lumia. This is a global contest, by the way, and not just restricted to the US, but the people who enter must be 13 years of age or older. A panel will look over the entries and, based on their "creativity, quality and their relevance and alignment with Microsoft's inspirational #MakeItHappen campaign" will pick one of them a day until the end of December.

Microsoft says it will "offer one or more of its time, equipment or other support to make the Pledge a reality. The Sponsor will determine what and how it will be allocated in order to make the pledge a reality." The amount of money Microsoft will spend on making these dreams happen will not be publicly disclosed.

What resolution would you like to see Microsoft make happen as part of this campaign?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • #ms ftw
  • I wil buy Lumia 1020! LOL :D
  • "13 years of age or old"
    Like greying hair old or no teeth old? :P
    (serious now: Typo in the article John)
  • Noticed it only after reading your comment! :P
  • ...
  • Yes they will help you they will put you in a loony bin lol
  • Thnx for this information I didn't know that.
  • Give me a free Microsoft upgrade for all. Xbox, Surface, Lumia and all Microsoft services!
  • Surface pro 3 with pen ($1299 model) w/o touch/type cover or other accessories. Just the tab no Skype or OneDrive or office 365 package.
  • Make it happen so as for developers to have more access on their dev accounts.
  • I will upgrade my wp! I hope before 2015 strikes. Lol
  • Lumia Cyan and Denim for Icon #MakeItHappen
  • What do you expect from Verizon?
  • Lol
  • A Windows phone conference here in Saudi Arabia, at Taif, my home city
  • at Jeddah, or Riyadh... It's very hard to reach to Taif :P
  • #makeithappen, anything is possible ;)
  • Hmm my resolution is to have no more student loan debt. >.> Do I win?
  • I buy will buy Lumia 930
  • My resolution... Witness the Icon update to Cyan/Denim
  • Lol at 27, Nice ad.
  • I will buy Lumia 930.
  • I submitted my resolution.
  • phone is a banned word?? that was strange.
  • My resolution involves my long distance relationship with the love of my life. Wish I could fly to her already, take some pictures for lifelong memories together, and finally propose. ^^
    May seem cheesy to some or fake/unrealistic. Regardless, I can't describe how I've longed to hold her in my grasp.
  • I wanna be Batmaaaaaan.  Will Microsoft help? Lol;;
  • How about microsoft band available for everyone.
    So ms #MakeItHappen
  • How do i participate?
  • Over 13? Final, a Lumia competition I can enter! :-)
  • Need an app to help you stick to your goals and resolutions?
    Check out Motive, a goal-oriented social network exclusive to WP8.
    Store: I'm the developer and I am always listening to feedback, let me know what you guys think will help you stick to your habits and goals and I will definitely consider adding it in upcoming updates. Let's make 2015 a year of ACTION! Thanks!
  • My resolution, get ALL the Lumia out there
  • I wanna get a Lumia phone ;-) so #Makeithappen :-) !!!