Need to fix your Nokia? Leaked service manual for Lumia 920 now online.

Last month we showed you a video to aid in taking apart the Nokia Lumia 920. The video was well done and a great tool for anyone wanting to get inside their device. Now we’ve got the official Service Manual from Nokia to help you in playing doctor with your 920.

Unlike the video, inside the service manual you’ll find schematics, part numbers, and detailed instructions for getting to the core of any Lumia 920. The service manual also recommends which parts aren’t worth keeping and should be tossed/replaced when doing repairs on the 920. For example, the earpiece gasket should be replaced and not reused after removal. Inside you’ll also find the list of tools recommended to go your Victor Frankenstein fantasies while bringing your phone back to life.

Lumia 920 inside components

Service Manuals like this are a handy way to do repairs yourself when the device is outside the warranty window or if you’re overseas and imported to begin with. Combine this with the video and you’re set to keep your Lumia 920 kicking for a long, long time.

Better bookmark this page or download the PDF with 81 pages of DIY goodness.

Thanks for the tip Jeroen!

Sam Sabri