Lego Pull-Back Racers for Windows 10 gets your motor runnin'

We first noticed Lego Pull-Back Racers when it landed in the Windows Store's New and Rising collection. It is not a very complicated game, but that doesn't mean it lacks entertainment value. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and is a good option when you need a quick racing fix.

Lego Pull-Back Racers

Lego Pull-Back Racers offers a modest primary menu that has options to mute the game's sounds and features three Lego racers that are highlighted on the game's main menu. The three race cars include:

  • Record Breaker, a drag-race style racer.
  • Quad Bike, a monster, 4-Wheel ATV-style racer.
  • Extreme Off-Roader, a monster-truck style racer.

The Record Breaker and Quad Bike are available from the start, with the Extreme Off-Roader becoming available after you gain a little racing experience with Lego Pull-Back Racers.

Races last as long as your Lego racer has energy, which is created by pulling back on the race car and letting go. The game screen displays your energy level in the upper-right corner of the screen along with your current distance. Steering is accomplished by swiping right or left to move your racer in the corresponding direction. If you play with a keyboard, steering is handled with your directional arrow keys.

Lego Pull-Back Racers

The goal with Lego Pull-Back Racers is to race for as long as possible before your energy reserve drains. You can replenish the racer's energy by rolling over green power strips that are scattered around the track. There is also an assortment of barricades placed around the track that slow your race car down. You can afford to hit a few of these barricades, but each hit noticeably drains your energy. The Quad Bike and Extreme Off-Roader handle the barricades easier, with less of an energy drain than the Record Breaker.

Keep in mind that you are not on the race track alone. A small group of racers is present to offer another level of competition to this Windows 10 game. Your competitors can sideswipe your racer into barricades, and if you rear-end another racer, your energy levels can take a hit.

The gaming experience with Lego Pull-Back Racers is fun. It's not a feature-rich racing game, as you find with Asphalt 8: Airborne or Nitro Nation, but it is an enjoyable game to spend a little down time with. Graphics look good, and the gaming controls are user-friendly. The track has enough variety to keep things interesting, and you do need to stay alert to avoid the barricades to maximize your distance.

Lego Pull-Back Racers

You see Lego cogs spaced out throughout the game that can be collected. This is a bit of a mystery in that these cogs do not add to your score, and there is not a garage to spend them in to upgrade your racer. They do give the game potential for expansion, to maybe add more racers to unlock upgrades and customizations to add to the existing racers. Such features would help transform this casual time waster into a more time-consuming game.

Overall, I like Lego Pull-Back Racers. This Windows 10 game needs a few more features to help it stand up to lengthy gaming sessions, but as is, it offers a simple and enjoyable racing game that can fill short spurts of time.

Download Lego Pull-Back Racers from the Windows Store

George Ponder

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