LG E900 Windows Phone 7 spotted

As the launch of Windows Phone 7 gets closer, more photos are surfacing of the new phones in action. Danish website TV2 has captured a few shots of the LG E900.

The black slab device looks really nice. The 3.7" screen isn't too big or small in the hands. While there weren't any new revelations from the Danish review, the LG did receive good marks. The reviewer commented, "It gave the kinds of butterflies in the stomach, as we saw for the first time since we did play with the iPhone or Windows 7. Wow, it’s delicious it here!".

I'm not sure about the butterflies but the more we learn and see of Windows Phone 7, the more the anticipation builds.  I am sure we all are looking forward to a little hands-on time with these new phones.

Thanks to Brian H. for sending this end on the tip line.

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  • 3.7" is borderline on the screensize for me, that's about as small as i'm willing to go at this point. Need more specs though, how much ram, storage space are all the different models going to have? Details people, we need details!
  • True, 3.7 is the smallest I'd go for a phone. This should have been a 4.0+ size phone. Hopefully the HD7 will be a bigger handset or another Optimus7 handset with dual core Tegra 2 will be larger than this one.
  • I go back and forth on the screen size. I've settled for a Droid X for now while I wait for WP7 but sometimes the 4.3" screen is just too big when using one handed. I think 4" is the sweet spot.. I really do. I think I could live with 3.7" screen if I had to.. I really like the size of my Imagio back in the day.