LG E906 Jil Sander phone takes to the catwalk at CES '12

We've been reporting on the LG Jil Sander "fashion phone" for sometime now, especially with the hefty price drop of recent. The phone is not a Gen2 device but more like a Gen 1.5 but it does offer 16GB of storage for a decent cost.

The phone, like others, is here on display at CES 2012 and we finally got our tired grubby hands on it. Truth be told, we're kind of glad we passed on that impulse buy a few weeks ago. While the screen is actually quite vibrant, the rest of the device is a "whole lotta plastic" and it's quite thick to boot. It's interesting to have all physical keys on the front and the blue custom Accent color is nice but we just don't think it's enough to overcome some of its other pitfalls.

Having said that, it is going for quite cheap off contract and that 16GB of storage may make it a worthwhile purchase for some.

Daniel Rubino

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