LG Fantasy leaked on XDA Developers

The LG Fantasy (the LS831, which passed through FCC earlier this year?) has been spotted on the XDA Developers forum. untitledmangxg has got his paws on the upcoming Windows Phone, and has published some photos to back up his claims (see above). While he hasn't provided any detail surrounding the specifications of the device, untitledmangxg does note that it sports a very nice 4" IPS display and is powered by Mango.

We've reached out to untitledmangxg for more information. It doesn't look half bad for a second generation device. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Source: XDA Developers Forum, thanks chaitanya91845 for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It's about time! I wasn't giving up on LG yet, but was starting to get anxious. I loved my Quantum, and now my wife loves it. I am tempted to get the Jil Sander, even though I would be missing out on the "+" in HSPA+ here on AT&T.
    Here's to hoping that LG comes back strong.
  • (I'd be commenting through the app via the v2 beta if I was able to pry my Focus S from my daughter's hands. Apparently Doodle God is appealing to 6th graders.)
  • The last I heard, the Fantasy was going through the FCC with a CDMA radio. Since Verizon has said they will not bring on anymore WP devices without LTE support, Sprint may have a shot here.  If it is GSM after all, it would sit nicely among the Radar and the Nokia 710 on T-Mobile, in my opinion.  AT&T has the Titan, the Focus S, a high end Nokia on deck, and the Focus Flash.  Afraid it would get lost there. I really like the idea of LG and WP, due to LG just not having success VS the top end Android phones. WP gives them a spectacular user experience software wise, and the can just pump out great hardware. 
  • can't wait for WP7 to support higher screen rez's. that new LG Nitro would be awesome if it had WP7 installed on it.....
  • NO DOUBT!!  That is a really, really fun thought, westex!!  +1!
  • Even though I am with At&t I want this to go to Sprint. I also would want the LTE versions of the 800 and 900 to go to both At&t and Verizon