LG Optimus 7 survives being ran over [Video]

An LG Optimus 7 (opens in new tab) Prime WP7 device has been through the wars as can be seen above in the video. This particular handset was ran over by a car and while it may look shattered, it's still responsive and works as normal. The only downside is that you can't see the screen as well as you could.

The morale of the story is (apart from don't have your phone ran over by a vehicle) to purchase an LG device should you work in construction or any other practical careers.

Via: @EyeMen (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • lol! im willing to bet the Samsung screen would hold up more ( S-amoled)
  • I don't know about that. My mom has an Epic 4G (pretty much the same screen on the Focus). The screen went dead just from a short fall. The phone still worked, she could receive calls but she couldn't answer them or make calls cause the screen was dead. Everything else worked fine, just couldn't see what was on the screen (it was black)
  • My only issue with this is that the owner has the "connect to Zune" turned off so the Music tile is not live... I wonder what would happen with the Trophy's Gorilla Glass screen... Maybe that has been debunked but I went into a Verizon store on the day of release and there was a MS rep there. I talked to her and asked her about the screen. She obviously didn;t know if it was Gorilla Glass or not so she called someone. That person didn;t know either so they called their HTC rep and the rep said it did... It could be that they were talking about the European Version.. but I was told it did. Take it for what its worth.
  • Isn't the LG Optimus 7 screen gorilla glass also? I have the same phone and I would die if I see it destroyed like that. It evens have the same red tiles =(
  • if this is gorilla glass, it's not supposed to break easily right?