LG's Prada-esque Windows Mobile Smartphone

When we speculated that the new Broadcom/Micosoft Design center built at LG's behest meant we've have the Prada phone running Windows Mobile, we figured it would be a long time before there was confirmation. Like, a week. Or not - because two days later LG has unveiled the KS20 -- announcing availability in Europe by the end of the year. Pah - snooty Europeans getting their fashion phones before us.

All I know is that I'm thankful that they've ran far away from the design elements of the prototype shown at CTIA in March 2007. Fugly? Super fugly.

Although the KS20 shares much of the looks of the KU990, they've actually trimmed back the display to 2.8-inches (compared to 3-inches on the KU990) while acing that 5.1 megapixel shooter for a skimpy, business-minded 2 megapixeler all riding atop a Windows Mobile 6.0 OS. Expected Q4 in Europe r

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WC Staff