Lifetime subscriptions to Aura meditation app are over 80% off today

Stress management is crucial if you want to tackle high volumes of work efficiently, and meditation is one of the easiest ways to handle stress. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more work you have, the more time you should set aside for meditation, and Aura will help you find the right meditation sessions for your busy schedule. In fact, you can sign up for a lifetime premium Aura subscription for 83% off. 

Aura is a guided meditation app that uses machine learning to deliver you personalized meditations based on your needs, so the more you use it, the better each session will get. You’ll be sent a 3-minute guided meditation session each day to help you battle stress and anxiety, but you can also take your mental health a step further by completing 3, 7, or 10-minute sessions depending on how hectic your schedule is. If you find one meditation you particularly enjoy, you can save it to your phone and play it again whenever you want.

On top of its library of meditations, Aura also provides plenty of wellness content including life coaching sessions, personal stories, and music, which will help guide you through your mental health journey. Finally, Aura features a mood tracker that lets you record your mood each time you use it, so you can view how much you’ve improved throughout the year at a quick glance.

Tackling stress and anxiety can be tough, but Aura’s AI-backed guided meditations are here to help. You can get a lifetime subscription today for $79.99, or 83% off.

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