Li'Messenger MSN client now in Marketplace

New to the Marketplace is C&R Holding's Li'Messenger, a chat client for both MSN and Facebook.  The app communicates directly with Windows Live servers, for a private chatting experience.  The best part is that it is free of charge.  And unlike many free apps, Li'Messenger is also free of advertisements.

Li'Messenger supports Multiple Points of Presence, but due to its direct line to Windows Live servers, it does not receive notifications.  It will, however, run in low-power mode while your phone is in lock-screen. 

You can download Li'Messenger here.

Update: We just got word that this app has to be pulled from the Marketplace, so you may want to grab it now before it's gone. We're not sure why this is...

Source: C&R Holdings

Seth Brodeur
  • It's a shame this is what we have to choose from.
  • Wait a minute. Are you telling me this is a Windows platform but yet there isn't an official MSN instant messenger app?
  • This app is sweet, doesn't sign me out everywhere sign in quickly not to mention facebook friends included. when the notification become available 5 stars
  • It's actually pretty great, though an Official Messenger app by Microsoft would probably be the best thing.
  • @firedancer1189 - there is an officially sanctioned MSN IM app made by a well-known 3rd party contractor to MS but from all accounts, its not very good.
  • It really is that bad. I couldn't even get it to connect one time. Windows Live Messenger could have been a "main attraction" in the Messaging hub, just like how the People hub has a pane for contacts and another for the What's New news feed. Think of what a great promotional tool free IM and messaging could have been if Microsoft brought the Messenger Service into Windows Phone. Just like those "free SMS" apps that third-parties are making for the iPhone and Windows Phone, I think a lot of people would be happy to pay $99-199 for a phone one-time so that they could drop their $30/month family messaging packages. The only problem with the current situation is that those third-party SMS apps are plagued by the same limitations, poor UX construction, and downright bugginess that is plaguing the third-party IM clients we are seeing now. This is why we need Microsoft to take initiative, support their own services on Windows Phone, and leave third-party services (like Google Talk, AIM, etc.) to the third-parties.Instead of doing this right from the start, Microsoft chose to completely omit it and hasn't even shown any indication of interest in building Messenger support into the Mango update (HTML5 support, in-browser Silverlight, etc.), which as of now is still slated to come out in 6-12 months. Also, we don't know what is coming after Mango, and aside from speculation we don't even really know what Mango will include or how long it will take to come out. My gut tells me we'll see Mango around the 1-year anniversary of the launch, say November 2011. I'm okay with that, but I'm optimistic there will be some bug fixes and at least a few small new features in intermediate updates throughout this year before Mango. ...But it is cautious optimism.
  • Great little app, simple UI and worth grabbing while you can, Facebook chat integration is brilliant as well. Very interested to know why it will be pulled...
  • I really don't understand how dumb MS could be sometimes.WP7 is marketed as a "Smartphone with focus on social", and they left one of their biggest "Social Software" off the phone when it is officialy available for iOS, BlackBerry, Xbox and even for the almost-defuncts WM and Symbian.It's a pure lack of interest by MS part on not bringing WLM to WP7. There's a WLM with Metro UI on Zune HD, and I bet isn't difficult to port it to WP7.I am starting to agree that WP7 is more a Facebook Phone than a Microsoft Phone.
  • Perhaps they are working on the app and it wont be in full working condition until a few wp7 limitations are worked out in february's update. Basically the same reason you dont see skype and pandora.
  • Hmm... Downloaded it and installed it, but it won't log in. Gives me the message "We cannot connect to Windows Live services temporarily, please try again in a few minutes." Anyone else getting this? Is it totally disabled already?
  • I'm logged in, working here.
  • I have the exact same problem. Simply can't log in.
  • I wonder why it's being pulled. I can't find any information about it anywhere on the internet. The C&R Holdings website doesn't even list the apps they've made, so I wonder how WPCentral came across the information that it's being pulled.
  • any clue where i can download this app?