Limited Supply for Offworld Trading Company on PC is even more challenging

Experienced CEOs already know how challenging Offworld Trading Company can be but Stardock believes it can increase the difficulty further for those with a number of wins under their belt. Limited Supply adds unique challenges to the formula, offering scenarios with different rule-sets that affect resource management. Players will have to pay closer attention to buying or selling food, water, and oxygen.

No longer can you simply buy all the resources you require if you have the available cash — you will need to re-evaluate strategies and adjust to the new rules to overcome challenges. More than a dozen new missions are included, as well as a series of puzzles without a stock market or competitors that require some thinking outside the box.

Lead designer Soren Johnson commented on the announcement, noting that this DLC "breaks the core rule of the base game. Buy what you want, when you want - as long as you've got the cash - doesn't apply here anymore. We've got changing environments, evolving tech, and some serious restrictions on what sorts of resources the player can buy and sell. Sure, you don't have to worry about another company buying you out, but there's bigger concerns in these scenarios - trust me."

If you're playing Offworld Trading Company and have hit a wall, Limited Supply is likely what is needed to get you back into the swing of things with a new way to play. Limited Supply is available for $4.99.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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