Latest LINE update lets you set favorite groups, squashes some bugs

Popular messenger client for Windows Phone, LINE has just been bumped to a new release. Version 4.2 includes a new feature that enables you to set favorite groups. It's a neat new change, which is accompanied by bug fixing and performance improvements.

LINE has a large userbase in Asian countries, where it is seen as an alternative to carrier-based SMS services. It was previously updated with new post notifications.

Download LINE for Windows Phone


Thanks, Abhishek G., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Gonna login again... Lets see.
  • you'll be disappointed
  • need more features in LINE
  • Needs customizable themes
  • "when in India"
  • Anyone else facing blank circles on their people live tiles in latest windows 10 build
  • No, I am still seeing pictures of my line friends next to their account name.
  • Line response is very slow.
  • Why can't the message arrive in real time? Like whatsapp..
  • Yah it's weird because the notifications come in real time, but then you open the program and it has to catch up.
  • That delay drives me crazy
  • Yes that happens to me too. And also sometimes it says there isn't connection even if I'm on WiFi. But I know that happens to whatsapp as well, except the latter doesn't notify you and the message stays unsent for a while.
  • I think the app is a bit "demanding" than whatsapp IMO, yes it is quite irritating
  • Yup, still getting that delay. POS. Android implementation (I'm going to assume iOS) implementation performs and functions so much better. If I was a developer, I would consider the delay a priority fix. Wonder if it can't be fixed cheaply (too much time, major code rewrite) or the developers just like pissing off Windows users in hopes of helping them make their transition to another platform easier. If it is the former, then maybe they will utilize one of the Windows porting programs to get them over that hump. If it is the latter, then FU...and well played.
  • If they concentrated more at beginning they would succeeded with more active users... WhatsApp and Hike Messenger are best has more active users
  • From where do we know the active user-base numbers for all the major messaging apps?
  • Maybe they track our IP?
  • Active friend circle is enough to know about how many are using it
  • The Desktop version finally got a huge amount of new emoji.  I was hoping the same would be with the Windows phone version, but no go.  Android/apple have so many emoji it's not even funny.
  • Who cares.
  • In windows 10 mobile preview the update is not available in the new store. Anyone face this??
  • I hope they update their "MixRadio" service.
  • 2.9 rating. N only downloading via Wi-Fi.n how m i download, now?too crazy n awkward windows.if u wanna wifi at low mb just common things don't available mobile's in low ranges.
  • No luck to update to the latest version if you are using W10M Build 10166.
  • M using cyan os.
  • I think the call button placement is inappropriate. I end up pressing it mistakenly. Then it will dial the person during this the "end call" button won't work until it starts ringing in the other side. How lame.
  • No updates found on Windows Mobile Preview build 10166. Why?
  • Good app. Sadly my friends don't use it anymore. So I stopped using it. But it has desktop and win8 app. Which is nice
  • #Giveusmixradio
  • I'm in Japan, everyone here loves LINE. I'm glad to see them dedicating time and resources to updating Windows Phone. Now only if they could update Windows 8.1