Latest LINE update sends new post notifications to conversations

Popular messaging client LINE has been updated on the Windows Phone Store, bumping the app up to version 4.1. This latest release is a relatively minor update, adding only a single improvement, alongside the usual bug fixing and performance tweaks.

Here's everything that's new in version 4.1.0667:

  • Notifications are sent to chats when new posts are added.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The app previously received video calling support in a recent update. I'll be honest, I'm not a frequent user of LINE (I'm unable to boot the app on the phone), so hit us up in the comments how you're cracking on with the update.

You can download the latest release for LINE from the Windows Phone Store using the link and/or QR code below.

Download LINE for Windows Phone


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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • OK.
  • One of the most stable IM service that I use. Just wondering why Rich Edmonds can't run this :( This apps even have their own social network that rival path
  • I love this app.
  • Works ok for me, but its getting slower and slower to actually resume the app. Used to work pretty flawlessly before
  • Reinstall it usually fix the problem. It's the chat history that slow it down
  • Oh is that what it is? Thanks for the tip, I haven't deleted mine in over ~3to 4years
  • Go to settings -> privacy settings -> clear chat history. Note that this erase all your chats.
  • Oh I know where it is, the reason i kept it is because of my gf. But thank you guys for the tip, ill work it out :)
  • Lol....sounds like your GF has some trust issues if she makes you save your chat history. Were you being a dog behind her back and got caught at one time!
  • They need to rewrite the app with WinRT APIs. It's getting slower and buggier.
  • I see that it has universal app icon at the store. Can we actually create universal app without WinRT APIs? I'm curious at this.
  • Yes you can, just pair the name from both Store.
  • Why are the messages load reaaaaaaallllyy sloww?
  • Delete your chat history
  • Gr8!!
  • I don't know any of my friends using line!
  • Same , All people user Whats App only.
  • when in india
  • When you shave your basement beard
  • Best voice call app
  • Bestest emojis!!!!
  • Good, hopefully keep improve.
  • The video call feature is super! It's better than Skype lol
  • Travel Taiwan and you better pick up this App beforehand!
  • Hmm.., what i think about LINE is, how long we have to wait to play a game?
  • It's very loooooooooonng time bro :v
  • I've suddenly stopped getting live tile updates for a group chat that I'm a part of. Anyone know why, I havn't changed any settings on it. I have the audio and toast muted. But normally get number and text on the live tile. But it's just stopped?
  • Come on WhatsApp get the calling done
  • it has best quality video calling than skype and wechat
  • I really wish LINE would put out the Disney Tsum Tsum game for Windows Phone. It's so much fun playing out on my wife's iPhone.
  • Had issues relogging after reinstall. Took two days of chatting with their customer service to send me the verification sms. Had no issues before.
    My biggest gripe is that it still feels half done. I can't buy stickers either since there is still no in-app sticker store, we just get redirected to the website. And the website says that it's not available in my region even though according to their homepage the only place where that should occur is mainland China. And they really need to release a dedicated win 8.1 app (secretly hoping for one that is optimized for windows 10 though) like kakao talk did.
  • Can someone please give a comparison to what's app? Need the MS band to be able to reply to what's app messages like you can texts.
    PS the MS band is a great piece of kit, glad they released it in UK, worth every penny!
  • Favorite messaging app! Like the funny stickers too.
  • Ugly UI
  • Crashes when launching. It just closes itself on my Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1.2
  • Photos quality is bad sending via Line.
  • Does anyone know if i can downgrade line. I want the line before the timeline update. Right now it is to slow and I am not happy with it. Using the lumia 535(without touchscreen problems) LOL ​
  • CAN'T TAG SOMEONE ON TIMELINE. anybody can solve it?