LinkedIn could help Microsoft become first trillion-dollar tech company, analyst predicts

Giving Apple a run for its money, one analyst thinks Microsoft may be the first tech company to reach a market value of $1 trillion. Despite the fact that the Redmond-based giant's market value currently trails both Apple and Alphabet, analyst Michael Markowski of (via GeekWire is bullish on Microsoft's potential for growth in the coming years.

Markowski's reasoning boils down to a number of factors, but one major reason he sees Microsoft surpassing Apple and Alphabet to be the first to hit the $1 trillion milestone is because of the firm's recent LinkedIn acquisition. According to Markowski, LinkedIn not only gives Microsoft a leg in the business social media sphere, but also puts the company a unique position to leverage the burgeoning crowdfunding market — an area Markowski sees as the next big avenue of growth on the internet:

The acquisition positions Microsoft to be a leader in the emerging Social Investing Community (SIC) industry, which is the key to online equity crowdfunding becoming ubiquitous. The SIC industry is in its infancy. However, my prediction is that by 2025, it will rank in size and scope right along with the digital search and social media industries.

Previously, Apple was favored as the most likely candidate for the first company to cross the $1 trillion threshold after it became the first U.S. firm to pass a market value of $700 billion in early 2015. Since then, its growth has been tempered somewhat. As of this writing, Microsoft's market cap sits at around $491 billion, which sits just behind Apple and Alphabet at $617 billion and $548 billion, respectively.

Microsoft has certainly been moving in the right direction under Satya Nadella's reign as CEO, and continued success with its software services, Surface hardware and whatever new arenas the company decides to explore in the coming years could well propel Microsoft towards Markowski's predictions.

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  • I just want a proper LinkedIn app on my mobile.....please.
  • and Continuum
  • Yes MS can have my money next year... A flagship to blow iPhone and Galaxy outta the water. All I ask for. Nothing more
  • As long as that "blowing" doesn't include "blowing up" like the Galaxy Note 7 :D
  • I got an almost. (85%) Confirmation of an impending surface phone last night from MS tech support. Enough to make me willing to wait a little longer before jumping to crapple.
  • Wow... that's a little bit more than just bullish. Sounds like the guy has MS stock and wants to drive up the price even more, lol.
  • That would be unethical and highly illegal.
  • So par for the course lol
  • This means buy more Microsoft stocks LOL.
  • All I want is a phone that blows me away. I'll pay the money for it. As long as I'm like wow that is awesome
  • Samsung makes phones that will BLOW you away.
  • Lmao good one.
  • Well, not many Windows phone owners like Nadella. (noticed on this site/ app actually)
  • Much of that is lack of patience. Nadella basically started from scratch and chucked practically everything MS had started with Its old model. This new model will take time to bare fruit that will make the average consumer happy. Right now, it's about making money, remaining relevant in what they have proven to be good at, and making the investors happy. Which all of the prior make the investors happy.
  • No, he s an incompetent. All this was started by Ballmer (Who loved developers, not like this one, trying to selling us his toys, and lucring on us).
  • MS's failure in the mobile market is totally in Ballmer's head and his arrogance. He was pretty good when he got in, but he got outdated and was the one barrier to MS growth. Nutella gathered the crew and pointed the ship at the right direction, but it will take time to see the full results of it
  • The direction he pointed the ship, was towards an iceberg. How is not marketing the phone, which causing it to drop below the 1% market share, is a right direction?
  • No amount of marketing would make Windows phones popular. Microsoft is done with Mobile. The only thing they can hope to do is keep their services relevant on the popular platforms. They have no chance with their mobile platform unless they can truly innovate. Windows 10 Mobile will never be innovative.
  • Bada-boom-tsss
  • Market cap is about share price. If the confidence is high, it can go up and up, sometimes only hype can make the price shoot up very high. That's what means market cap.
  • another reason windows mobile is staying.
  • What are you smoking?  Apple is the most valuable company in the world. It has like twice the value of Microsoft.  There is no way Microsoft can double it's value. This is a click bait article.
  • If the numbers in the article are accurate, you math to calculate "double" is very concerning (MS: $491 vs AP: $617). Though I agree the future is hard to see from here, and Microsoft is definately not in the lead.
  • Microsoft needs to more than double it's market value to hit 1 trillion dollars is the point he was making.
  • Microsoft is in the lead. The future is in AI, and Ms leads there.
  • "Microsoft is in the lead. The future is in AI, and Ms leads there."
    Microsoft was also the lead in Smartphones... I mean, like years ahead. How did that turn out? Not saying Microsoft could not be the most valuable company someday but to just call Apple lucky and conclude that Microsoft will be number one in the future is laughable, at best. In fact, based on its track record, acquiring technology has never been Microsoft's problem. Getting it to the market has never been the issue also. Pushing it and seeing it through.... ahhhhh, that is the issue. But, good luck to them. I like what they are doing so far. 
  • I guess everyone seems to forget, not until the release of the Surface line Microsoft was just a software company with the exception of the xbox and zune (which was short lived). Unlike Apple- which have both been hardware/software for many years to be in the lead. However- Microsoft is in the right direction given their short tenure pushing out their own products
  • Sigh
  • Apple is the most stupid too. Cannot be lucky forever.
  • Agreed Venetasoft, And I own and love an iPhone and ipad. that being said, The luster is starting to go from the shiny metal things apple releases. First, the iPhone 7, the same as the 6s/6, Just has faster processor and minus the 3.5mm jack. NOTHING ground breaking etc. The biggest deal was made about the piano black color more than anything. Next up was the new MacBook "pro". That was a massive dud. Touchbar is a joke compared to a full touch screen, using last generation processors and GPU, max ram at 16gb compared to 32 of all the windows flagships, removal of USB-A ports and SD card reader which MANY MANY professionals still use every day to do their job quickly, and most of all pitiful battery life. I was watching the release "party" for the MBP because I was ready to plunk down on one.....until I saw it. Even the Apple audience looked underwhelmed at it. I would say 80% of them were anticipating a touchscreen for sure. Oh well, Dell got my money 2 times already since the release of the MacBook pro instead of apple. I cannot say never, but I will probably never deviate from apple when it comes to phone and tablet again. They work great. But I am gone from the desktop/notebook side of things for good. Windows has it all over OSX in terms of features user ease and overall workflow.
  • Apple seems to have started an irreversible sink since Jobs died. Yes, they had a lot of momentum and still was able to grow, but their poor decisions and lack of creativity are becoming more clear at every release. They were the the ones pushing the boundaries in tech, now they're just chasing. If a company is to reach the 1 tri, it's either Alphabet or Microsoft, but clearly it's not Apple
  • You must see these two charts
  • Even if Apple was 1 trillion I wouldn't invest in it, simply because it's value is based on hype. Everyday I either interact most with products/services from Alphabet or Microsoft. Pretty sure Apple will be the biggest loser when it comes tumbling down.
  • Please, tell me you know you are not the only person on earth. The fact that YOU do not use Apple products does not make them less valuable.  And, good for you that you will not invest in Apple. Many people that do not allow fanboyism to cloud their thinking did invest in Apple and they have made a lot of money for it.  Honestly, based on your comment alone, I will strongly advise you to stay away from investing in stocks, period. 
  • Yes I do know am not the only one, but also know that there people out there who not only are interested in profits but also the longetivity of getting those profits. Apple is a big company but of recent it's momentum in leading the tech industry has subsided, I think it's being overpassed [opinion] . For the short term it's the company to buy shares from but for the long term, no no. And that's what my initial comment was based on, it's not about fanboyism.
  • The problem for Apple is they deal with the fickle consumer market, and the tide could turn against them at any point. After all they are struggling to grow outside the western markets. Microsoft on the other hand know that being relevant in the business sector sticks for decades. As companies do not easily change, and by giving them more enticing and value options, they'll want to stay.
  • The problem for Apple is they deal with the fickle consumer market, and the tide could turn against them at any point. After all they are struggling to grow outside the western markets. Microsoft on the other hand know that being relevant in the business sector sticks for decades. As companies do not easily change, and by giving them more enticing and value options, they'll want to stay.
    How did that work out for Blackberry? 
  • It seems to be working out pretty good for BlackBerry since all that is really left is their business sector business.
  • You are talking about a company that was focused on one sector. Microsoft isn't, and are looking to the future of technology and services. Even if they failed entirely in one market, like mobile, it wouldn't be that much of an issue.
  • that does nothing for me. i spend to much on ms products.
  • Not without volume selling Mobile and tablet market.
  • They don't need to sell volume if the cloud computing, machine learning, and ai businesses grow. Tablet sales are shrinking and my guess is mobile is or will be soon too.
  • Looking at their app, LinkedIn seems a bad startup
  • Say what you will about him. The investors think otherwise. At the end of the day, he will do what pleases them. They want growth, both financially and innovation. We don't know how things will turn out for the average consumer. But, their Surface line of products and software services are their bread and butter. That much we can see. What I would like to see, as a Windows used, is more products that are geared toward the average consumer. I think they are headed in the right direction. Only time will tell. At the end of the day, he isn't going to make everyone happy with the decisions that he makes.
  • How is Facebook for Business (LinkedIn) going to add $500+ billion to MS?  While Google and Apple do not surpass MS first to the $1 000 000 000 000.  Yes, I get it, it's not just LinkedIn, but what do you think LinkedIn will become to bolstter revenue?  Please share your thoughts!   I thought Skype would kick a$$ for business and consumers - but is stalled.  WhatsApp does basically the samething.  Nokia acquisition...well...we saw what happened there.. Do I want them to succeed - absolutely.  But just not sure they will make it there first.... or anytime soon. Man that is a lot of zeroes! 
  • Well at least it's that one analyst...
  • Apple fan boys hate these types of articles. They read these articles while their hearts beat like crazy.