LinkedIn now lets you connect with QR codes, translate posts in other languages

LinkedIn is adding a couple of new features that will make it easier to establish connections and keep up with posts written in other languages. The main draw here is that everyone on LinkedIn can now add connections with a unique QR code that leads to their profile. And if you have international connections, LinkedIn now has a built-in translation feature that will let you keep up with posts written in other languages.

The QR code feature is fairly simple to use. If you meet someone at an event who you want to stay in touch with, you won't have to remember their name or snag a business card. Instead, you can tap the new QR code icon in the mobile app's search box to scan the person's LinkedIn QR code and send a connection request. You can find your own QR code by tapping "My code," where it can then be shared through email and other apps, or saved as a photo to be added to your business cards.

LinkedIn QR Codes

As for translations, posts that are written in other languages will now have a "See Translation" button in the LinkedIn feed. The feature will translate the post's text when you click the button using Microsoft's Text Analytics API, which also powers translation in Bing, Skype, and Office.

To start, the new QR code feature is available in the iOS app and is coming soon to Android, Microsoft says. Meanwhile, post translations currently work with more than 60 languages and are available on desktop and the mobile web. Translations will be headed to iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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