Cortana sings

One of the most popular features in Microsoft's Cortana is the ability for 'chitchat' aka asking the assistant odd questions, jokes, or even to sing. Even though I find this stuff a bit…odd…it is clear that users love it, hence why Microsoft keeps adding new things.

The YouTube channel Sidenotes is a project "born as a way to "annotate" some musical performances". When you ask Cortana to sing a song on Windows Phone or Windows 10 the assistant will oblige with a variety of tunes. The Sidenotes crew recorded her audio and then wrote some music to accompany it.

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The result? A two-minute musical journey that starts off funny but evolves into something meaningful. The layered guitars and piano add a unique element that goes beyond just YouTube entertainment.

Seeing as there are so many fans of Cortana on Windows Central, it only makes sense we share it.

Source: Sidenotes – YouTube; via Reddit; Thanks, majortom1981, for the tip!

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