Loads of HTC Leo pics, more specs

Getting tired of the HTC Leo yet? How about its massive 4.3-inch screen and Snapdragon processor? OK, us either.

B3ler3fonte at XDA Developers [via wmpu] is letting loose with some more details, including:

  • No TV-out support.
  • No digital compass.
  • As for the size: "Phone actually feels great holding it and i can say that despite its screen size, its weigh and size (meaning that its really thin) r great advantages."
  • It's got a 1,230mAh battery (at least right now).
  • It'll work as a USB host. (as seen on the Palm 800w)
  • Video res is 640x480.

More pics from B3ler3fonte after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I dont believe because of the resolution!
  • Will this come to the U.S. market? And will this be a GSM or CDMA phone?
  • If that resolution and battery size (for that size screen) is correct I smell FAIL. Who want to carry around something that big anyway?
  • A guy over a XDA developers who actually has a test model is stating the phone will last 1.5 days with that battery. So who knows,maybe it's a new type of battery as well.
  • It says *video* res, not screen res.
  • In the details it says "No TV-out support". Does that mean this device will not be able to provide TV viewing, or is this something different? With such a large screen it would almost make a conservative person like me want to try watching a little TV on this device to take up a little extra time.
  • No TV-out means that you won't be able to connect the device to a TV. So, no playing the video (youtube, streaming tv, movies, etc.) you have on your device on your TV.
  • OK, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Oh, no digital compass. That's a disappointing surprise.
  • This really doesn't seem all that big. Considering that 80% is screen, it's probably only a little bigger than most other touchscreens.
    It's thin too. Camera seems real nice. The battery is a little small though. I'm not sure of the SnapDragon's power consumption, but it has to use a lot less to make up for the small battery.
  • isnt that the same battery or close to it as the TG01?
  • I also like this device and hope it comes to Canada! Looks to me it matches the size of an iPhone. As for the battery, what screen type is on the Leo, is it not the newer more power efficient type - like samsung new phones... is the SnapDragon good at power management a compass can be implemented in software by a 3rd party, yes
  • I've read the specs for this phone somewhere but I don't recall if was on here or elsewhere. The size is just a tiny bit larger than an iPhone in width and in length. The much larger screen size is due to the fact that almost all of the face of the device is screen. No waisted space. Sorry but can't help with your other questions. I just hope this will be available on Verizon here in the US.
  • Heh? WOW, Its beautiful