Loads of HTC Leo pics, more specs

Getting tired of the HTC Leo yet? How about its massive 4.3-inch screen and Snapdragon processor? OK, us either.

B3ler3fonte at XDA Developers [via wmpu] is letting loose with some more details, including:

  • No TV-out support.
  • No digital compass.
  • As for the size: "Phone actually feels great holding it and i can say that despite its screen size, its weigh and size (meaning that its really thin) r great advantages."
  • It's got a 1,230mAh battery (at least right now).
  • It'll work as a USB host. (as seen on the Palm 800w)
  • Video res is 640x480.

More pics from B3ler3fonte after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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