Location Finder

Location Finder is a Windows Phone app that goes beyond identifying where you are but also provides geocoding, reverse geocoding, Live Tile support, the ability to generate directions to saved locations and Skydrive backup for locations.   

The Windows Phone 8 version of the navigation app was updated the other day to version 2.5 and adds integration with Nokia’s HERE apps and your Windows Phone Peoples Hub.  You also have the obligatory performance enhancements and minor bug fixes but integration would have to be the key word with this update.

For starters, Location Finder’s user interface was tweaked ever so slightly to give it a bit cleaner appearance.  Nothing earth shattering, just cleaner.  The big change with the version 2.5 update is with integration.  You now have the capability to:

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  • Update an Address Book Contact with the address information from your current location.
  • Launch Nokia’s HERE Transit from your Saved Locations screen.
  • Launch Nokia’s HERE Drive+ from your Saved Locations screen.
  • Automatically generate “Travel To” voice command for saved locations in addition to “Drive To” and “Walk To” voice commands.  The “Travel To” command launches Nokia’s HERE Transit app.

Another feature of the version 2.5 update is a fix for the crashing issue experienced with non-English locales when launching a saved location.

Location Finder
Location Finder's Home Page, Map Screen and Save Locations

Overall the updated version of Location Finder gives the Windows Phone 8 app a bit more muscle to it.  The app can come in handy when you need to remember a certain spot on the road or even when exploring the great outdoors and you need to remember where you set up camp.

There is a trial version available for Location Finder with the full version running $.99.  Again, the version 2.5 update only applies to the Windows Phone 8 version of Location Finder.  The Windows Phone 7.x version remains at version 1.6.

You can find Location Finder here in the Windows Phone Store.

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