A look at the Samsung Omnia II user interface

Here's a YouTube video of the Samsung Omnia II [via wmpoweruser] being put through its paces, nearly Charlie Chaplin-style. Our 30-second impression: Despite the overkill on pastels and the insipid sounds that come with every tap on the screen — and we're sure those are two things you can change — the UI looks very finger-friendly and should be worth further study.


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  • unbearble to try to watch about 2 seconds of video and a minute of re buffering. I quit!
  • The specs are great. As for the UI, just put SPB Mobile Shell 3.x on it and enjoy. If microsoft would re-do the outlook mobile client to support touch that would be great!
  • Not really impressed... I really didn't see much to that I liked. Very, well, symbian looking?
  • yeah, i can say i'm not impressed either - looks almost like blackberry's OS with the wire icons and what not... and the neon colors are a bit much. oy. and it still lagged where it shouldn't. oh well. samsung puts out great devices regardless.
  • Would like to have seen the web browser.
  • I've heard that the screen is very responsive. From this video, it is likely to be true!
  • That UI seriously looks like it's right out of the mid 1990's. I felt like putting on some hammer pants and busting a move. maybe throw down a running man here and there. I mean, bright green title bar on notification windows? The whole thing looked KIRF-y if you ask me. I'm disappointed. I hope the Omnia Pro has a better UI running on it.
  • Was looking forward to this phone but that UI is pretty damn awful... Am hoping/assuming you can change the theme/colours on it?!
  • I agree with most. The hardware looks awesome but the UI sucks. Nothing a custom ROM can't fix though :)
  • To slow. I am not interest in waiting 5 seconds for email to open or to switch to landscape.
  • My opinion to me this is a pre-released version they still can update it and make it way better b4 it comes out and Help it not lag.
  • lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag Seriously, there should be no lag to open the phone app, mail, contacts, or the calendar. Period. Any other app I can expect to wait to load, but these four should be instant.
  • Oh no it takes 3 seconds to get my email. Phone looks great, bunch of babys on here.
  • Say you need to get in your email 40 times in one day. 120 seconds lost. 2 minutes lost. Say I have 5000 employees that lose those 2 minutes a day because this phone is sluggish. That's 10,000 minutes of productivity lost. Or roughly 167 man hours. Say the avg cost per man hour is a super low $25 an hour. That is $4175 of my money wasted due to this phone. Now, whatever you think of that example is up to you, however my Tilt launches my exchange email within 1-2 seconds on average. I'd think, on newer faster hardware it should be able to beat that time. Point is, there is lag for no good reason.
  • I wish that they made that thing when I was growing up. It would have been a piece of cake to drive my sister nuts with all the annoying noises. Seems like the UI is more toyish than professional looking.
  • So when can will Verizon release the Omnia 2? In typical fashion no one at the Vz store has a clue.
  • I had high hopes for the resistive screen on this device in touch (no stylus) mode. If what I'm seeing here is any indication of the final retail performance, capacitive touchscreens are the only way to go for now. Most of the lags I saw were indicative of resistive touchscreens. The Omnia II's processor looked more than up to the task of screen updates. Not sure what's going on with e-mail, but it may be an isolated software glitch. So far I've not been a fan of the Samsung TouchWiz interface, and the video doesn't change my opinion. It just doesn't have an integrated look and feel, and as others have said, looks cartoonish. I much prefer HTC's approach with Andriod and Sense and its integration with Andriod widgets. Overall the Omnia II is a solid piece of hardware. Too bad Sansung couldn't back it up with a solid UI interacting through a capacitive touchscreen.
  • people does not looks impressed.
  • Port Sense UI on this phone and you could have something. Other than that, the excessive colors are making me dizzy. Like a bad old acid trip. Come on Samsung, puh-leez!!!
  • Sense UI is proprietary to HTC. Samsung would have to licence it from them. And I doubt they would. You would have to "hack" Sense UI onto this phone if you want it that bad.