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Look at the stars with Astronomy Lockscreen, available for Windows Phone 8

Astronomy Lockscreen is a brand new app now available for Windows Phone. The app (as the name suggests) is a simple concept that pulls down the Astronomy Picture of the Day from the Nasa website. It's able to refresh each day with a new photo of the universe, sending any Windows Phone into another dimension.

While being little more than a basic app, Astronomy Lockscreen (developed by Martin Suchan - @martinsuchan) is a great solution for those who enjoy looking at new images of what's beyond our skies.

Astronomy Lockscreen

You can download Astronomy Lockscreen from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Astronomy Lockscreen

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  • This is pretty cool
  • can i have this for my ics. :-P
  • I suppose if you print it out with edible paper & ink then you could put it on an Ice-Cream Sandwich... Then as you eat it pretend you're eating entire solar systems while making loud OM NOM NOM noises.
  • Definitely appreciated
  • Love the new functionality in WP8!!
  • This is awesome, I was literally looking for an app that did this just yesterday and couldn't find one, I was even thinking of dusting off the old student dev acct and writing one myself. So glad this is out!
  • I wonder what happens when the POTD is a video :)
  • Use bacconit! You can use any /r/_____ for you background!
  • I've been using baconit, but there seems tos be an issue with the updating. At times I'll unlock my phone and it instantly reverts back to the previous image.
  • Thank you!!;
  • Its pretty cool. It would be even more awesome if it was an animated lock screen like android. Hopefully Apollo plus will bring even more dynamic lock screens (and a notification center of course!)
  • Does it work? Cause the Bing lock screen doesn't like to work on mine U_U
  • The Bing lock screen on mine seems to be a day behind. I don't have to force it to update, it happens on its own, but late at night.
  • Same for me... it always shows the picture from the day before
  • Bing update workes for me but I decided to go with this app for my lock screen because I use bing search a lot and would like to see more variety when turning on my phone and going to bing search. Plus I love space pics!
  • Very nice!
  • this is lovely! off topic... but is there a lockscreen app that suffles photos that appear ?
  • It would be nice if somewhere a list of apps existed that take advantage of the lockscreen "live wallpaper".
  • It won't download any picture for me, just says 3/12/2012. Could be because APOD isn't available until late in the afternoon due to my timezone (AU) but it could at least download yesterdays picture.
  • is it hard to make windows phone apps available on every single windows phone store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Does it work if I have high contrast "theme"