Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers! We call this show Saturday Game School, because learning about new games is always fun.

Tonight on Beam, we played Lost Grimoires, the latest hidden object puzzle game from Artifex Mundi. Read on for quick impressions and contest winners.

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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

In Lost Grimoires, you play as an alchemist's apprentice who returns home after studying abroad. There she discovers that corrupt force has instilled fear in the hearts of her former neighbors. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure skulks about, his intentions unknown. Could this mystery tie into the loss of the protagonist's parents many years ago?

Like most Artifex Mundi titles, Lost Grimoires is a hidden object puzzle adventure game. Players will navigate a variety of well-illustrated environments, interacting with various objects to solve puzzles and move the story along. Although this game was originally designed with mouse and touch-screen controls in mind, the console controls are simple and intuitive as well.

At various intervals throughout the game, players will engage in hidden objects puzzles as well. You know how these work – you'll have to find all of the objects from a list amidst a crowded scene. Lost Grimoires introduces a new style of hidden object puzzle as well, one in which players must find an object that functions as the answer to a riddle rather than just finding all the objects on a list.

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

The game also takes advantage of its premise via an alchemy component. Our heroine will discover alchemical recipes and then set about finding the ingredients to those recipes. Once she's able to create new compounds, she'll use them to help her solve the mystery. Is it alchemy, or science?

Artifex Mundi games are always relaxing, enjoyable experiences with easy Achievements. Give Lost Grimoires a try – it's a recipe for fun!

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The Contest

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

We streamed Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom for ~90 minutes. During that time, we gave out a total of 18 game codes:

  • 9 for Xbox One
  • 9 for Steam

See the contest winners at the end of this story.

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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

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Future streams

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

Want to know what's next for Windows Central's weekend Beam programming? We stream a different game every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday). The stream always starts at the same time: 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific, 1am GMT). Over the next few weeks, we'll be streaming the following (schedule not finalized):

  • May 27: Castle Crashers Remastered from The Behemoth. Win an Xbox or Steam copy of this unequaled beat 'em up action-RPG.
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  • June 10: Paul heads to Los Angeles for E3, so probably no stream this week.

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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Xbox One

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Tonight's prizes provided by Artifex Mundi. Thanks also to our stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

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