Lukewarm attention to T-Mobile Lumia 925? Customers complain about lack of information

This Wednesday, July 17th, T-Mobile is set to launch the aluminum based Nokia Lumia 925—a sister device to the flagship Lumia 920 with improved camera optics and a thinner, lighter shell. But you wouldn’t know it if you called your Microsoft or T-Mobile Store to find out.

A handful of anxious and future Lumia 925 owners have been either calling or stopping by their local Microsoft or T-Mobile stores to find out more information about the high end Windows Phone—T-Mobile's first, for Nokia. Turns out, quite a few are getting shrugs and “we don’t have any information” from customer service reps.

Microsoft Stores reportedly don’t have anything to say on the device, though they will take your Lumia 1020 pre-order—which is great if you’re on AT&T. With T-Mobile, it seems that they know more about the Android-based Sony Xperia Z, which also launched the same day as the Lumia 925.

From our forums, people are getting frustrated at the lack of information:

"Exactly! I've chatted with T-Mobile reps for three days straight now and have not gotten any information other than "It will be available on July 17th". They don't know the price or why it doesn't have anything on its page yet (while the Xperia Z has a nice page with lots of information on it)." - Musicman247

"I went today to the MS Store and guess what... they told me they will never get it as they will have Sprint instead... as they can't have more than three carriers in one store???? is that even true?" -mmar1974

"I called my local MS store today (San Diego-fashion valley) and they didn't have a clue. The launch is in two days and they don't know if the phone will be available. I've had windows phone since the early days of windows phone 7, and I'm getting more and more disappointed" - heywhitmarsh

Your mileage may vary

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 camera

For what it’s worth, we stopped by our local T-Mobile store here in Huntington, New York. The manager knew the device name and release date for the 925 instructing one of the service reps that “it’s scheduled to launch the 17th but go and double check”. After a few moments, the rep came from the back and said that was launching on Wednesday and they even offered to take down our name and number to call us when it’s available. We did and we’re expecting a call at 9am to let us know it’s there (yes, we’re buying one).

In other words, how stores will be handling the launch of the Lumia 925 will vary. While we all want Nokia (and Windows Phone) to succeed, getting the message right early on is the key.

So far we’ll chalk a lot of this up to anecdotal evidence, though we’re curious if you’ve tried to find more information on the T-Mobile Lumia 925—have you had success? When we looked at T-Mobile's website, we still see the sign up for more information, but no landing page yet. But it's still early and things may change in the next 48 hours--we hope.

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The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 will be on sale for $49 with a two-year service plan ($20 a month) or $529.99 outright.

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