Lumia 430 vs Lumia 435: How different are they?

But, coming not long after the Lumia 435 and being pretty close to it in the naming scheme, there are going to be those asking "so what's different?" It can get confusing, so here we try to break it down and see how, if at all, the Lumia 430 differs from the Lumia 435.

The first place to look is the specs. You might imagine that the Lumia 430 would be a lesser model on the hardware front, after all, 430 is lower than 435. On paper at least, that's not necessarily the case.

If you weren't confused before, the comparable specs above won't help you out with that. Aside from a slightly smaller battery and a slightly smaller RRP, the Lumia 430 is using almost identical hardware to the Lumia 435.

The only real difference on the hardware front is the design. The Lumia 430 is perhaps the true spiritual successor to the Lumia 530, with a similar appearance and less of the hardware compromises. The Lumia 435 on the other hand is square and a little blocky, resembling the Android powered Nokia X more so than any of its Lumia siblings.

The dual-SIM nature of the Lumia 430 isn't a stand-out point, either. The Lumia 435 is also available in dual-SIM form in selected markets, indeed the unit we reviewed from Vietnam was a dual-SIM phone, but in markets like the UK the second SIM slot isn't available.

Regional availability may play a factor, and honestly, if you're looking to buy one or the other that might be the differentiator. If you can't buy one or the other of these phones, then your decision is made for you. We'll have to spend some actual time with the Lumia 430 to see just how similar it is, but presented with the information we have right now, it's still a little confusing. They're both similarly priced and on the hardware should give almost identical experiences. Just don't ask us to pick one over the other.

So, are the two phones much different to one another? Honestly, no. It raises a couple of questions as to why these two different, yet incredibly similar devices launched so close together, but from a consumers perspective there's one thing we can say. You'll get the same quality of experience on whichever you choose.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Ok.. Great!
  • Nokia brand is liability to Microsoft. Glad that MS is starting to clean the mess.
    Surface phone in the summer?
  • Microsoft has no rights for Nokia brand on smartphones.
  • No . they have the right to use it for 10 years
  • No, Microsoft has the right to use the Nokia brand on feature phones (non smartphones) for the established amount of time, not on smartphones. Nokia can use their own brand on smartphones starting next year, 2016.
  • No. Microsoft has the right to use Nokia brand on Lumias for like 5 years.
  • It was about 2.5 years, and the clock started from a point before the purchase was finalized, and the clock has already run out.  All the most recently announced Lumias do not have Nokia branding.
  • I don't think that matters, Lumia seems to be the more important name. Microsoft will be just as trusted as Nokia and probably more widely recognised.
  • Good night
  • This is just stupid... But Microsoft maby wants to "take away" the Nokia branding :P
  • Why almost the same phone, doesn't Microsoft have other things to do than copy a phone. Put resources on right places more effectively instead.
  • They have so many teams making low end phones that this kind of accidents are bound to happen.
  • Lol can't wait to see their 1st 3" wp
  • The Lumia 435 was already Microsoft-branded, though.
  • Enough with nonsense talks already please!!! Lets use this comment box on the topic!!!phew
  • Go get a quality used Lumia 720 for 7000 instead of this funny toyish phone at 5500. Believe me, there are so many people selling Lumia 720 in a mad rush to buy Lumia 730 in India. You will be amazed at how good a phone 720 is and how many great deals u can get these days !
  • 430 wins 435 5-0.
  • 435 wins 435-430
  • Wins only on tiny tiny difference on battery capacity. 430 being 15% cheaper and better dressed makes it a clear winner. 430 is running hoops around 435.
  • Maybe 435 has better screen quality, higher audio quality, or better camera quality. Who knows.
  • screen and audio are unlikely, neither uses clear black, audio would probably be boasted about, they have the exact same camera in each.
  • I'm sure Windows 10 will clear any confusion up...... /s
  • They just want more cheap devices out there so that a customer can walk into a store and just pick a cheap Lumia device without knowing what the heck they just picked up. I believe that's how Android gained all that market share... Right?
  • Very true
  • Exactly.... This is the whole point, the absolute point, and nothing but the point.
  • Yep. Exactly.
  • I think I got a hold of Microsoft's strategy here. They are conditioning us with all these devices so when they launch a midrange device with two year old hardware; We will consider that device as flagship by comparison. Oh the conspiracy. #ObviousHyperboleisObvious
  • Just no. They make many low end phones because they are the best sellers.
  • Yeah, I was really optimistic about Microsoft's overall moves when they released the 640 and 640XL, but to come out with an x3x after an x4x, when it's basically identical to the 435? I officially give up: the Lumia line makes no sense to me anymore.
  • Now The name is important.. Childish thoughts.. Only stpd ppl,cares about the name.. Specs are,more important.. No,matter the name of.. Pfffff nonsense ppl
  • Name is important and that's why Samsung puts "galaxy" on all their phones, from the crap cheap to their flagship. Their flagship though carries the name for all their devices. Slap a "galaxy" on Samsung's shittiest cheap phone and folks will by it up like hotcakes! MS does it opposite, hoping cheap lumias will make a name for their flagship so that consumers will see a Lumia and say "oh its a cheap Lumia made by MS. Lets get one because
    cheap Lumias are so popular!"
  • They just want to sell more phones giving more "options" like samsung. They create 10 identical devices with different names so ppl think they are buying a different device. As long as this doesn't affect the Windows experience, I really don't care. I love Windows Phone and my Lumia 930
  • Smasung confuses the market by reducing handset after handset after handset; looks like Microsoft is doing the same, and with an equally erratic pricing model.
  • Lumia 435 is for $100 in Pakistan. It should have been cheaper as majority can't afford that price tag. It should be at least the price they sell it here in the US for.
  • Taxes and import duties?
  • If 100 dollars aint cheap,  what is ? If a guy cant afford a 100 dollar phone, he shoud buy a 50 dollar feature phone.
  • Totally makes sense! I guess at least it's a 4xx and not a Lumia 330 with 435 specs.
  • So far the only obvious difference is the markets where these phones are to be released
  • Nice entry Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow....both have off screen navigation keys.....awesome !!
  • Didn't notice that. Nice eye!!
  • Too many variants... It's going to get/already is confusing.
  • I like how I can choose the design and get the same :)
  • It´s too dangerous... Microsoft follow the path of Samsung
  • "it's dangerous to go alone take this"
  • lol
  • Would be nice if they could bundle at least a basic micro sd with these low end phones seeing as these getting to be less & less on board storage that the term wp10 ready is misleading
  • They have 8GB internal not just 4GB
  • Maybe Microsoft is trying to get rid of old inventory of parts left over from Nokia.
  • I'm guessing this version affords Microsoft some significant cost reduction in ways that we cannot tell by simply comparing the finished goods.
  • Is there a difference in Gsm band capability between the 430 and 435?
  • Not different, but the real difference is WCDMA band (435 come with more complete WCDMA band capability than 430).
  • The difference is one $70, other $80. I don't look at specs. My Lumia 520 and 920 are almost same in specs, except one has better screen.
  • And 4x internal storage.... And 2x the RAM.... And a better build quality.... And a better camera... And, well you get the idea
  • Wait so the 530/2/5, 630/5/8, 730/5 onscreen keys while these things have capacitive touch keys?
  • I prefer the 435 design to be honest. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So only the battery mAh is slightly more. I'll save the 10 bucks and buy the 430 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "it can get confusing...". Lol. That's the understatement of the year. Stephen Elop is going to destroy the entire Lumia line with the absolute most ridiculous amount of model numbers and variants of the Lumia brand. It's completely unnecessary and confusing to even the experts. Just think of what the normal average person must think.
  • One of the best features of WP is having a physical shutter button from low to high end devices,After the new releases of low and mid ranges of X30's & X40's devices which lags shutter button its kinda M$/nokia lost its coolness.Moreover they need a new physical design concept to lure people into windows phone.
  • Microsoft really needs to simplify all this. I completely understand having multiple price points but they need to have greater differentiation between them and a more intuitive naming scheme. Models in the same hundred series should be the same phone design and hardware wise with perhaps slight variations. Ex. An XL for larger screen or xx5 for dual sim/4G. And keep the tens series (like x4x) launching around the same time. It makes no sense that a 530 is announced after a 640.
  • So far the Microsoft Lumia brand has a pretty silly and mediocre lineup. Why didn't they just simply release the 435 in markets that they were going to release the 430 in and call it a day? Don't flood the Lumia line with numerous phones that all have the SAME specs, like that's just ridiculous.
  • Stephen Elop July 2014
    In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. We expect to make this shift immediately
    The Lumia 435 and 532 were Nokia X  devices. They had the same specs as the Lumia 430 and to a lesser extent the 530( The x line came with 1gb of ram minimum), just in a different case and running a different os. Microsofts mistake was that it launched the 530(he 532 had better specs) and the 435. By puting windows on those X devices and releasing the already planned Lumias they now have overlapping phones with the same price and specs, just different designs..Good news is i don't expect this to continue in the nxt generation year. After this generation will reach the end of line we will only have the following series : 440 540 / maybe a 540 XL 640 / 640 XL 740 840 940 / 940 XL( 1530/1540 renamed like the 1320) 1040 imaging flagship These phones or the line-up will cover the whole price-spectrum: 70 $ (or even 50-60 $ next year) ,100$, 150-190 $, 250 $, 300-350 $, 450-500$, 550-600$ for flagship and higher price for the phablet and camera monster.
  • To me this is a little crazy. There is no need to have both these phones. I have a feeling one of them is not long for this world. But just my opinion.
  • Sounds like they have a bunch of spare parts they want to get rid of. What next, a 430 and a quarter.
  • lol.
  • I think the L430 is thinner and sexier looking.  Reminds me of the L620 I had before.  Its never bad to have choices.  I think this is a good strategy so that WP can reach a broader audience.  So its a trial device that is not hard on the pocket or expensive.  This is part of MS Infiltration program :) 
  • Yes the thinner design would of been nice on the 435 oh well. 
  • it looks like Microsoft will give one model to one part of the world and the other to another section of the world.that seems the only logical reason for these so simular smart phones. America I bet will get the Microsoft 435 to be sold at smaller feature phone and smart phones carriers like Metro PCS
  • I like the speaker layout and battery better on the 435.
  • Interesting.  Looks to be a solid phone for the lowest ends.  And it looks like MS's model line up is slowly coming into play. 
  • Nokia sucked at implementing the windows in phones properly... Microsoft is doing such a great job, heads up, I went with lumia 435 with my eyes closed and dont regret for a single moment
  • Sorry to say but as per my view the Lumia 430 seems as a blunder done by Microsoft because there is not any person in this world who couldn't add 10$ more almost everyone can do this and buy the higher and better phone Lumia 435 for own. As the differences between are very slightthus instead of wasting money on Lumia 430, it is better to buy 435 just by paying 10$ more and if you can go further in terms of spending then Lumia 532 is a better option and if you can spend a little bit more than attain the Lumia 535 with 5 free Microsoft services and the phone is having 5 inch screen and 5MP camera at rear and front both, So, the choice is yours...
  • Does seem a bit odd to bring out one so close, the 530 cost me only $39.50 outright here very cheap, yet the 430 is $80.00. I even have a 5mpx Camera on the 530. Only the 1gig of ram and wake up screen interest me on the 435.  Strangly both 435 and 430 are 2100/900 bands yet only 435 is released here weird, guess can always import. 
  • 435 Has Tap screen, 430 doesnt, I don't know if 430 has cortana either?, seems 430 is more a 530 upgrade. I think the Tap wake up screen maybe the deal breaker.
  • I would have gone for either but right now none, because both are missing Flash light in camera & that is must for new generation, whats the point they launched identical Mobiles at almost same price, but without Flash ?, c'mon MS I am Windows phone lover & looking for a budget phone with Flash, I have seen Karbonn Mobile Titanium Wind which has flash But featurewise they are behind this two devices, I hope you would think to include Flash in low end mobiles (and why ca'nt as Nokia Feature phones at a very low price can have that )
  • . OK the great
  • Model 430 I like this