Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 being unleashed on China very soon

As one of the emerging markets, and a terribly big one for that matter, China just can't be overlooked on Nokia's strategic roadmap, especially the entry and middle segments of the market. Now the company is busy preparing for the release of both Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 in China.

The entry-level Lumia 520 will be available "by the end of March", which translates into some time close to NOW. The retail price is about CNY 1,299 (US$ 210), which would be cheaper than the HKD 1,788 (US$ 231) standard in Hong Kong.

Lumia 720, the mid-range phone with an awesome camera, will arrive a bit later, by "the middle of April". The Chinese retail price will be CNY 2,399 (US$ 387), on par with the HKD 2,988 (US$ 385) price tag in Hong Kong.

Nokia had been the absolutely dominant smartphone brand in China until the rise of Android. With varied devices made available at more price points remarkably fast, the Finnish company is working steadily (and slowly) toward restoring its past glory.

Source: WPDang (1) (2)

Kane Gao
  • Yas! Nokia never sleeps! Keep up the good work.
  • As promised, during Q1 :)
    520 is available on 25.3.
  • They wer #1 for 14 years in a row for a reason something no other phone manufacturers can achieve
  • Well, apple has been #1 for 3 years, and already falling. Nokiasus..
  • in the past 10 year apple was apple to get cash money of 135billion dollars. guess they are not failing to hard :)
  • AAPL down from 700 to 400 in matter of few months. #Oops
  • We all know the stock price is bullshit though.
  • MSFT 28.15
    Nok 3.45
    do you know the relation of stock price and amount of stock?
  • Nokia seems to have improved the production. They are doing the right things this time.
    They have released 620 in many countries at good prices. Released in India 10 days back at very good price. Its selling well here.
    Yesterday they launched 520 and 720 in India. 520 will be available in a week for damn good price.
    720 will be available in April.
    They are also launching 520 and 720 in many countries simultaneously unlike 920 and 820.
    Keep up the good work NOKIA!!!
  • there are a lot chinese OEMs making high speced android phones for lower prices.....why can't they put wp on them
    it will definitely improve popularity and user base hence increasing apps
  • The main reason of that not happening is that Windows Phone is not a free OS like android. The OEM's have to pay a fixed amount to Microsoft for each device they produce which means lesser profit. And WP market is not that big that they can gain profit from selling huge quantities.
  • because you have to provide basic functionality and specs for your device
  • (even if they pay Microsoft for android license fees), they are already making money with android, why help Microsoft out of blue? Microsoft doesn't provide incentives for them to do that.
  • <p>good news! &nbsp;:p</p>
  • Hello together,
    on March 28 I will come over to Hong Kong. The 720 was announced to be sold there from March 20 on. Any news about that?
    Thanx for getting me in the loop :-)