Windows Phone 7 continues to hold its ground, while aggressive pricing helps Lumia 520 in the US

AdDuplex has released data showing the Lumia 520 becoming ever more popular within the Windows Phone ecosystem, low-end hardware progressing strongly in the US and a stubborn Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone is an interesting platform to analyse when you're looking at hardware. Cross-platform advertising network, AdDuplex has published a report for the month of December to provide us with a small insight as to how Windows Phone is looking at the end of 2013. The year has been an eventful one to say the least, so head on past the break for all the details.

Lumia 520 goes for gold

Just like in previous reports we've covered from AdDuplex, the Lumia 520 continues to dominate the Windows Phone ecosystem, grabbing yet larger shares of the pie. Again, this is further proof that it's not down to just high-end, expensive hardware to push a mobile platform in the right direction.

AdDuplex Dec 13

Other than the continued growth of the Lumia 520, the chart remains almost the same when compared to November. According to AdDuplex, the low-end Nokia Windows Phone has grown 5 percent, essentially absorbing numbers from other Nokia Lumias in the list - did we mention that only Nokia Windows Phones are present in the top list still?

AdDuplex Dec 13 WP8

It's interesting to see that the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 do not even appear in the top "Windows Phone 8 devices" list, though it's still early days for the flagship phablet. And just in case you required reminding whether or not Nokia has taken the market by storm since 2011, check out the chart below.

AdDuplex Dec 13

Greetings, rather dominate Microsoft.

Windows Phone 7 still hanging in there

As we noted last month, Windows Phone 7.x is a stubborn mobile platform, with consumers holding on to their previous generation hardware. There's some good news in today's report as AdDuplex notes how we've firmly passed the 3/4 mark with Windows Phone 8 continuing to close the gap. 

AdDuplex Dec 13

Aggressive pricing helps Lumia 520 in the US

We've seen some real price cuts over this year's festive period, with Black Friday and other aggressive marketing deals, but these campaigns have managed to help the Lumia 520 out in the region as the device is now number two, just behind its sibling.

AdDuplex Dec 13

The Lumia 520 was down in 5th position last month (on 7.2 percent), making its progress in December rather impressive (grabbing 12.2 percent). Its sibling, the Lumia 521 remains in first place on 30.2 percent. It's interesting to note that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is featured in this chart on 2.3 percent.

Finland, an odd child

AdDuplex Dec 13

Finland is an odd country to cover. The Lumia 800 is on 17.4 percent in first place, showing just how resilient Windows Phone 7 is, especially in the home of Nokia. The Lumia 920 closely follows in second (on 15 percent) with the Lumia 520 in third (12.9 percent). What's more is the entire list of top Windows Phones in Finland contains Lumia hardware only.

A new Brazil

AdDuplex Dec 13

This market has always been an important region for Microsoft and its OEM partners, just over 2 months ago the Lumia 710 was still a strong contender in the Windows Phone race, but now the Lumia 520 has flipped the table and now leads by almost 10 percent. It's a positive move since we're looking at a Windows Phone 8 handset replacing an older generation device.

Looking forward

The Lumia 1520 is landing in multiple markets, and we're going to see some more devices hit the shelves in the coming months, including the Lumia 525. We're also eager to see what will come out of 2014 and how the Microsoft and Nokia deal will go down with new hardware being released.

What are your thoughts at the end of 2013? Let us know in the comments.

You'll be able to check out the full report over on AdDuplex tomorrow. It's worth stating that this report was compiled using data collected from 2,499 Windows Phone apps running the Adduplex SDK v2. The raw data was collected on December 27th.

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