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Lumia 530 vs Lumia 532 vs Lumia 535: Just what is the difference between the three?

If you're in the market to buy a new, low-cost Microsoft Lumia phone right now, it's a potentially frustrating and confusing place to be. Not least because as of today we've now got a Lumia 530, a Lumia 532 and a Lumia 535 to choose from. To the unsuspecting consumer this closeness in naming means they're similar phones, right? Especially when you consider the Lumia 630/635 and the Lumia 730/735 are basically the same phone.

Regulars in the Windows Central community might be a little more savvy on the differences, but for many others the naming is only the first potentially confusing part of choosing. Here we break it down and try to make some sense of what's what.

The specs

The Specs

Pretty close. In fact the thing that makes the Lumia 535 stand out immediately is the screen size, packing a full extra inch over the 530 and 532. So at least if you get chance to see them all side-by-side in a store, then there's the biggest difference. But, even when you look at the specs on paper, they're all very, very similar.

The biggest difference the 530 has underneath is only 512MB of RAM. With the latest phones from Microsoft coming with 1GB of RAM even at the budget end, app and game limitations based on this are eliminated. Also notable is that 8GB of onboard storage now seems to be the base level. In this situation, more is always better.

Numbers aren't the only story, though. For example the Lumia 535 has auto-focus on its 5MP camera and an LED flash. The other two do not. And it's certainly the choice of the three for the selfie aficionado.

And since they all run – or will soon, depending on where in the world you are right now – the latest version of Windows Phone and Lumia Denim, it's a wash on that front.

So, all three are very similar in terms of hardware and software, but the differences are key. The Lumia 535 is definitely a step up from the other two. Despite the closeness in its name.

So, which one should I buy?

Lumia 535

This one's easier to start answering by saying which one you shouldn't buy. If you're in a location where you can choose from all three, the Lumia 530 is probably the one to avoid. While much of the hardware is on par with the 532 and even in some regards the 535, the important differences are what makes it the 'worst' choice of the three. 512MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage aren't going to give you the same experience as double in both cases.

After that it comes partly down to price. The Lumia 532 is set to cost around €79 when it goes on sale while the Lumia 535 is around the €110 mark. Not a huge difference and with the added benefits of a larger display, auto-focus and an LED flash on the camera, it's the one we'd recommend if you can afford the extra cash.

What's also clear is that the Lumia 530 should either be due for a price reduction or even be discontinued altogether. The Lumia 532 is the clear winner from those two.

If you've got your own pointers to add, be sure to drop them into the comments below!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • 530 would never be a choice
  • (for you)
  • It should be scrapped entirely.
  • Most definitely. It really should have never happened.
  • Who would it be better for? It costs about the same as the 530, but has way better specs. This is what happens when you're not bleeding money and don't have to constantly cut corners like Nokia did.
  • Just you wait until Microsoft presents its shareholders the losses of Microsoft Mobile and you'll see what happens ;) Enjoy it while it lasts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The shareholders are the ones who approved the acquisition. They're not going to look at the first quarter after Microsoft starts making 1st party hardware (from a division they knew was bleeding money) and go "welp, I'm out. Shut it down!"
  • Yet again, your blind fanbopys thwarts your ability to read. Your sick fanboy mind puts words in my mouth that I didn't speak. WHERE, pray, did I mentioned quarters? That's right. Your desperate fanatical head created those words.   I said and I will repeat: when Microsoft's shareholders start to see the losses of MM (and I'm talking about repeated losses because, unless you're not aware of it, no OEM makes money on budget smartphones), they'll call for the sale of MM or its simple shut down. They will not allow anyone at Microsoft's board to insist on losing money. The BoD already has a hard time keeping the Xbox division within Microsoft let alone keeping a surrogate company that was bought against the will of the current CEO and out of the refusal of a former CEO in admitting his plan had failed.   Put this in your tiny stubborn mind: Satya Nadella is NOT interested in the manufacture of smartphones. "Microsoft the OEM" went out the door with Baboon Ballmer. The new Microsoft is about software and services. Not about producing phones. If MM doesn't turn in profits, Microsoft shareholders won't keep it around. Plain and simple.
  • I have a slightly different take on the MM thing.  Look at their purchase another way.  What if they didn't purchase Nokia devices and Nokia shifted to Android (which they were entitled to do - the deal with MS on using WP was finite and not exclusive, believe it or not).  That would have left WP flagging or all but dead.  I think is was a purely defensive play and that they will sell the division to a Lenovo or HP when they get some traction amongst other OEMs.  They could not afford to leave the future of WP in someone else's hands.  You're right that Nadella doesn't care so much for being a seller of mobile devices.  He's said himself he doesn't measure the success of WP by sheer sales volume; but that doesn't mean he does not need to care about WP per se.  He has to if he is true to the cloud first, mobild first rhetoric.  Over a quarter of their revenue comes from operating systems and another third comes from office (the vast majority of which is office running on windows).  He can't afford to not care about WP.
  • Really? Most of Android and iOS users I know doesn't use Microsoft consumer services (, OneDrive, OneNote, etc). If the only mobile platform was drive to non-existent, what will happen to the so called Cloud first, Mobile first thing? Cloud first maybe ... On the server side (a.k.a Azure) and Office 365. Mobile first? Not so much.
  • Satya  is a man of the bigger picture. Windows is still Microsoft prime product, and for Windows to be a succes in this ever changeing world, Windows needs to be able to compete with Android and iOS in the mobilemarkets. Satya knows that. He knows he has to push mobile by every means possible. And try to get consumers and businesses using Microsoft services on a Windows device should be his first goal, the second goal is offering the option to use Microsoft services on other platforms. If Microsoft ends the Windows Phone platform and give this markets to Google (and Apple) its just a matter of time before Google pushes harder and deeper in the traditional PC market, starting to hurt Microsoft where it hurts the most. And the most importend thing, why Microsoft must push Windows Phone is, people use a lot of Microsoft services on competing platforms, but they dont use Bing. They need Windows Phones for people to use bing automaticly, to increase Bing's marketshare and let people experinces first hand that Bing is a decent alternitive to Google. And the shareholders also see the bigger picture with Windows on Mobile devices. XBOX is also a very important product line for Microsoft. Not so in much in its earnings compared to other product lines of the company but it is for the technology its developing and for its recognition in the gaming industrie, wich still is one of Windows uniqeu qoulaties over competing (desktop) platforms. Shareholders recognize the importance of the Xbox division, not all but most do. Microsoft shareholders have never been shortsighted, and they never will. But whatr bugs me the most is, Google pores billions of money in to there ridiculous lab X projects and no one ever complanes abouth that. But Micrsofot losing some money, trying to fight its way in serious and established markets is considerd burning money. This 2 standarded view of most people when it comes to tech companies I will never understand!!      
  • Hi DJCBS, high five!
  • why don't you just go enjoy Android Central? We know you carry a Droid now since you love announcing it to the world. I guess you're a millionaire since you constanlty defend Nokia and some of the bad moves they've made. You never acknowlege error Nokia made prior to the joint venture and eventual sell of the D/S division to MS. The fact  of the matter is, is that most people here including myself love Nokia and still carry their phones. The difference is, is that we won't hesitate to call Nokia or Microsoft out for mis-steps.
  • @OMG55 "The difference is, is that we won't hesitate to call Nokia or Microsoft out for mis-steps." That's a complete lie, and you know it. Microsoft can do no wrong, here. Every time Microsoft is called out for doing something wrong or not doing something, you diehards reply with something along the lines of "why don't you just go enjoy Android Central? We know you carry a Droid now since you love announcing it to the world." Or, my personal favorite: "lagdroid sucks, Goggle is the debil!" The fact of the matter is this: Windows 10 had better be as great as everyone seems to think it will be, the app situation needs to improve slightly (progress has been made), and Microsoft needs to release some flagship devices this year. The funny thing is, if Microsoft doesn't release a flagship this year, people like you will still blindly defend them! If the app situation doesn't improve, people like you will respond that you have all the apps you need, so why add anymore to the platform. If Windows 10 is no better than Windows 8.1, people like you will respond that users or potential new users are asking for too much. In all of these cases, you will defend Microsoft to the bitter end, and they can do no wrong in your eyes. Now, reply back with an ad hominem attack, and tell me that I'm wrong. Tell me to go back to Lagdroid Central. I'm waiting.
  • MERCDROID; "Now, reply back with an ad hominem attack, and tell me that I'm wrong. Tell me to go back to Lagdroid Central. I'm waiting." Ok since you asked, This is ad hominem attack, You are wrong, go back to Lagdroid central, you don't have to wait. There you got your wish or request
  • I agree completely with both mercdroid and djcbs. Ms can't do wrong here(if other brands are in equation) and they probably will have lost money. And he or they can respond or reply here like everybody else. They are realistic instead of extreme fanboys. The hopes for W10 are cute but I've yet to see it pan out in the real world, as much as I want it to
  • Then we must be reading two different Windows Centrals. I see people bash Microsoft for things they didn't even do.
  • Yup you're right...:D In fact Daniel had to make a mention of how the moods here have changed in the VLC article...Y'all idiots who think people dont go bonkers on MS should read the comments here more often...
  • The thing most people here fail to accept is that, regardless of how "amazing" Windows Mobile 10 could be, Microsoft is only putting out budget phones. They all speak of "it's to grow marketshare to attract developers". Well, good luck with that. They keep forgetting two things: developers want to profit from their apps. And people who buy budget phones are less prone to buy apps of IAPs because the simple fact that they decided to waste little money on the phone is already indicative of lack of interest in paying for mobile offerings. Developers have no interest in a OS whose marketshare is comprised 90% of budget phones. Budget phones which any OEM always produces at a loss. They don't seem to understand that Microsoft isn't a charity and they're in it for the money. If this Eflop strategy of flooding the market with budget phones doesn't work (and it won't), Microsoft's shareholders won't tolerate a surrogate company (Microsoft Mobile) to continue to operate for much longer. Actually, the fact that Microsoft created Microsoft Mobile instead of moving the ex-Nokia D&S team inside Microsoft should have already given them a hint that Microsoft has a backup plan to get rid of the losses quickly is they continue for long.   But most of these fanboys that cry "WE WANT A FLAGSHIP!" don't even realize that such a cry should happen because they want MM to thrive. No. They cry "We want a flagship" because they are spoiled. And when someone points out that Microsoft might shut down MM if losses continue, they still can't grasp "why" and shout the same old clichés about "lagdroid" and "haters gona hate" etc etc.
  • are you better than the thousands people of microsoft who strategize their plan?
  • "Every time Microsoft is called out for doing something wrong or not doing something, you diehards reply with something" Every OS has people like that. Just the same in AC. Hard to find people that call google out on their many missteps. I remember you from AC and I know you don't fall on that list, but here theres a couple of us that aren't blinded by our OS of choice. Like many people here we come from other OS'es I myself went from blackberry 9350 to the EVO LTE and then lumia 925. Companies like google and Microsoft don't need to sweat the market so much, even more so Microsoft who has several billion dollar branches. Google itself has had many software product failures and it just renames them and keeps trying until its successful. example Google Notebooks > functionality Google Docs. Google Wave? dead. Google Catalog? you get the idea, I can name several from Microsoft too of course.
  • Oh and when is the last time you installed a Million apps? I have all the apps I need on my windows phone!
  • Wasn't there just a story about having 500k+ apps in the windows/windows phone store?
  • Go back ... You seam to forget about the l930 it is the currant FLAG SHIP! We are still in the 30's
  • You seem to think stating facts is automatically equal to defending.
  • You probably can't read, right? I've called out Nokia more than once. I've said more than once that they were late to respond to the iPhone. I've said more than once that they played it wrong by not going with Android. I've said more than once Nokia was bleeding when Eflop arrived. Then he decided to cut the leg and made it worse. Simple as that. I don't carry my Nokia branded device because, first the 930 has given me nothing but headaches with hardware defects (which only cessed to surprise me once I've found out the MM branding inside it pointing to the fact that it wasn't manufactured on Nokia's watch already). And I don't carry it anymore because I don't have to put up with an OS that keeps on pretending to catch up and that is now fully managed by a company that has made it clear more than once that said OS isn't a priority for them. And I will go wherever the hell I damn well please. Put that in your tiny head. This isn't Windows PHONE Central anymore. This is WINDOWS Central. It so happens that my PCs runs Windows, My SP3 runs Windows, my email client belongs to Microsoft, my cloud solution is Microsoft's, my productivity tools are Microsoft's and one of my gaming consoles is the XBone. Do you get the picture now? I probably own more Microsoft powered devices than you. That's why Windows Central continues to be an important source of news for me, regardless of how much money I have which is none of your concern.   I don't give a sh*t about WP anymore and I couldn't care less about its future. If I were at the BoD at Microsoft, MM would be sold next week. Apart from that, everything else concerning Microsoft interests me.   And now I'm going to pick up "my Droid" where I run all of Microsoft's ecosystem much better than I did on WP and where I don't get constant "resuming..." screens.
  • Enjoy your droid while it gets no updates whatsoever and starts lagging after sometime, Sony is shutting down, and my 3 year old 620 from 2012 gets Windows 10 while you are stuck on 4.4. :D
  • Unlike Nokia Microsoft board are for a company making billions not one about to sink. So why you may hate Microsoft mobile stop acting like you know what the board will do. They most certainly wont sell the majority of there company like Nokia did. Stop living in the past and get over it Microsoft is just a better company then Nokia ever was always has been always will be. Haters going to hate and you are a hater so do the windows community a favor and go bug the android fans tell them how Nokia is going to make a comeback in 2016 and kick Samsung out of first place in market share and watch them laugh you out of there.
  • You apparently aren't aware that Microsoft Mobile is a separate company from Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft kept the mobile division separate so that the losses of MM don't affect Microsoft's shares. You're right, Microsoft won't sell out of the company like Nokia did. They don't have to. They already placed Microsoft Mobile outside the company Yes, Microsoft has billions. You know how those billions WON'T multiply? By being sent into a sinking ship.    The rest of your comment is worthless to reply to.
  • Kind of like how Nokia presented the losses to their shareholders before they approved the D&S sale to Microsoft, right?
  • No its kind of Samsung and apple sued every now and then for cheating......
  • Goodnes cant you just relax and get over it. You love Nokia we all get it. You despise MS for buying the phone division of Nokia. You would have rather seen Nokia die bankrupt than see them try to dig out of a pile of dung that Nokia created on its own many years before. Decisions that Nokia shareholders made before Microsoft was involved. Had Nokia shareholdersbeen thinking about the future rather than the profits maybe the would be a world leader in cell phones still. They didnt and they are where they are. Live with it and stop blaming Microsoft for seeing an oppertunity and taking it. Nokia made the same mistake IBM, TI, GM, and other great companies of thier time. The believed the were bigger, better,smarter and richer than the competition. Thier own lack of vision and arrogance cost them. I love my 920 and will use it untill something better comes along. It makes me sad tha Nokia is no more but that was Nokias choice. Please whatever you do dont buy a Microsoft Phone. It seems you have attaced youself to companies who cant succeed in the market. Sony seems to be bailing on you as well. Humor Intended.    
  • One for you to ponder on, The next top end phones will be the ones you build/ select components you desire & fits your price range & it's closer than you. More than likely when W10 is on the go, it's the only way forward, as everyone has different needs & ideas of spec,
  • I'm not yet sure the majority of people will be into custom phones much like the majority was never into custom PCs. In either case, Project Ara is from Google. So there, too, Microsoft is lagging behind.
  • While I do like the idea of custom phones where I can select any component that match my needs, I doubt it will success in the near future. Most people simply buy the phone they like. All they do care was number of cores, ram and storage and most of those combination already covered by current phones. Specs is just for geeks like us. And like DJCBS said, eventhough Google already sold Motorola to Lenovo, project Ara stays at Google hands. So Microsoft do lagging behind.
  • So bring smart phones to people who could never afford one in the past is a bad thing? Who said phones needed to be $700 ? Canadian? Telus thinks so. I dont. I am glad that one day people out there can use a phone that works well! And runs Microsoft Windows! Not some crappy android Linux bock off!!! I dont need to type posted on.... That is just becoming overly pathetic. Time to move on with your advertising in a post.
  • 1 - That signature is automatic from the Windows Central App for Android. If you don't like it, complain to the Windows Central team.   2 - "So bring smart phones to people who could never afford one in the past is a bad thing" Economically? Yes it is. Microsoft isn't a charity and these budget phones are costing them thousands if not millions. There's a reason why Apple only produces costly iPhones you know? It's because they are only interested in selling phones that make profits for them. So yes, for companies all phones should cost 600€. They just release these budget ones to try and entice you to then buy a better version of it. Google is the only company that profits from a flood of cheap Androids and you know why? Because unlike Microsoft and Apple, Google's business is advertisement. So the more data for ads they get from you, the better even if your phone is a little Samsung brick. And guess what? Google doesn't produce smartphones.
  • So lets go back to the early 80s. A company like well Microsoft had the Idea to bring computers into homes and make it affordable. Look what happened to them today.... You really think its a bad idea to make phones affordable... Since we don't know the profit margins on these phones its hard to argue as your point that they will lose money on the price of the phone isn't exactly provable. Will see how they do in time with there financial reports.
  • Dude...your hate for MS is just plain biased...they are doing alright if you ask theres a good chance youre gonna come back to Lumias cause Sony looks like its digging a grave for its mobile division anyway... i dont see what other OEM you would prefer if not Sony... Lets pause and take a good look here...Lumias are slowly turning out to be all rounders cause of the support from the OS side as well as the Hardware side in comparison to any other OEMs (except Apple) and there isnt a reason to worry anymore about our OEM going kaput unlike others cause in their interest MS will keep pumping in money until they turn the business around. So forget the bias...MS has changed overall on the customer front...they seem more approchable and friendly and they are starting to set the right bar for ethical business which is probably what you look for when you prefer a company....they are way better than they were 2 years back...
  • Huh?! What?
  • Too many choices...
  • Not if you want a flagship on AT&T. Then there are no options.
  • regards to the cheapos.
  • I'm typing this using the 530 because my 1020 is in repairs and I need a really cheap phone for the time being
  • I guess the 530 will get a price cut when 532 enters a market...
  • I bought my mother a 530, just because she needed a basic smartphone, and its only £35 GBP / €45 EUR / $53 USD from Carphone warehouse unlocked, (comes with o2 sim, but the phones are all unlocked).
  • Yeah. I think the 435/532 will replace dumbphones, as if the 530 can be that cheap, I'm sure the 435 will end up cheaper :P
  • Maybe not. The 435 had 1GB of RAM. I'd rather a 435 over a 530 in many ways.
  • Also if you upgrade you get the 530 from CPW For £15, when it came out not 6 month ago it was £80.00. MS are doing right correcting Nokia mistake with 512mbr & 4GB storage, 1GBR IS PERFECT
  • I bought the 530 to my parents over the 520 because of the processing power, and because the 535 is too big for them... Now that the 532 is coming out, I think the 520, 521, 525 and 530 should be completely discontinued.
    And even though my parents love the 530, I kinda regret it now... I wish I knew the 532 was coming.
    It seems odd how Microsoft is coming up only with low end devices, I know they're probably waiting to finish Windows 10 before releasing flagships, but it also seems like they're trying to "fix" and establish a proper standard for budget phones... However, I don't see that being actually fixed until they get rid of the models I mentioned before. I'd love to see that happening soon.
  • MS should discontinue the L520, L530 and L620 phones to avoid confusion. 
  • Confusion fail
  • Are they the same size phone or is that just the picture lol
  • Just the picture I think considering that the 535 has a 5inch Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Weird how the 535 has a flash and a 5mp front facing camera while the 630 has neither...
  • Yeah that's a whole other point of confusing people. But for the purposes of this post we've limited it to just three phones!
  • Because the 535 was made by Microsoft and the 630 was made by Nokia. It's obvious that Nokia lost touch with what's important to low end phones or they didn't foresee mobile like Microsoft did where bigger screens, a ffc, and more RAM will be more appealing to consumers.
  • Lol, it's the same company... A name change has nothing to do with this...
  • Different policies, leadership, and the fear that your company may go out of business do a lot for a product (; Plus, just because the same people are making the phone, it doesn't meant that the direction or the decision of what specs to include is the same. Microsoft clearly values ffc and RAM more than Nokia did.
  • No, but the stabilization of their finances might have. MS can take a little bit less margin on the phones without it bankrupting them.
  • Dude, you'd better be careful saying things about Nokia.....DJCBS will jump you case!!!!! He's an attorney.
  • Haha he already has. I'm not saying it just to piss off Nokia fans, but its obvious that Nokia just couldn't meet or didn't foresee what consumers wanted in their phones. The 930 and 630/5 both had glaring problems with them, so many reviewers panned it, then the 530 was met with a thud. Then, Microsoft starts rebooting the entire line with their take on Lumia and suddenly the specs and prices are awesome and people are genuinely excited by them.
    This is just a theory and it may not be true, but I think a lot of it was that Microsoft is a lot more interested in consumer feedback than Nokia was. Nokia was content on doing its own thing while Microsoft heard the complaints that consumers wanted a ffc and 1GB RAM, so they gave us what we wanted.
  • Doesn't MM have the same phone designers and the same leaders as Nokia D&S, or were there some changes made when MM was formed?
  • MS are the difference. They will be well aware that the extra GB frees up masses of options going forward. Their low end benchmarks are much more suited to the future needs and intentions of a software company. These low end floods also are leaving plenty of room for others to step up and produce mid and top tier phones, which is possibly where the higher margins are.
  • There are certainly trade offs though. That snapdragon 200 provides piss poor performance & can only record 480p video. (MAX)
  • Yup, at least the 630 have the Snapdragon 400. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One is Nokia wrong the other is MS Correcting & setting a standard as someone said earlier
  • The 735 :v
  • Just choose one with Microsoft logo.
  • 530 is just for someone who just wants to make calls period.
  • No its not. Period. Or a semi-colon, perhaps. :P
  • Ehm.. What products did Microsoft launch a few weeks ago? For those in the (strictly) calling business.
  • 530 its a dead phone.
  • Which phones are alive..? Last I heard they were made of either plastics or metals..!!
    I thought that you were a very knowledgeable person Zapella..!!
  • In my country
    530 : $110
    535 : $140
    All of them unlocked, so they should reducing 530 price.
    I think, when 530 drop below $100 , i consider to buy it as a 2nd phone.
    It'll be great for nav and music.
  • We need to see a flag ship phone to keep people into windows phone.
  • No, flagship phones only attract people looking for flagship phones. There's obviously a huge market of people buying mid and low end devices. Flagship devices aren't the answer to attracting the next million. Or the million after that.
  • Don't be silly Richard. People in emerging markets pick their phones by looking at flagships that they can't afford, then decide "I want the cheap version of that" /s
  • And it's working great for Samsung ;-)
  • Sony..Micromax..Motorola..Xiomi too..!!
  • It's working great for Sony too!
  • Sony has not made money on it smartphone line in quite awhile. In fact they though about dropping out of the smartphone business when they sold the computer line.
  • Cant believe Sony is another one falling hard :( Nokia, Sony... two great giants. HTC is hanging on a limb lol man I loved my EVO LTE. anyway yeah, this smartphone market is tricky business
  • Idk. MS straight up said they saw a significant bump of sales of 520s after running a bunch of ads for the 1020. Halo Effects are real. And the Lumia line has a real brand recognition problem, at least in the US; having really amazing flagships is a way to get people to positively associate with the brand. It is important not to have a giant gaping hole there, even if the mainstream parts are more important for volume.
  • The next flagship is when W10 is established & stable, it will be design & select your own components, also upgrade components over time as funds permit.
  • Flagships allow steadfast evangelist for the platform to have something to show off to those who will then go out and buy an entry or mid level device. No flagship devices IS hurting.
  • It's hurting us, yes. But it's not the sole basis for increasing market share.
  • Nothing is the sole basis for increasing market share, except availability, I guess. Problem with WP and flagships is that very little is done with them; apart from camera phones, there is very little immediately perceivable advantage to having a WP flagship. Or that is the perception anyways, often enforced by fans ("WP doesn't need more than 512MB", until it suddenly did). In every iPhone launch, Apple shows off new tech that is only available for them, and often only available to, or clearly best experienced with, their latest phone. High end gaming is not a major market for third parties, but it is a great marketing gimmick for the platform, assuming exclusivity of course. With the money MS has poured into marketing WP/W8, they could have made 5 "Destiny"s for their platforms, and let press do their marketing for them, while actually benefitting their customers with content.
  • Yes we need a new flagship phone. Im waiting for the next 1520....
  • Lumia 535 looks very attractive in that point.
  • Also, country availability could matter as well.
  • I think you forget to mention that Microsoft lumia 532 has Glance screen.
  • I don't believe it has the hardware to support glance.
  • Yes, a very important feature.
  • yew forget the flash in the table :P  
  • It's in the part of the post that has words in it. Twice.
  • Epic reply
  • Might as well add it to the table too then. ;)
  • With replies like that ,you'll probably hurt the dude.
  • outch :p
  • Hahahahahahah
  • U are looking at the legs of that table. Huh!
  • The 530 is only for music or make phone calls and messages
  • No..It can run many apps+games and take shots too..!! It can also be used to read books/documents or either watch porn..!!
    And much more....
  • Basically nothing...its releasing phones for the sake of it. Diluting the brand so much, the 535 Is better than the 630? Microsoft need to sort out their range...theyre like Samsung but in low range...throwing out tons of similar phones with one tiny difference each time.
  • No the reason why it's confusing like this is because. the 630,730,530 and 830 are made from Nokia while the 535, 532 and 435 are made by Microsoft. But Microsoft is refreshing the whole Lumia line
  • 100% of Microsoft-branded handsets have 1GB of RAM so far. I'm liking what I'm seeing. :-)
  • I am going to get a 535 when they arrive in Canada. I have been happy with a 520 for over a year. I don't need a highend phone.
  • A word of warning.It has a snapdragon 200 so you will only be able to record 480p video.
  • Go for 1GB version of 630 if they are available :P
  • Even if it can run the apps that require 1gb ram, the performance is always disappointing, from my experience. I mean compared to high end offerings. But I guess if you don't have anything to compare it to.. You'll be satisfied.
  • Indeed and that's just it. When you don't compare devices directly you wont notice most thing. If the spec difference isn't to big that is haha. Sd 810 vs 200 you probably will.
  • This comparison between new low end models now makes much more sense if we consider that Microsoft will most probably retire older Nokia's (520/525) Lumia range to avoid quite possible confusion. It will be interesting to see how will MS position new Lumia range (6xx,7xx,8xx,etc.)...