Matte vs. Glossy: The Lumia 640 and 640 XL colors

When the Lumia 640 and 640 XL were announced, I was excited to see a familiar color make a come back. I'm talking about Cyan blue. I fell in love with this color when Nokia introduced it in the Lumia 800, but it disappeared as a color option after the Lumia 1020 was released. Now, the color is back as an option for the Lumia 640 and 640 XL. To make things even more interesting, not only will you have to choose between a smaller and bigger phone, but you also have to decide between a glossy and a matte phone.

I compare the orange and blue Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL in matte and glossy finish, so you can see the difference. Go watch the video.

Let's break down the color availability for both devices:

  • Lumia 640: glossy cyan, glossy orange, glossy white, and matte black.
  • Lumia 640 XL: matte cyan, matte orange, matte black, matte white, and glossy white.

So it appears that if you want something colorful, you'll get it in a glossy finish on the smaller Lumia 640, and matte on the bigger Lumia 640 XL. The size and color finish aren't the only differences between the two devices, though. The Lumia 640 has a 5-inch display while the Lumia 640 XL has 5.7 inches. There's a 2500 mAh battery for the Lumia 640 while there's a 3000 mAh battery for the Lumia 640 XL. The Lumia 640 has an 8MP camera while the 640 XL has a 13MP camera with ZEISS optics. The Lumia 640 has a 1MP front-facing camera while the Lumia 640 XL has a 5MP front-facing camera.

But let's forget about the specs for now and just talk about the colors. Which do you prefer? Do you like matte or glossy? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • It honestly doesn't matter to me much because I put on a case, but if I had to choose, I would pick matte. Idk, it just feels nicer to me.
  • matte is better grip an not a big finger print magnet... +1 and I hardly use cases, depends where I'm going on that day..
  • I'm not sure about the glossy quality on these phones, but my 635 gloss is chipping away on the edges. I think the matte would be better.
  • i used to have a matte black 520, and the edges chipped away a little too, so ai don't think it's a gloss finish issue...
  • You think so? I always thought glossy would be grippier.
  • I have a matte white 620, one friend has got a glossy green 620, the glossy one is more slippery. The glossy one is more grippy only for the first moments, until finger grease builds up (it doesn't take long). The drawback to the matte one (atleast a white one) is that it's changed color from bright white to a light greyish cream :D But the matte one definitely feels better in the hand
  • It really depends on the plastic used.  Most glossy phones are super slippery, but my while gloss L920 is way grippier than my wife's black matte L920, so there are always exceptions to the rule.
  • I've always thought the same about the glossy finish. I personally prefer the glossy over the matte. The matte finish tends to be slippery in the beginning, but feels more sturdy in the hand over time, but my fingers tend to stick to the glossy finish better.
  • I do as well, so id get glossy because when I take it out of the case and show off how smooth it is. Oh wait... Its not available on Verizon so nevermind, can't get it.
  • You Americans are funny. If my network wouldn't have a phone I like, I would just switch or buy without contract. Actually I always buy from some web shop, because in the end it's cheaper and i rarely stand one phone for 2 years...
  • Oh yeh, stereotype our entire nation, appreciated... My family doesn't want to do that because Verizon is costly on us, but they have the absolute best 4G service in our location.
  • I don't think its a stereotype. I think Americans and Canadians are peculiar in the regard @Davor mention (feeling restricted to carriers for handset availability), and Americans are adfitionally peculiar as you point out for still having CDMA2000 networks screwing up handset portability. Canadians no longer suffer that, with our CDMA2000 carriers having switched to HSPA+ half a decade ago.
  • I am using a HSPA+ phone in my area right now, however it's speed is slower than its LTE counterpart.
  • Well not everyone has that choice. And i also don't like stereo typing....not all Americans are funny ;)
  • Americans are funny? Not on the tv I watch they aren't.
  • Stereo Typing - Typing on two keyboards at the same time?
  • Stereotyping:an oversimplified outlook on a particular person or thing, in this case; Americans. In case it was sarcasm, its pathetic to joke about it...
  • This is not stereotyping actually, I'ts more how your mobile opreator business are built. If I have not missunderstood, certain phones will one be available trough certain operators? And few operators do have all phones available? But are you able to buy a phone not conected to an operator, and use it with every operator you want? Depending on operator for availability of phones are just wrong, and power need to be shifted to the consumer. Here in Norway we can buy any phone we like and use with any operator we like. We can get phones trough operators also, and the phone will then be locked untill it's paid for. At that time it can be unlocked and used with other operators.
  • It is stereotyping, if you look at the original comment made toward me saying "You Americans are funny", that's saying we are all funny. Weather its a nice comment or if it was meant to be sarcastic in referring to us being stupid, its still pathetic to stereotype.
  • Disclaimer: Not all Americans are dry and have no sense of humor like^^^^
    Some of us enjoy a good joke.
    Now carry on..... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Exactly, thank you for clearing up the stereotype comment, its appreciated. Its something I take seriously, especially toward music genres.
  • It's the same in Croatia. You can buy pretty much any phone in the general phone store unlocked, for the full price. Or if you like it a bit cheaper you can buy it at both major operators (others aren't worth mentioning) for a small fixed price plus monthly fee, locked. It can then be unlocked after you fully pay for it. I never understood why do American mobile operators claim exclusive rights to some phone model?? Who is that good for? And not only that but also why are USA phone plans so expensive? Normally I see many of USA phone plans are like 80$/mo no less. Maybe I'm wrong here, but in Croatia I get 5 GB of 150mbps LTE data + 200 minutes of phone calls to any network and 150 SMS for 85 croatian kuna (about 12 US$). That's my plan and I would never pay more than that. But other than that there are some phones only available to Americans like a Verizon exclusive HTC One M8 for Windows. That's a bummer for Europe :-)
  • You can't put an unlocked GSM phone on a CDMA network or vice versa. So that's not an option.
  • Yes you can. Only if your carrier releases sim Romania there was Zapp mobile (cdma network).they have phones without sim cards.but they gaved me a sim to use my number in roaming.when you return in your country you have to chose sim or cdma phone.(from the sim menu)
  • I don't think you understand how the networks function. If the phone is CDMA capable then yes you can, but you can't buy an 830 for example and put it on Verizon even if it's unlocked.
  • why would you not be able to use verizons network with an 830? they both use sim cards.  If you can take an unlocked icon and use on att/tmo then the reverse is also true.
  • Because Verizon smartphones have GSMA radios so that they can be used internationally. This allowed me to use my Lumia 928 on AT&T for a while although I didn't get LTE. The other way around won't work. Verizon's network carries voice over their older 3G CDMA network. They are just now starting to make the switch to Voice over LTE which would make this technically possible. However, most Windows phones don't support VoLTE. The new phones will but then you still can't guarantee that Verizon will let an unapproved device on their network. In the past they've been known to block unlocked Sprint devices from working on their network even though they are technically compatible. So really the chances of you using any phone on Verizon that isn't specifically designed for Verizon is almost zero.
  • We have no choice. Most Americans are too self-involved to educate themselves on how badly we are being screwed in almost every aspect of life.
  • I dont believe most is all, am I correct? Just because you disagree with the educational system here, doesn't mean some Americans do either. I dont think its right to learn everything off a frekin iPad either but to me America has become very narcissistic in many ways as far as movies and terrorism. If America doesn't win anything, everyone here becomes paranoid and let down by there country, its very embarrassing to me. So dont stereotype...
  • ....What? I'm not entirely sure what that rant was about but it's clear you missed the point of my post. I wasn't talking about the American education system. I was talking about most people not knowing how the how's and why's of everyday life. People don't understand why things are the way they way -- they just accept it. That's how we ended up paying some of world's highest cell phone and internet prices for some of the world's worst service. Anytime someone questions it, some jackass tells them to "go to Europe." Because it there's one way to solve problems, it's blind, delusional devotion... As far as everything else you said... I'm having a hard time responding to it because it didn't make a bit of sense. New technologies have bettered education in ways that were unimaginable before. What do movies and terrorism have to do with Windows Phones? What do they have to do with one anther for that matter? And, yes, most is not all. That is correct. What the hell are you talking about??? Seriously not trying to troll or start anything here, but you didn't make any sense. And whatever pseudo political or patriotic statement you thought you were making doesn't really belong on a Windows fan site.
  • Well the thing is that its easier to get out of a marriage than a contract with your carrier in America.
  • Actually, even in America you can buy unlocked phones without contract, you dummy. Verizon is the only exception in this case because of the CMDA network. But on all other networks, you have the option to buy a phone without contract as well.
  • Tako je..
  • Guess what most Americans don't pay full price for phones. That's about as stupid as you can get.
  • What's stupid is that you aren't aware at all that when you pay monthly/2yr contract, you still pay back the full price of that device over a period of time, so yes we do... Maybe not at first, but we do. Also not everyone who lives in America and uses America's mobile carrier is American, just saying...
  • It's not a cultural thing, it's a CDMA thing... Verizon and Sprint use CDMA as their 3G level tech, and therefore are mush more able to dictate what devices are able to operate on the networks. At&t uses standard GSM on US ranges here, so most quad-band phones are ok. T-Mobile USA uses a oneoff freq set for 3G data, so while they can use many standard GSM phones for 3G in some areas, in others, you would be kicked to 2G data.. SO yeah, it's not people as much as companies that make this kind of thing happen.
  • Yes I am aware of the technologies in phones. I use Verizon because the 4G is strong in my area, they have the most coverage nation-wide, as much as I would love to switch to another carrier that has more WP's, I would but as far as 4G coverage, Verizon is by far the best. However, if you recall, Barrack Obama signed a bill stating that in the future, you can use any device on any carrier which means it should be both CDMA and GSM.
  • LOL. I was just about to post "well, I'm on Verizon, so I'll never see this phone no matter how awesome it may be".  So yeah...I feel your pain!
  • Matte.
  • I looove cyan. Tore apart my black 920 to install in a cyan housi Ng. I never use a case, I feel like they do more damage than I inflict from just rubbing back and forth. Wish my 930 was cyan
  • It's too bad T mobiles gonna be white only. Why does does T-Mobile do that.
  • T-Mobile's getting the 930? Since when?
  • Bullshit Hey, T-Mobile Rep told me that they were getting the Lumia 830, so I don't know. Maybe you and I heard wrong or maybe they're getting both but whatever the case may be that remains to be seen or heard of on their website.
  • The 830 has been out long enough for them to have it. West are they waiting for the new iPhone so they can then say windows phone didn't sell so they can discontinue carrying them???
  • I wish my 930 was hot red like the previous 920 :D
  • Yes, love my red 1520...
  • It's a toss-up if the back isn't flat it may slide off uneven surfaces. But yeah otterbox all the way. I had an 6085(no UMA/Wi-Fi) really hated the glossy finish wish I would've just picked up the 6086 as I believe it matte finished aside from it supporting UMA Calling on my carrier
  • That matte cyan is gorgeous; it "achieves more" great job Microsoft
  • The only phones worth having in a case are the iPhones. Premium feeling phones with a lot of different and fashionable cases. I've been rocking a L930 since August and putting a case on it feels like a waste. First, it's big. Second, it's plastic.
  • Matte is better, and more business
  • At that cheap of a price point, I'm probably content to let my phone run around completely naked with no pants or shirt.
  • A case in a Lumia is a crime
  • Well said! :-)
  • Nice way to uglify phones Posted via the Windows Central App
  • So essentially 4 phones? Nice!
  • LOL where is my favourite neon colour?
  • I like both actually! What really will be great if both variants were available for T-Mobile!!!
  • True dat bruh
  • Word!!
  • Glossy lips... (:
  • I would choose matte....glossy looks a bit cheap to me.
  • Agree. Glossy finish make it looks like cheap toys...
  • The glossy 640 kinda looks like iPhone 5C
  • Yep, looks almost exactly like the 5C.
  • The Lumia 630 looks exactly like the iPhone 5C and was released a few months earlier so
  • +1
  • I think it was nicer for naming scheme if XL was just a bigger phone with more resolution, and no differences in other specs.
  • Well you might as well add a bigger battery at that point. So really the only difference is the camera. 
  • Idk, I think a larger capacity battery is to be expected for XL and not special... larger screen to power and all.
  • Well, I wish the camera was the same. I was ready to accept a 5" but 5.7" is just too much. Now both are not good enough for me. 
  • I prefer matte if given the choice, but I hate oversized phones. I guess that only leaves the 640 black for me *Sigh* Going from a boring black phone to another boring black phone, yaaay for me...
  • The 640 has matte black
  • Uh... that's exactly what he said.
  • Lol sounds like me.
  • Replace your black back with a coloured matte one.
  • Not possible.
  • @Necronaut0 - "Black is beautiful", says my gorgeous black 1020. Still the phone to beat:)
  • I have a gorgeous yellow 1020..who salutes your gorgeous black 1020
  • I hate the glossy finish. Please kill it with fire. Thanks.
  • Sorry sir, but I don't have the resources to compete that job.
  • Lol
  • 5 minutes with a cloth and toothpaste (abrasive) will fix that for you, plus give your phone a lovely minty scent.
  • I think heavy duty rubbing compound would work better
  • About 11 months ago I had a glossy white 720 now I have a matte black 1520, I have come to realise that matte is over praised. I don't see much difference in grip I guess because I have moist hands. For dry hands glossy is a no go zone, for moist hands matte=dirt on the phone and it doesn't come out easily like in glossy
  • Really missing the yellow color...y they stop yellow come on ms bring it back.....
  • Ditto
  • Yes :(
  • Feels like it was only for 1020 (there might have been others too)
  • 1520 too has yellow.
  • My 920 is yellow
  • And 1320. Having just grabbed a $40 530 I really like the green.  Its a nice intense green, not wishy washy as I expected.
  • Yes please!
  • I have a yellow 820. Love it.
  • I don't like the yellow color, but all the others
  • Agreed but the only reason I got a yellow 1520.3 was because there was no cyan. Definitely my second favorite color but im happy the cyan is back. Hopefully the 940xl will have cyan too
  • Love my matte yellow 1020! Hope they'll reintroduce it if there's a 1030. Curious what a matte version of purple (like the surface keyboard) would look like on a phone.
  • And also red
  • Make em all red... Kinda like Henry Ford said... You can have it in any color you want, as long as it's black.
  • I hope their flagship comes with the bright banana yellow again :3
  • I want a yellow glossy phone to match my next car, a C5 corvette... In yellow of course. :)
  • No brainer. Matte. Glossy attracts finger prints and scratch's and looks cheaper.
  • It depends. I preferred both the L920 and especially the L830 in matte. I know the L830 doesn't offer glossy finishes, but couple that with the aluminum frame it would be very slippery.
  • 830 has glossy. The white special edition with gold frame :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No brainer too, glossy look best for white but not colors, black is always with matte and only nice with it.
    I think I'd choose white. Am I the only one who choose glossy?
  • No, I don't like matte. Wouldn't be the end of the world, but I think we are losing perspective here... at least we have a choice!
  • Totally agree with you.. Glossy always look good on white.. 
  • The matte is nicer Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Matte Guim.
  • Nice.
  • Matte finish
  • I miss green... And matte preferably
  • Winner. I have the green 1520 and love the color. But it definitely IS too big for day to day use. I really wonder if going down to 5.7 would be enough of a shrink to make it more comfortable.
  • That and rounded corners would help tremendously. I don't think they need to be super rounded but if they were more tapered it would help. I do think 5-5.5 are the sweet spots with the current bezel sizes.
  • I agree with heynation, rounded corners. However, in contrast to poddie, the 1520 is my daily driver and you would have to beat me with a crow bar to get it away from me.
  • It's my daily driver too... and it's very nice.  But, I work from my home office.  Whenever I'm out and about, I can't help but feel it's just too unwieldly and I would rather it be a bit smaller.  I agree some rounding of the corners would definitely help.
  • I do understand, however in my case, I utilize and purchased Day Two, with the intent of video consumption and I have not been disappointed. It is just a touch big. I suppose I could tolerate a somewhat smaller screen, or better yet, reduced bezel size on the top and bottom would be most ideal.
  • Grey matte please:)))
  • This.
  • I liked the glossy blue they showed off.... It's a nice change in that it's not a typical gloss you see with most things, but if I was to channel my glam girl inside, it looks like those gel gloss fingernail polish.... Shellac like. I only know this because I designed flyers for a beauty salon. :P
    For me, making business cards, flyers, brochures all look good in matte, but for phones, for me it's all about how it is done. After spending plenty of time with the 625 and 1320, the matte plastic looks cheap. The gloss gives a look of extra work being done to the phone.
  • +1
  • Well, it seems you also have an artistic side, even without the glam girl lurking within! I agree regarding the cheap imitation of a nice gloss phone the matte exudes.
  • Glossy 640 & matte XL. I would like one of each!
  • A poll would have been appropriate, no?
  • Matte cyan or green
  • I like the matte cyan. Had a matte white 521 and now the matte cyan 925. T-Mobile needs more colors for their WP devices besides white. Their android phones come in all kinds of colors.
  • Gloss with a clear case. Otherwise, matte for me.
  • Matte. Much harder to scratch.
  • Matte white or black. L640XL
  • Always matte when it comes to plastic/polycarbonate. Glossy polycarbonate always looks cheap and trashy to me. The only things that should be shiny are metal or glass. Never, ever, plastic. (I abstain from the colour picking as I always choose black. Although I must say I'd exceptionally go for Sony's old purple or the blue/emerald of the S6/S6Edge) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree. Black or charcoal are the colors I stick with as well.
  • White and Black=professional look
  • Always matte. I haven't a clue what type of heathen would prefer glossy.
  • The nature of ones hands is a very important consideration when choosing matte or glossy.. dry vs moist hands
  • Normally I'd say glossy, but I did buy a cyan shell for my 635 that is glossy and I'm absolutely loving it.
  • Wat?
  • This doesn't look that bad, now does it?  
  • It'll look like shit after 1 week of use.
  • Actually I've been using that shell for the past month and a half and as you can see, it still looks perfectly fine.
  • Looks great!
    But I was referring to your original message... You said you normally would choose glossy, but that you bought glossy and love it. Which is redundant and doesn't make any sense... Your pictures clarify that you meant "normally I would choose MATTE, but... Glossy case... Love it"
  • Oh, hahaha, you're completely right, sorry. I meant to say I'd normally choose matte, indeed.
  • Wait, the your cyan seems nice, it's darker than cyan on 640 in video, it seems lighter, I don't know if it's light effect or not, if 640 cyan is darker like 635 I'd choose cyan, but if it's light cyan I'd choose white glossy.
  • I can't say for sure, since what I and you may see on our monitors could be slightly different. The 640 case does look a bit ligher, but if I can't see it in person I can't really say...
  • Does your phone look black and blue or white and gold with that case?
  • Matte cyan always and forever!
  • Lumia 640 xl in Matt orange will prob have to replace my 820 Although I would have preferred Microsoft to have avoided more low end phones and gone up the range a bit. I would have like to have seen a Lumia 735 xl which would have kept wireless charging to and been very close on price point. The 630 could have had an XL version as well. Still 2 new phones but with better market orientation.
  • Where is yellowwwwwww???:'(((
  • And green and red? I want a radioactive green 640XL. Prefer matte, but not picky on that.
  • Agree with the general consensus. Matte is a better choice. I'm honestly not sure why glossy is an option. It looks cheaper and feels more slippery. I like my metal shiny and that's about it.
  • Matte
  • Matte FTW! :o) Btw., cyan was already brought back by Lumia 535 ;-)
  • AT&T only showing XL coming. Do we know if they are getting the 640 too?
  • I had a 620 with glossy orange and bought an additional matte cyan cover. I preferred the matte one, better look and grip but the orange one was special as it was made from yellow solid layer and red translucent making for some spectacular effects. The blue was actually solid white with blue translucent but it was nowhere as cool as the dual color one.
  • And as far as I can tell these covers are also dual layer (or dualshot, as they call them) ​
  • Would love to see that in person.
  • The matte gives more reason for me to favor the XL over the regular. I miss cyan color, I will be seeing how much these are off contract when they hit the US
  • Blue. Jay-z Blue
  • Don't care. Just release it for T-Mobile, the sooner, the better.
  • Matte of course. Besides being classier, it doesn't show scratches as much as glossy.
  • The new Lumia 635 on Sprint comes in glossy Cyan blue too! Also, going from a matte coated purple HTC 8XT on Sprint, the 635 is ALWAYS slipping out of my hand and off my lap. If you set it down, it can't remain in one spot.. Looks good tho.
  • Matte finish.
  • I have the cyan back on my 630 so its been back longer then you think.
  • If only Verizon would pick up 640 XL... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'd go with matte colors
  • Matte, but both cyan blue look great!
  • Dang I wanted orange glossy in XL I'LL have to get a white cover too just to get a glossy feel on the XL Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I prefer the white one, it gives the phone a more premium feel and I hate fingerprints :D
  • Matte Cyan.  Wish they'd expand with those super nice colours from the Surface Pro 3 keyboards.
  • Matte cyan
  • Matte is what I prefer.
  • I definitely prefer matte, and I'm curious as to which colors we might get for the Windows 10 flagship. I really wish they'd stop with cyan though. I want a darker blue for my device, but I could certainly go for orange as well. We'd obviously love the ideal scenario of a Moto Maker-like experience for the flagship devices, but I'll settle for matte orange.
  • @Keith Wallace:
    Between matte and glossy finish there's at least a vocal MINORITY defending glosse.
    But you seem to be the ONLY ONE who's against cyan.
    I'm astonished you haven't been chased with pitchforks and fire already. ;-)
  • I know, I'm generally against lighter shades of colors. I also hated the yellow Lumias, and generally hate all of the glossy white electronics (I could tolerate the matte white 360, but mostly because it was the only option for several years). When I got my 920, I was disappointed that the gray wasn't making it to the States, and I went with matte black because it was the only color in-stock on launch. I'd greatly prefer them to have a standard blue (similar to that of the Chicago Cubs, as I'm a fan of theirs), or something darker. The light green doesn't bother me quite as much, and orange looks OK. I just see many lighter colors as more for girls, they just don't suit me.
  • @Keith Wallace:
    Thank you for elaborating.
    But you prefer (light) orange over yellow (light as well)?
  • That's not really a light orange, and it's definitely darker than a bright yellow, like used on the 920/1020.
  • @Keith Wallace:
    To me orange is generally situated on the light side of the colour scale.
    So I guess this comes down to personal preference/perception.
  • Matte...all the way.
  • Matte would be the preferred choice for me, always put on a case so it probably wouldn't matter either way but it's the thought that counts right lol
  • doesnt matter to me.. Lumia 640 XL FTW!
  • Matte times whatever, makes the phone actually look classy. Glossy almost always makes devices very cheap looking. Matte also usually holds up way better than glossy. With glossy you almost always get scratching.
  • I must be in the minority here. I picked up a Lumia 635 on T-Mobile, and it came with a matte white cover. That thing was slipping out of my hands big time. Couldn't wait to get a glossy cover. Much better grip.
  • Totally agree my matte 920 was much harder to hold onto than my current glossy yellow replacement one. Love the glossy. Would prefer all glossy in yellow,green,or orange for the 640xl
  • Beautiful colours and a very difficult choice between gloss and matte for me. If the 930/830 came in cyan it would be hard for me to resist getting one as a replacement for my 820.
  • Matte Cyan
  • The Lumia 630 had a Cyan Color option if you got it from Cricket Wireless. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Matte!
  • I miss the yellow, red and gray (like the old 920). For a perfect color palette they could offer white, black, gray, cyan, green, yellow, orange and red mixed between matte and glossy. It would be nice to have a lot of options. For an expensive flagship I'd like to see some glossy metallic finishes like pearl or silver.
  • I like the look of matte, however matte finishes will shoe more defects. Glossy finishes will hide defects and scratches more due to the reflective surface. I am looking forwards to getting the 640 XL, so I'm cool with a matte finish.
  • Matte, but I will have to live with glossy orange. XL is just too big, and black... Nah.
  • Definately, prefer Matte finishes. Better grip and not prone to fingerprints, just a better overall feel. Glossy Shells tend to look and feel tacky.  
  • I'd love to see a dark eggplant purple matte color. Maybe in a 840 or 940.
  • that actually sounds interesting. i'd want one
  • I'd go for the matte.
  • Matte since it doesn't look dirty all the time as the glossy does.
  • Matte gets dirty easily for those people with sweaty hands, glossy is easy to wipe and sticks like glue for this type of hands. speaking from experience
  • You know, something that I think has quietly escaped everyone is that one of the most celebrated aspects of Windows Phone early on was lack of fragmentation.  Now the ecosystem is just as horribly fragmented as Android.  iOS completely owns both competitors in this area now.  Just one more thing that depresses me about what's happened to Windows Phone.
  • As fragmented as Android? I will have to disagree with that. Most phones are at least at 8.1, even if they don't have Denim. If you mean specs then ok, it's a little fragmented. But its nowhere close to Android. Android gets forked in so many ways that to use a feature like blocking.a number you have to search for your device. iOS and WP are the same no matter what.
  • All Iam asking for is at least an option for a gloss black, is that too much to ask for? j/k the 640xl may be just what I am looking for as a holdover device as my 920 is just done with life. I'll take it in any color as long as it is black.
  • Cyan FTW! I HAAAAATE covers they hide the engineering, the fine workmanship of the phone. If I was a phone I would be insulted
  • You are a human and you DO cover yourself. Why would that be bad for a phone? :))
  • I love the matte cyan color, same color as my Lumia 920!
  • The real question is... Is it worth upgrading from a 635? I got the 635 about 3 months ago for 69dollars and boy this thing is a stick of dynamite itself. Hmm....
  • definitely if you take the XL.
  • I do like that gloss orange! But as a Verizon user it's all moot unless Microsoft and Big Red get together and release a new WP device in CDMA.
  • I prefer "none of the above." My dream color would have to be a custom paint job, with a nice "metalic" paint, complete with the metal reflectivity. I'd want primary parts of the body to be hot rod red, with a nice metalic gold trim on the sides, around the camera and flash. Picture it as Iron Man colors.   
  • I don't know about current models, but with their first launches (920, 820 and 620) Nokia also released codes for 3D printing. You can get a custom back cover printed in any colour, print or picture if you go by tha route.
  • Don't forget 900 was in cyan cause I still have it.
  • Im a RED color kind of guy and had red L920 and red L1520. Hopefully there will be a Red on the flagships or the future phones. And Matte Red would be nice to see :)
  • Matte. Much better quality and feel to it than glossy plastic. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Matte is excellent
  • I prefer Matte Guim over Glossy Guim. LoL
  • I like the sound of that lol
  • Check matte :D
  • @mmomejl:
    No, you're wrong.
    The king (cyan) is still alive and glossy...
  • Matte for fingerprints
  • Having seen the phones at MWC I prefer the matte cyan 640 XL here... That phone is really nice, even as a secondary phone to my 930..
  • Matte, ALWAYS....
  • These are good looking "low" end phones. Both externally and internally. Well done
  • I love these phones especially the 640 XL... Will def go for matte white.. Same one used In the hands on for 640 XL
  • Matte for better hand grip and not a fingerprint magnet plus the scratches r less visible in the matte finished , I didn't get the red 1520 cuz of it is glossy finish
  • Door Matte pls
  • Cyan is so sexy I would have adored my 930 in matte cyan
  • Glossy cyan for me!
  • There's no reason to get the 640 when the xl has the bigger battery screen and better cameras
  • There's always a reason.
  • Higher pixel density and better one hand use.
  • This article is just pointless :/
  • Maybe not.
  • your comment is pointless.
  • Num num candy
  • I like both phones, I want to get both phones even now I have absolutely no need for phones (already have a lot extra), but I still want it...
  • I honestly don't care about what color or finish it has, I just want the phone so I can get rid of this damn 521
  • Matte finnish obviously. It gives a more premium look to the phone. The number of people have inquired about my white matte Lumia 730 is too damn high which is a testament to the build quality of Microsoft Mobile. Use of polycarbonate and matte finish gives such a premium finish to the phone.
  • Matte...
  • Matte shows less scratches, but it looks definately better when it's glossy, you just have to be VEEEEERY careful where you put it...
  • A colour I loved went missing too. The Red colour of Lumia 720 & 1520 is nowhere nowadays either! Oh and I love matte finish, glossy is prone to get scratches......
  • 640 XL
  • Matte
  • Both cheap plastic. Go figure
  • Your made of plastic.
  • Matte
  • Actually, to me, the matte seems stronger, or more resistant to damage. At least in my opinion.
  • I have Lumia 525 it a 1gb ram and a glossy finish which feels great
  • Glossy white  Matte for other colors !
  • Glossy always looks cheap and gets scatches. Matte ftw
  • Don't forget the specs.
  • I would prefer matte
  • Matte is sexy!
  • I think I would go either matte or glossy. I would like a yellow colored WP. Just think it looks cool. Plus it would match my next car I'm getting, a yellow C5 corvette.
  • Matte or glossy I don't care ,but why no red? Yea I know everyone has their thoughts about which color is best. 
  • I remember that my cousin used to have a red colored Lumia 620.
    It was pretty nice. May be your right.
  • So nice both
  • i can't stop watching this video because of lumia HAPPY colors :) Matte cyan always .
  • @sumton:
    Thank you very much!
    I couldn't believe my ears when they said they're dropping their special colours (cyan, yellow, red) and bring that annoying orange and green around. The primal colour options made the Lumias stand out in the first place.
    Granted, the green option may have a nice vibrancy to it. But it's the colour of the enemy! So I would NEVER buy that one.
    Thank you for bringing back cyan, Microsoft. Now bring back yellow and red and maybe even the grey one.
  • Does Lumia 640 has zeiss optics?
  • Sadly no.
  • Matte, my favourite.
  • Matt is much better than glossy...
  • Personal choice.
  • What's the difference between zeiss optics and the normal 8mp?
  • Zeiss optics are high-end and are some of the best optics available.
  • Lumia 535 Cyan?
  • It's matte for me. I'm glad that the cyan color made a comeback. I'm using a cyan colored Lumia right now and would definitely like to buy the matte black Lumia 640. That's the one for me.
  • Is there any way to exchange Lumia 625 with lumia 640 xl?????
  • Not that I know of.
    I think there will be an exchange offer sometime but maybe not with the Lumia 625. It's too old and you would not get a high exchange value.
  • But how much would I got it from my L625??
  • Listen. I am just assuming that there might be an exchange offer. I am not sure. There may and there may not be one. So, don't get your hopes up.
  • I like the sequence.
    Glossy, glossy, glossy, matte.
    Matte, matte, matte, glossy.
  • Love Matte any day over glossy....glossy makes it look like on of those cheap Chinese-made phones....also would LOVE to own it (esp the upcoming Flagship) in Matte Green!!!
  • Matte in orange would be great. Love that 640XL. Can't wait to see the price on it once it hits U.S. Tempted to get one even though I got an 830 in November.
  • I think a bigger windows logo will be nice rather than a small logo with Microsoft written beside it...What's the need to write Microsoft? Everyone knows Windows belong to Microsoft only
  • I love matte display. But Microsoft is not providing one.
  • Matte or glossy, low end Lumias have been too slippery sans a case... They need to be rubberized...
  • Don't go out for shiny....its matte which looks more classic..n finish is gud... n about the glossy one..its look like not more than a toy from behind haha
  • Matte orr glossy, cyan is the best :-D
  • Lol..
  • Glossy finish provides better grip in tropical regions..and unlike "finger print magnet" mania of most people, once matte finish gets dirty, it's hard to clean it or make it looks like as new.. That's no problem in glossy, as except several hairline scratches, it'll still look like new.. Glossy Orange Lumia 730 for the win..
  • Man I wish the xl had glossy colors!
  • Where can I have a feel for these gadgets - Down Under? Waiting.
  • When will Lumia 640xl available in India and what will the price for 3g version including tax
  • Very nice the 640 :3
  • I like matte version. Beautiful!
  • Awesome awesome
  • Well I have the Lumia 1320, S im used to phablets now. It wouldn't feel right going back to a smaller device, so I'd go with the 640 XL. And I kinda like the name too!
  • @Cameron_edm:
    Men always like XL... ^.^
  • I'm gonna get glossy white 640xl!
  • Will Microsoft coming up with finger prints sensor?
  • @Sean Eu Chng:
    Only for the glossy variants...
  • I like the glossy, but i want the XL. *sigh*
  • I don't know. Personally I don't care very much about the glossy or matte discussion.
    I have the impression with exchangeable back covers (although I like having SDcard and removable battery) the polycarbonate itself has lost its premium quality.
    Remember, especially when the Lumia 920 was introduced, everybody insisted that the shell is NOT made from PLASTIC but from POLYCARBONATE.
    But the removable back covers are so thin, that this premium feeling is gone.
  • Matte Black
  • Both materials are slippery and cheap. Metal metal metal.Microsoft needs to diffrentiate its mid budget offerings from competitors. Use that metal.
  • Too many different phones. A fragmented OS. Hope it gets better with W10 and that they'll try to focus more on flagships.
  • There is no fragmented OS, the UX/UI is consistent across all devices. The differences between WP8 versions are far less than between iOS running on different generations. Not to mention that hardware fragmentation I disappearing as MS eliminates the 513MB models.
  • Mate look's awesome... (:
  • You have an awesome looking mate, thanks for sharing lol
  • I prefer matte
  • Matte orange icon.
  • I'm also a fan of that cyan colour..... I had a Nokia 500 with swappable covers red, ash and cyan blue.... That is when I fell in love with that colour..... Now my 525 is ornamented with a cyan blue back..... And think I can switch to 640xl with the matt cyan now.....
  • I think yellow, orange, cyan, green and black look better in matte.
    I think red and white look better glossy. Sometimes it depends on the style of the phone (I can't imagine the 830 & 930 with glossy back covers).
    I would love to see a metallic color in the future, like red chrome or cyan chrome.
  • aha, just the way I like..My glossy orange 730 burns my eye sometimes, but I had to go for glossy, since matte tends to slip in tropics!
  • Matte. And anything yellow, green or cyan.... hmm red was nice also, but only as glossy.
  • They should have a color to match the name of each major firmware release. Black, cyan, "debian red".
  • i don't care about finnish material.. but i really like yellow and green lumia phones and it seems like they are removed from this phones and other new lumias.. and thats really sad for me. yellow is the trademark of lumia
  • Latte.
  • Cappuccino for me :)
  • It has nothing to do...but i'm looking forward to see the battery performance of the XL. It can be quite amazing! About finish....matte hands down.
  • @zackTheNever.In my country,you can buy phone over the counter or from shop and choose any service provider.The price may even be cheaper.Can you beat that for freedom of choice?
  • I would pick up a colour, or white. Never black.
  • A matte orange 640XL shall be mine!
  • Shame about no red though?
  • I did love my red 920, replaced with an orange 930, which I really like but would like to see the return of red too.
  • To tell the truth, the colour cyan is what kinda got me into windows phone to begin with, the Nokia Lumia 800 was a absolutely gorgeous and awesome phone... sadly not running equally awesome software! lol lets face it, windows phone 7.5 was not worthy of the class leading design and solid build quality Nokia brought to the table at that time. But now things have changed, WP is a million times better and I think the 640 is a great device to once again showcase that super cool blue we all loved on the 800 and 920, I wouldn't even mind upgrading from my 1020 to a 640XL!
  • I would absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOVE a matte Cyan Lumia640XL! I even see it as a worthy upgrade to my 1020, but of course we know the real 1020 successor is around the corner... and who knows... maybe that will come out in matte Cyan! ;)
  • I know this has nothing to do with the page but on there is a partition for Snapchat on windows phone if we can get that to 25,000 we might get a reply from Snapchat as of when they start making a app for us, thank you please sign it we need as many as possible
  • Hello, I just signed the petition, "Snapchat: Make Snapchat for Windows Phone!." I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link: Thanks, Daniel
  • Really not that important....
  • What a pathetic thing to put on
    That website serves a higher purpose than trying to persuade a petulant CEO to make a chat service for young people.
    Seriously, just take a look at some of the REAL things that are needing support on You know, stopping Japanese whalers, stopping the spread of GM foods, stopping governments from treading on our rights to privacy etc!
  • MS: Make a Cyan backplate for my L830 please! Oh....and Matte is my choice. :)
  • Reminds me of the 620's glorious shells. I hope they bring back dual shot!
  • Looks like the cases will be matte. Wonder why they gave a cutout near the camera area. Probably for notification led.
  • Glossy is much much better for me
  • Let bring in the GOLD....
  • I'm actually thinking a matte black will be a good second phone/W10 experimental platform.
  • Matte of course!
  • I had the glossy Orange on my 535 and bought a matte cyan blue case - the glossy case is very hard to grip , and the matte is much better, so I'll be going for that when I get the 640xl
  • Matte
  • I wish there was 2 back cover cases out of the box, a matte and a glossy.. it's removable back cover, right..?
  • Cyan or red.
  • Liking the matte finish cyan. I hope it isn't slippery like the black matte finish on the lumia 730.
  • How about pre-orders for all colours... So customers dnt need to settle down for only few options set by company...
  • I will choose glossy finish and buy matte case :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Matte is just better :)
  • Cyan.. The color is really cooler..
  • Matte cyan :)
  • Matte
  • I've missed Cyan!!!
  • I want yellow to come back
  • If I had the money I'd likely pick up a cyan version of each device. The LTE versions, specifically.
  • Am I the only one wishing for a magenta (pink) colored Lumia. My magenta Lumia 620 is soo gorgeous.. Looks better than my glossy white 920 imo (but too tiny and powerless unfortunately). Hope there is a magenta 740xl or 840xl with OIS and better processor coming later.
  • matte.... for sure...  
  • Matte!
  • I'm using a matte cyan 535 on TMOBILE USA, 3G is great as I'm in a refarmed area (near fort Lauderdale) The color is vivid and matte has a great grip. I'm very happy with this phone. I like the look and feel better than on my glossy Lumia 635!
  • I want to buy the 640, and I would like the matte cyan, but probably I will change it for the wirelles charging one, which I hope will be in more colors.
  • I'll probably get an orange 640xl because I like orange. I don't have a glossy/matte preference as I like both my glossy yellow 920 and my matte cyan 900. I was going to wait for the W10 flagship, but with the state of the platform I think I'll just get an unlocked 640xl as a fun new device without having to commit to a new contract or shell out flagship money.
  • I understand what you are saying, I'm waiting though, you never know if they will produce a killer flagship and if they do I want it. So waiting on that device and if not all that will probably stick with my 930. Edit....i too would go for orange, my 930 is orange.
  • I would want a smart phone with a 3d texture back for a good grip it like simulated aligator leather paterns ir illreugular sqares and ectangle bumps on the phones case back. now if smart phone makers put 3d ridges in the smartphones bazel sides it would not matter much if  the back of the smartphone is smooth glossy or matte because the human hand and finger flesh is snuglly griping the 3d ridges on the sides of the smartphone the smart phone might look pretty with the side 3d ridges but a lot people would go for it.
  • I don't know why but I am addicted to the lime green colour of my Lumia 620. And I got lot of things in lime green just to match my phone. I would buy a 640 XL in lime green right away. Wish they sell back covers in all the colours.
  • That matte cyan blue looks real nice to me.
  • I like the look of glossy finish. Plus it is easier to clean. Matte has a better grip and feel real soft to hold. However if it get dirty, which it will in some time, it might get tricky to clean it. For my 640XL, I will prefer matte Orange. Would have really loved a red like that of 920 or 1520 though. 
  • Definitely  matte finish. Lumia 640 looks cheap due to that glossy plastic. Iphone 5c also has similar plastic even than many people were purchasing it. dont know why??? iphone 5c 8gb version 22,000 and lumia 630 around 10k. Lumia 640 will be definitely be a big hit.
  • Best thing about glossy is scraths are not visible easily
  • I've always preferred Matte black phones.
  • No more interest in any.....until they get a new flagship phone, SD card storage, removable battery, top line camera etc.  No interest in any of these low line phones.  Moveon to other line of phone if no top tier soon.  MS in 2 years will likely be out of phone business anyway. Market share of 2.9% simply not sustainable
  • What you going on about?... My 930 has better performance, battery and I've ever had on iphone and android, high end Zeiss camera... You only need all that stuff if you don't own a MS phone.
  • Matte much better on my sons 735... Plus I like the full plastic surround it negates having a case. A case bloats and spoils the intended elegance.
  • Been an iphone and android user for years.. MS windows phone is best looking OS I've seen, never lags and now hardware starting to look great. Android dies ... Iphone has lost its way and both insanely expensive. MS phone market share will raise year on year now.. Wait and see.
  • My favorite color is.....WIRELESS CHARGING!  In the decades I've own and used mobile phones, built-in wireless charging is about the most convenient technology feaure in my life -- evern better than keyless car entry!  But seriously, don't poo-poo it until you have it and lose it.  The USB connector was poorly designed - who seriously can see top from bottom at 1am when trying to connect the phone to its charger?  Not me, just rest it on it's charging bed.  Good night!  Microsoft -- pretty please????  645 with Wireless Charging???
  • I personally think the matte versions look better.
  • Matte.
  • I like the matte on the orange and the glossy on the blue. Or maybe it was the other way around. Eh who cares they are both ok.
  • Matte, Matte, Matte...all day everyday.  MSFT needs to proliferate Qi charging across as many of their devices as possible.  They need to have differentiators.  It would be nice if they could settle on Qi, Camera Button,and add waterproof to the mix like Sony, but I know, priorities, priorities.  I'm just expressing things that are important to me, not things that make market sense.  Places where they are trying to gain marketshare could care less.
  • Matte
  • after viewing the video, I believe I prefer the matte version than the glossy one. 
  • just got the 1520 Matt finish after a insuranse upgrade from a 920 gloss. I will choose gloss eveyday because im worried that I am going to drop the 1520 because its so slick. I am counting the days until my case comes so that I can grip this darn phone. I never had a case on my 920 gloss and no i didnt drop it in order to get the insurance upgrade, it went crazy on me.
  • matte  collors (cyan)  
  • I love the Cyan/Orange matte finishes..and would switch up when the mood hits me. Even thought I would LOVE it in RED!!